[A/H Open RP!] The Northrend Campaign

Moon Guard
November 14th, of the 29th year of the Lotharian Calendar

Arctic wind howled about the Argent Tournament Grounds in Icecrown. Deep ripples in the canvas tenting of the Argent Pavillion billowed in and out. Maxen Montclair, a knight garbed in golden armor, knelt in front of Eadric the Pure.
"I have learned much from your teaching. Though I can not promise that the skills you have imparted will not be used against members of the Horde. My service to the crown comes before all else."
Eadric sighed, then nodded with understanding.
"I have nothing more to teach you. Promise me that you will not intentionally strike down the innocent - do what you must to defend the people you love, and nothing more."
Maxen rose to his feet, nodding once.
"I do not harm civilians, nor do I tolerate such barbarity from any of the soldiers under my command."
Eadric nodded.
"With the Lich King's fall, Azeroth may be at peace. I trust that you will use your training wisely."

"Thank you, Sir Eadric. May the Light shine brightly in Northrend once again, illuminating the Crusade's efforts against the scourge. I must return to Lordaeron, where my -"
Maxen's voice trailed off as he noticed the grim look on Eadric's face. Eadric the Pure turned around, his back facing Maxen.
"The war with the scourge in Northrend is not yet over. We've only been victorious here in Icecrown, with legions of undead awaiting us in the East. The Crusade cannot drive them out on our own."

"Then I will return, with as many soldiers as the King may permit."
Eadric turned slowly to face Maxen, acknowledging his pledge.
"We must rout the scourge once and for all."


The Northrend Campaign

To wrap up the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, <The First Regiment> and <Cult of Nerzhul> will be hosting a grand scourge-fighting finalle in Northrend that will result in the <Cult of Nerzhul>'s in-character transition to the <Eyes of Old>.

Horde players are welcome to come as argent crusaders!

No RP-PvP during this campaign.

November 21, 7:00p.m. - Northrend Deployment
Alliance forces will move out from Valgarde, marching north to the Westfall Brigade Encampment - slaughtering all undead that lie in their path. We will set up camp once we reach the Westfall Brigade.


November 22, 7:00p.m. - Push into Zul'drak
From the Westfall Brigade Encampment, we will push to the Argent Stand in Zul'drak, accompanied by Argent Crusaders. We will set up camp and fortifications there, branching out to fight the scourge.


November 23, 7:00p.m. - Assault on Zeramas
From the Argent Stand, we will converge on the cultist-held citadel of Zeramas - if successful, we will have victory in the Northrend Campaign. ((RP Fight!))

Contact Dalavesta or I for invites to the events! Open RP!

Bump! Looking to be a good turnout!

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