Stealth Bar too Slow?

I've noticed that it takes a slight delay for my stealth bar to take the place of my primary action bar whenever i stealth or vanish. this becomes a problem coz i'm having a hard time opening in between DoTs.

is there a work around for this aside from macros? it would help alot! thanks =)
Have a separate bar for your stealth abilities. I don't have a problem with the speed of how fast the stealth bar comes up though. You might just be lagging?
hmm i'll see what i can do with that. it might be possible to configure bartender to use another active bar when i stealth.

does it not have something to do with the custom lag tolerance?
i guess i'll just have to work with the timing. pressing the button right away after stealthing messes things up. i think i have to give a 1sec delay.
you have bar addons like bartarder? if sooo make sure there up to date
you have bar addons like bartarder? if sooo make sure there up to date
what about keybinds?
Yes, there is a delay in the actions bars when switching stances. Make sure you manage your keybinds properly to account for this delay, though you won't be able to get around the delay that happens while waiting for the "stealth" effect to be active so you can use your stealth abilities.

One cool trick is to put your stealth and sap on the same macro, so you can just spam it.

/cleartarget [stealth]
/targetenemy [stealth]
/cast [stealth] Sap; [mod] Stealth; !Stealth

Use a mod like shift to unstealth while stealth.
If you use a separate bar, such as:

/swapactionbar 1 2

it will swap the bar with minimal delay (the negligible time it took to execute the macro) and will be quite a lot quicker than normal bar swaps. You won't be able to use your abilities due to latency because the game won't recognize your stance change immediately, but it won't mess things up.

Macros that have modifiers like [stealth] and [nostealth] also will not alleviate the problem because your stance change is not recognized. They may function because of the type of ability used out of stealth (IE: stealth, sprint).

I'm not familiar with any addons because I do not use them, but if you can create a new bar with Bartender, the bar should have an ID number of some sort. You may be able to macro to it similar to above.

A more complicated procedure would be to completely rebind. If you put all of your universal in-stealth abilities on the changing bar and keep both instances of the bar the same, you can re-work all of your other binds to static bars that don't require stealth.
Yeah, stance bars basically use the same functionality as macro [options], so the delay is the same.
My guess is that latency as it play here.
Don't forget about the ability queue. If you've got something like Mut queued up and you vanish, it will go ahead and use Mut anyway.
I just enabled the reduce input lag setting under video options and my bar switches as soon as I press stealth, but my [stealth] option macros all have a delay still. :(
i just tested a few stuff and found out that pressing my keybind for garrote ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY after pressing stealth will never work =( it takes a little bit more time for the game to let you use and opener after stealthing. oh well, so much for my fast hands =/
AFAIK new vanish triggers a GCD after use, so you can't vanish and instantly follow it up with an attack. I used to vanish, envenom or vanish, mutilate to get overkill buff refreshed and it no longer works. It is possible that you have some sort of lag affecting how you visual percieve your bars swapping, but most likely its just the GCD you are seeing. So yes you will lose 1 sec of auto swings when using vanish, but its worth it for overkill.

I think the Reduce input lag option helps with this, not 100% sure though. I'm pretty sure this is the same reason I turned it on.

reduce input lag has to do with queueing moves not the time it takes you to "enter" stealth and be able to use stealth moves. or accomplish any other move for that matter.

Don't forget about the ability queue. If you've got something like Mut queued up and you vanish, it will go ahead and use Mut anyway.

if you have mutilate queued, and THEN click vanish. it SHOULD not mutilate after the vanish. if this is happening to you, you either have very very bad latency of you have found a bug.
Vanish is off the GCD.

Unless something has changed. I haven't noticed the little "sweep timer" on my bars after a vanish.

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