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Death Knight
This is not a complaint thread. This is a gathering for legitimate DK questions, concerns, or clarifications, which will be kept updated for new and old players as a reference

Now that that's out of the way, I'm glad to see a couple Blue posts in the DK forums, even though I know as things pick up on the new site the class forums will fall behind the others, but I might as well take some time to throw up some questions for visibility and discussion by the DK community! If we get a lot of discussion/agreement on one question here, we can always take it to the Damage Dealing/Tanking forums with a thoughtful post! So, what do you guys think about these?

Will Blood or Frost ever have the option to use Runic Corruption? Will Unholy ever viably be able to skip it? Perhaps that goes against the spec flavors

Are damaging/healing spells copied with Dark Simulacrum intended to be weak, i.e. not scale with our attack power? How could this be implemented without being OP?

Is Unholy's Mastery always going to suck? Would changing it to a combined disease/pet buff be a proper solution?

Is DW Blood tanking considered a viable alternative, or is it just an accident Nerves of Cold Steel is easily accessible? Talents like Blood-Caked Blade seem geared towards DW.

Why did Howling Blast not get the AE nerf treatment other class abilities got? Is it considered overpowered, even at 85? What could a solution be to this?

With CC being a more important factor in Cata heroics and raids, why are DKs and Warriors left out? I understand the pvp implications, but a glyph to Chains of Ice or Strangulate, or even Death Grip could work wonders. What about Hungering Cold's place in instances?

I'll add some more here when I think of them or see them around!
Most of the people gathering information or playing the beta ect have said Howling Blast doesn't scale well at 85 so it is no longer the power house it is now.

I do think some people need to consider that we are sitting at the end of an expansion where most people are sitting in great gear. Everything hits hard right now and anything not wearing good gear dies.
The only problem is that it makes Unholy DK's overly reliant on pet damage. If Mastery would include the pet damage, almost undoubtedly DKs would stack Mastery over all else unless it was balanced VERY carefully.

Though, I'd love to see a pure mastery DK basically act like a demo lock in battlegrounds, casting and snaring from a distance while their pet tears people apart =P
All self healing got nerfed a bit, but most noticeably DKs and Rogues. I heard a rumor somewhere that they did this because they buffed stam by 40%, meaning it now gives 14hp per point instead of 10, but a quick log onto Beta shows my health pool unchanged, so I'm unsure of the validity of that.

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