[H] ICC 10 HM Nov 24 @8

Signups for next week's ICC run. Note I will most likely not be here for the actual run, though I have heard several people saying they would lead in my absence. I will be trying to coordinate this with them to make sure someone will have the group ready to roll.

Possible Raid Leads: Blanketz or Bawlinghealz

Tank - Optimoos (Druid)
Tank -

Melee - Colorblind (Pally)
Melee/Ranged - Anneboleyn (Deathknight)
Ranged - Blanketz (Mage)
Ranged -
Ranged - Skyrie (Warlock)

Alternate DPS - Friskies (Warrior)
Alternate DPS -

Tank Heal - Bawlingheals (Pally)
Raid Heal - Quadspec (Druid)
Heal/DPS switch - Kuchki (Priest)

Alternate Heal -
I'll tank it and if you need someone to lead it I can do it no problem. Or I can heal on Baka if needed
Me and Skyrie will go also I can help lead if needed
bump for more people
Gonna have to scratch me off the list, going to visit my Dad for the day
Ill be happy to raid lead it like I did this week on Blanketz. Super comfertable.
Bump wtb moar people
Sign up anneboleyn I have game time for 2 months so I'll be gtg ;)
bumpppp come finish your meta before cata
Resto/Feral DPS. I am interested if there is room.
Yay quad <3
I could raid heal or play shadow.
I will tank this
I can bring my warrior if you have a melee spot open. He's already 10/12 hm.
I can bring my warrior if you have a melee spot open. He's already 10/12 hm.

Bumping this thread like yea.
Warriors name is Friskies. If you guys need a dps tomorrow I'll be on.
amg bump for offtank and 1 dps
I might actually be able to make this, though I am just now finding out my schedule with family for the weekend. I make no guarantees though :(

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