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Moon Guard
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02/19/2011 5:09 PMPosted by Derìc
Gloves of Davinity

Gauntlets of divinity
@Kalaryia: This is because the Orcs truly ARE superior to the Night Elves. We don't need no goddess named 'Elune', just the tactical thinking of Thrall and the... Well yeah, Garrosh is useless. Juuuust like President Bush.
I really hope they add a style to wow. Would make ur characters feel more unique.

Wow has large amourt of styles of gear. The possibilities would be endless.

I personally would go for either just risen from the grave look. Clothes raggged and in rough shape. Or a the apotherary look would be cool too. Especially since I am a alchemist.

*Looks to the Forsaken Priest posting on the forums.*

You're dead. Just a warning, I will hunt you down. I will rip your already dismembered arms and legs off.

(JK. I love Undead!)
And yes. This IS a random post. :D
This is....leet. Seriously, thanks for taking the time to put this together!
And that's an update.
Wheres Goblin uniforms?

Anyone have any suggestions for goblin outfits? I think I've missed some outfits in that some items are unobtainable.
My outfit :)
Update! Added some human outfits, updated the outdated necromancer outfit, and added goblin outfits.
With the coming of the Shat RP event....

what say you for Orcish Horde DRessingz?
Warrior Savage Gladiator Armor set = Baradin Guards!

*thumbs up*
For those interested in another "Silver Hand" concept, the following two armory profiles.

Paladin Version:

Warrior Version: (The Items are appropriate when in Human Form =) )

For Warriors, your actually in luck, as the armor set is nearly identical to the items Uther wears in CoT Strat and his ghost wears at the Tomb of Uther. (The irony being that the closest gear set to one of the most famous Paladin's in Warcraft is mostly Warrior-Only.)

Personally, I like this particular gear set as it reminds me of the Paladin armor in Warcraft 3.
A very exquisite high elf set. Thank you.
The majority of the Sunwalker NPCs (including Aponi Brightmane!) wear the "Grunt's Plate" set available from Tumi in Orgrimmar (and possibly available from other vendors, didn't check) sans helmet. There are some exceptions -- would love to have that green Lightbringer set worn by Sunwalker Joh'su in TB, but it's not available to players.

Green does appear to be a popular Sunwalker color, viz the various weaponry from quests, Joh'su's armor, etc. but it doesn't appear on the Sunwalker kodo, so... <Shrug> As with all things, your mileage may vary.
Thank you! I've added Sunwalker to the listing.
This is an interesting thread, thumbs up for the shear number of outfits.
I really like the Deathguard set, I could never figure out the right items.
Fantastic, theres just one problem. Wouldn't the big bad wolf paws or some other similar model work better for the orc shaman?

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