Call To Arms. Broken for me D=

Bug Report
I was Just Queuing for Arathi Basin, and two out of the three times I've queued i cant enter the battle. I click Enter Battle and nothing happens, no loading screen nothing, So i log out and re queue I get in yay =D and proceed to win ;)

I then queue again and click enter battle, but Nothing happens yet again.

I searched for a similar problem and last week this had happened to someone and He got Help from a Blue (Nevalistis) and I was wondering if i could have some assistance.

Edit: I just got into a battle, I'll post again here if i have any more problems.
Yeah, It's still broken :(

Could i please have some help resolving this?
it seems alot of people are having the same problem...someone told me to log in and out and it seems to fix it for a bg or two, not a permenent solution though.

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