Role-Playing Uniforms and Outfits!

Moon Guard
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You never added mine :(
Well I think my outfit is pretty cool...
Goblin Tinker

Head- Any Goggles, I used rose-coloured.
Shirt- Your Choice, I used Orgimmar Doublet
Chest-Mechbuilder's overalls, rare drop from gnomeregan trash.
Belt-Linen Belt, from tailoring
Boots-Linen Boots, from tailoring
Gloves- Need some help here
Cape-Bilgewater Cape
Tabard-Bilgewater Tabard
Weapon-Arclite spanner, from engineering

Can also be used for gnome/dwarf tinkers by switching out the cape and tabard.
I was just thinking it over and you missed something for the Scarlet Crusade armor sets (for those that still care about them who prefer to RP as renegade scarlets) You skipped out on the Scarlet Priests and Scarlet Sorcerers.

Scarlet Priest/Mage

Head gear of your choice as long as it's red.
Shoulders-Mantle of the Scarlet Crusade
Cloak can be any red or pinkish cloak.
Chest-Cindercloth Vest / Robe of Doan
Belt can be any red belt. Although I use the Girdle of Prophecy.
Legs-Cindercloth Pants
Boots-Fire Striders
Bracers are optional but again I use the Vambraces of Prophecy.
Weapon-Invincible Stave
Tabard-Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade

This set can also be used for mages by simply trading out the Cindercloth Vest for the Robe of Doan. Though there may not be many who would RP a Scarlet Crusader with Cataclysm out it'd still be intresting to have a set even if you used to RP as a SC.
I think the Death Knight's are a faction unto themselves for and thus believe that they're starting gear also be considered as an NPC uniform.
Well no duh Solluth. :P

But I DEMAND MORE TROLL RP OUTFITS STATED!!! There's more troll gear taht can be bought with justice points and I think you should ass those in!
I think this lacks Druid outfits,
Forget druids! This patch is all about trolls...And I demand more troll outfits!
Bask in the glory of a science Goblin!
I say we need Silvermoon Magisters!
Btw, a better look for the "silvermoon Guardian" look would be...

shoulder: Bonechewer Shoulderguards
shirt: Silvermoon Doublet
Chest: Robes of Ghostly Hatred
Belt: Veteran's Silk Belt
Legs: Pantaloons of Growing Strife
Boots: Veteran's Silk Footguards
Bracers: Veteran's Silk Cuffs
Gloves: Gloves of Tyri's Power
Main Hand: The Sunbreaker/Alimony/Ley-Keeper's Blade
Offhand: Reforged Quel'dorei Chrest/Large Shield/Sunstrider Shield
Tabard: Silvermoon City Tabard

This would be a more believable Silvermoon Guardian look due to it looking more Blood Elvish.
Here's some of my renderings for som intresting RP outfits.

I think some of these will appease players since I take an avid approach to my RP outfits.
Been looking around for a model viewer that works now that the patch is released. Any suggestions?

It worked for me and there's a new one there that was only updated a few days ago.

anyways...Maxen what'd you think of my rendering for the Silvermoon Guardian?
Okay so if a Silvermoon Gaurdian guild should arise I made a few more Silvermoon Guardian looks that can be a pain to get but will be worth it in the end.

I started thinking and sure it'd be a pain in the ass but there's untold possibilities for something like this.

>.> Yes I am taking a very avid intrest in the Silvermoon Guardians just because I've never seen someone try to RP one and it'd be intresting as long as EVERYONE and their grandmother isn't a Silvermoon guardian General.
This thread, I approve.

I'm glad to see someone finally put up an RP resource as important as this. Wish it would've been there 2 or 3 years ago, it's really something that RP can't go without.
Going to update stuff soon!
Right here Maxen, perfect for the Gilneas Liberation Front...actually it pretty much the same thing.
05/17/2011 01:38 PMPosted by Torean
Right here Maxen, perfect for the Gilneas Liberation Front...actually it pretty much the same thing.


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