Which zone has the highest Herb density?

As the subject says.

I always felt Sholazar had a ton of herbs, everywhere i go i get them. Some days it's not as good, but i'd say on average 4/5 runs will be very good. It's also very convenient because I either go through WG and fly or use the Archmage for the Nesingwary quest port (which i didn't turn in just so i'd have a port)

However, on a trip to Storm Peaks i was pleasantly surprised by the number of herbs I found. It seemed a little easier because my path was carved out by mountains. Lichbloom and Icethorn don't grow on the hills so i can zig zag close to each edge and pretty much cover all nodes. Also heard that LB & IT give more pigment when milling. Not sure if it's true.

I was wondering in other peoples' experience which zone is better. I'm looking to farm up a lot of herbs, so which ever zone has the highest herb density wins.
swamp of sorrows imo
My preference has always been the Basin in Northrend and Zangarmarsh in Outlands. However, the path through the valley leading to the Sons of Hodir quest hub is very nice as well.

Unfortunately, I have always found the rest of Storm Peaks...unfriendly?...for herbalism. And the fact that it is mostly icethorn a waste of my time. I have had some good runs in Icecrown collecting mostly lichbloom with a mix of 30-40 percent icethorn. Simply followed my old mining routes.
Sorry, i should have specified - Northrend Zones.

Yeah. I had such a good first run ever in Storm Peaks i'm going to try it again and then maybe switch to Sholazar if i get bored.
Suppose it depends what herbs you want to get. Before your Northrend comment I'd have said Teldrassil, easily :P

But for Northrend, I think Sholazar is best, plus Borean Tundra is right nearby which has a good concentration around the lake with all the Nessingwary divers. You could also pop up to Icecrown relatively easily, but I always found Storm Peaks preferable for Icethorn/Lighbloom.
In order of density as i've experienced them.

1. Sch.Basin - Adder's Tongue, Goldclover
2. Zuldrak - Talandra's Rose
3. Stormpeaks - Icethorn, Lichbloom
4. Borean Tundra - Tiger Lily

swamp of sorrows imo

if you can see them

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