[H] Event! Rebuilding the Echo Isles: TONIGHT

Wyrmrest Accord
Dzie'wanna sighs as she looks around and the still standing skeletal huts, burned from the battles that had taken place here. Her own body was aching and bore the scars: A eye lost in the retaking of Echo Isles, a seared scar on her back from the elemental invasions. Luckily, there was now a break in the invasion to offer some rest... for those who did not have a town to rebuild. She looked around at the corpses of those who were Mind Slaves (and those of some noble trolls and soldiers of the Horde) had been cleared, and all that was left was to forge the islands now into a home.

Her home. The home of her son and his father. Such a strange thought.

Her lips tightened as she watched the few people available struggling to lift up the logs, her one good eye narrowing in thought. There must be a way to speed things up.

"'Ey, Auntie!" Her nephew, a young troll with smiling tusks ran up to her waving his arms excitedly. "Me and Tsis'tu were talking-"

"No we weren't. You were talking." Her son walked up beside his friend, his too-long ears bobbing a bit in agitation. Her nephew Sinkalip scoffed.

"Yeah yeah, you know you agree. Anyway, we were wondering if we might borrow some gold to throw a party?" His hands clasped together as he gave her the look one might find on a baby raptor begging for food.

She was about to say no (after all, she needed to save every penny for the rebuilding), but then a thought struck her. "...I will give you some gold. However, it will be in exchange for spreading the word about a party of sorts."

Sinkalip and Tsis'tu both raised their eyebrows. She smiled. "Go into Orgrimmar, Razor Hill, and elsewhere. Tell them that a great party will be taking place on the central isle. We shall sing and dance, have a Ring of Blood where the fighters shall prove their strenght, and in the end we shall cheerfully lend many hands to rebuild some of these surrounding huts."

She looked over the village, and for awhile she could picture it how it would be. A stalwart island, a home and fortress for the Darkspear. A place to stay.

"And get them to bring their friends."

Greetings, everyone! As the rumor mill is circulating that the patch that changes everything is dropping Tuesday, I thought it would be a good time to have this event out and to celebrate the troll leveling experience that many of us have been through.

The event will be a rebuilding of the Echo Isles, done 'Barn Raising style' with food and dancing and all sorts of fun stuff.

Where: On the Main Echo Isle, where we used to kill Zalazane.

When: 6:30 pm Server time, Sunday night.

Time Table of Events:

6:30: Meeting everyone, building the islands, and chit-chatting. Also waiting for people to show up.

7:15 pm and onward - Singing, Dancing, building, and eating and drinking. If you want to help serve some food, I would much appreciate the help! Just whisper/massage me to sign up for server duty. This is pretty much 'free form, do whatever you want' kinda part.

7:45 pm - Story telling. Dzie will start out with her story, but then it will be free form in whoever wants to come up. I will appreciate it if you wanted to participate in the telling to message me before hand so I can have a list, but it isn't required.

Please limit the story itself to ten /enter keys, or ten macros, for the sake of time. I would appreciate it if you had macros and laid it out before hand for the sake of time, but as long as you are a quick typer it will be fine.

8:30 pm - The Blood Ring. Duke it out with Threshadon's fangs and strip down to nothing but your weapon. We shall form a ring and cheer on the event. In order to take place in it, PLEASE send me a message before the event. In order to keep time going, I am limiting this to 8 people max. First come, first serve.

How I am planning on laying it out is two rings, until one from each ring is standing. Then the winners duke it out. The winner will get 100g from my own bank!

I want this event to be open to everyone, and to have a lot of fun things going on. The time may be adjusted, but everyone is invited! Able bodied come on and aid in this historic event, before the Echo Isles change to the Darkspear Isles.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated. :D
Small bump before I check again in about a hour. :D

...Yes, I am being paranoid. These new forums scare me a bit.

/shifty look
My troll is currently in limbo, but Gali here will be happy to tell a story or two if I can find the time.
Ah... dang it. I can't come, you have my support though!
I'll try to be there. I have to work that night, but as long as I don't have to stay late I should be able to make it in time.
That sounds like a great time! Good luck with it! :D
I'll try to be there on my Darkspear shammy, Dzie! :D
Glad for all the replies! :D

Please come one and all, for one last blowout with the dancing trolls!
Is this troll only or can other horde members join?
Any horde members can join in. :) I figure they will be plenty of people who have their own reasons. Might end up being a bit of a train wreck, but ah well. Live and learn eh? XD

Also, forgot to mention: Deyadji was the one who came up with the Ring of Blood event, so full credit to him on the old forums. :D
I am so making a troll for this. I'll be there, Dzie!
Yay! \o/

I am honestly curious about how many people will show up. From going to other people's events, I know that there usually is a lot more than who posts in the forums. So for all you lurkers, I am \o/-ing at you being there too. :D

And yes, my avvie updated. Shadow Hunter gear ftw!

...Now, I just need to finish my rescutomization... New face, bwahahahaha!
Would it be too weird for me to show up on my forsaken? :3

Though I suppose I could just bring my druid instead.
Gah! If I didn't have a guild event already planned, I'd bring the tribe along. Alas, about that time is when we're having our own event.

Well, if your forsaken has a reason to be there, then you can bring him. XD However the druid might fit in a bit more.


Drats. Ah well, I figured that was the danger of me doing this so last-minute. But if you guys have time, feel free to drop by. I left it open at the end so I honestly don't know how long it will go to. /shrug

Bump for the night!
Well... I'll likely be around for the latter part of the event. Though I would like to take part in the whole Blood-ring thing...
Hmm... You know what, there hasn't been that many whispers about it, so let me shift the Blood Ring thing as a finaly. :D
<br/>I am pretty felxible on the times, and come to think of it, considering it might take awhile it would be good to have it a little later after more people have shown up...
<br/>/goes to change schedule

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