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Moon Guard
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In all honesty there's an annoying lack of Night Elf themed armor (unless you're a Druid) in general. About the best you can do is the Ancient or Steadfast mail sets.
Tagged for future reference. Nice work.
[H/A] RP

I hope this is stickied. I actually have seen this a number of times on different fourms and have it saved in my favourites from another place.

Also I would suggest adding a new forsaken rp outfit- - a dreadguard (from silverpine)

Helm/shield/boots I have no idea, but everything else is just heroic gear. (the item name is actually heroic, like heroic chestplate and such).

Just thought I'd say that
Oh hey. This got stickied.

I'll get to updating it as soon as possible.
wow, just wow. do you think you could make a list of gear you can get to look like those guys, but with actual 85 gear? looking awesome comes second to good gear.
I really REALLY wish Blizz would think about making a sort of 'style overlay' system where we could keep the stats of our high lvl gear but use any gear for outward appearance. I tried out LotRO for a bit, and while I didn't have as much fun in that than on wow I loved their character customization system. You could show any items as your gear AND you could dye all of your gear. It really made people unique, and have a big bonus to finding unique or rare gear.

I would SO wanna use cool sets like these, but making yourself ineffectual in combat to look good sucks. The only reason people seem to come up with is that people with good gear would "wear all gray gear" to gain some sort of advantage in PvP. This is a ridiculous reason.

A.) You shouldn't judge a persons level of threat by what they are wearing, and even if you feel the need to you can easily look at health level, I know I do.

B.) This feature could easily be turned off in arena and battlegrounds. The only thing that would still be effected PvP wise would be world pvp...aka tol Barad ganking. I don't think this is a good excuse for limiting everyone's looks.
you find me Alextraza's gear then I will have your babies :P
Love this. I'm going to soooooo put this in my Favorites. Btw if you could the Gilneas guard outfit at the Worgen Starting area that would be great and again, great job. This is really going to help me in my RP outfits. :)
Anyone else notice that everyone from the first page is from Moon guard except the horde?
I'm curious about your Silver Hand set, it seems to fit the Argent Dawn Templar more than Silver Hand.
I don't think there are any Silver Hand npcs in game that would show a 'generic' armor set associated with the order, but I was jsut curious about where you got the inspiration for that design.

D-double post!

I remembered there being some 'Silver Hand' npcs involved in the Battle for Darrowshire quest, so after a quick search on WoWhead I came up with this:

Some other things I noticed were the Silver Hand Knights seen in Culling of Stratholme (They ride in with Uther then leave with him and Jaina)
These guys are actually wearing warrior-only Alliance L60 Plate PvP armor (Blue quality set)

Also some other npcs named as parts of the Silver Hand are a group of ghosts wearing full Paladin T2 (Judgement) armor who used to be fought by Blood Elves as part of the Thalassian Charger questline for BE Pallies.
So, what do you think would be "goblin alchemist" gear?

Or those goblin sappers from WC3?
02/12/2011 5:35 PMPosted by Raxingar
I really REALLY wish Blizz would think about making a sort of 'style overlay' system where we could keep the stats of our high lvl gear

from what ive read from some blues over time, i think blizz is seriously considering something like this, like they said something earlier about
This is a little obscure, but it was just pointed out to me that Maxen was called out by name on Blizz's "Explorers' League Journal" on the main page of the site.

Congratulations on the recognition!
Wow, neat! I plan on updating the posts this coming weekend.
Herod Set
Raging Berserker Helm
Herods Sholder
Gloves of Davinity
no shirt or chest
Scarlet leggings
Boulderfist greaves

thats a set I threw together I also have a macro when ravager procs 'Blades of Light!' ofcourse

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