Shadowstep and SOTA

During the offensive phase of a SOTA battle, is it a violation of the Terms of Service for subtlety rogues to use the guns next to the doors to shadow step back to the relic door, blow it up, and capture the relic without blowing up any of the preceding four doors?

It is definitely possible.

Sounds fine to me - I could be biased though.
That's not possible.
it is and they do it all the time. In my opinion the fact subtelty rogue is WoW term for ninja spec gives them perfect grounds to ninja jump up a wall.
I believe this needs to be fixed.
Knew it was possible, seen horde do it enough times, but was surprised at how few correction none of the alliance rogues even want to try it. I usually take a bomb and destroy the cannons at the yellow gate. Never had any other rogue try to help.
I was having a disagreement with someone over whether this practice is permitted, they think it isn't and I think it is. I was hoping for a blue to confirm either way whether this is allowed, or not.
Ever since Sota has been out, this has been possible with Shadowstep. It's not new and it could be considered unfair or unsportsmanlike but it's not abusing game mechanics, simply using them in an innovative way. I've been in numerous SotA's where this has happened and yes it is frustrating but not exactly the norm since you didn't see many Sublety rogues running around bgs as it was the 41 point talent, now with the 4.0.x changes we may see it more often. Also, with Rated Battleground coming out I think you'll see an increase in this sort of thing, since organized groups tend to use a strategy and lets be honest, not many defenders are inclined to hang back at the relic courtyard "just in case".
In my opinion, it's not really fair to the defenders, horde or alliance, to have to abandon their beach defense to deal with 2 (though I've seen 5+) rogues blowing up the back gate, but since the behaviour hasn't been actioned since the advent of SotA, we may not see anything ever done about it.
Cheat to win? Regardless of if you think it's permissible under the ToU and if Blizz think it's an exploit or not. Can't you take a step back from your own close mindedness and look at the bigger picture.

It's people like you that cause problems, sounds like you had a forum argument or a blow up in guild chat. Rage quit and then come QQing here to find like minded people so you can feel some degree of vindication.

Learn to play and play fair have some standards man! Games are meant to be enjoyed, not over complicated and turned into a cluster f*** and unfun.

*Edit, grammatical error sowwy >.<
Blowing up the relic door before blowing up any of the preceding doors? Sounds like an exploit.

Blizzard = fix / blue post?
Just put in an alert system when someone gets behind a gate/teir that has not had the walls blown. This way you can counter the attack.

AKA u drop a bomb on relic door or yellow cannons when blue and green red and purple are not down yet.
I think it takes 10 bombs to get the door down, so with a 15 man rogue team, assuming you're unopposed, you could do it in one pass.
capture the relic without blowing up any of the preceding four doors

It's 5 doors, and you have already stated why this would be against the TOS.

Gates are in place to keep the offence out until they destroy them. To blow up the final relic door within one pass or 30 seconds and avoiding all the previous doors would be in violation of the battleground mechanics.

you could do it in one pass.

This has exploit written all over it.

WTB Blue post.
hmm.... i might put in that there is a pile of bombs in the relic courtyard for those of you that think you have to go all the way to south gy for that pile
This may or may not be an exploit in my opinion, but it is not fair gamesmanship - though I have used shadowstep in the past (I play Assassination PvP now) to get past the first walls and take the GY asap, so I'm no saint. It amazes me I don't see more of this with all the Sub-spec'd rogues out there presently. My favorite way to use shadowstep was in EotS. If the opposition was 4-capped early, and spawning on the rock, you could target a player on the way down to step up to the first rock, and then again to step up to the spawn on top - and thereby harass the opposition, sapping, ambushing, LOLing, etc
hmm.... i might put in that there is a pile of bombs in the relic courtyard for those of you that think you have to go all the way to south gy for that pile

It amazes me how many people run off from the GYs without taking 2 seconds to grab a bomb.

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