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Emerald Dream
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It seems that every time I attend a public event, I meet players from a guild I’ve never heard of before. New guilds pop up all the time, and it’s beyond even my expansive gnome mind to keep track of them all. So I decided to create a list of roleplaying guilds on Emerald Dream, large and small, old and new, serious and casual alike.

The goal of this post is to create a list of contacts so that leaders can keep each other informed about events and issues. The contact people for each guild can spread the word to their members, making sure the entire community is in the loop. It will also be a good tool for new roleplayers looking for a guild that suits their characters.

I would ask the guilds to provide their basic information, including name, brief description, and public contact people (not necessarily the leader, but someone whose job it is to coordinate with the outside community). The formatting is not important. I’ll start with GnomeTech:

Name: GnomeTech (The Gnomeregan Technical Institute)
Theme: Gnomish research university
Style: Eccentric, absurd, or exaggerated characters; large public events
Web Site: http://guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=50847
Public Contacts: Zappie, Elzabeth

Below is an index of guilds by post number. I'll try to keep the list up to date as new guilds are added. Defunct guilds will be removed periodically.

Last updated 30 July 2013.

1. GnomeTech
12. Pirates of the Iblis
27. Starsong Tribe
31. Scattered Petals
44. Bandit Lounge
45. Endless Eclipse
50. Crusaders of a New Dawn
56. Keepers of Stromgarde
57. Nobles of the Republic
58. Guardian Brotherhood
62. Sentinels of the Blade
66. Republic
69. The Seventy Third
72. Spirit Council
73. Anvilmar Brigade
80. Ishtar
81. Kul Tiras

18. GoblinTech
25/63. Blackmoon Tribe
26. Tauren Marines
41. Conclave of the Horde
42. Nyx
52. True Authority
59. Bads
61. GorWatha Warband
64. Yongjiu Tong
65. Eastwind Trading Company
71. Clan Stormfist
74. Bleeding Hollow Clan
78. Aeturnas Trinitas


For history's sake, here's the index from the original post on the old forums (Now-broken link: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=18315574385):

0. GnomeTech
5. Comitatus
10. The Smalls Clan
19. House Blackstone
23. Alshar lo Dorano
24. The Sacred Flame
42. Guild of Arms
45. Karglos Telormar
48. Starsong Tribe
54. Crimson Alliance
57. Divine
65. Tears of Blood
67. The Loyal Company
69. Warforged
75. Path Wardens
83. Clan Battlehammer
84. Excursionary Institute
86. People's Crusade
90. Pirates of the Iblis
91. Order of the Raven
93. Azerothian Council

6. Crimson Mercenaries
7. Nyx
8. Thori en Belore
9. Blackmoon Tribe
11. Assault on Alliance
21. Hand of the Phoenix
28. V A S H
31. House Hibernumbra
52. Knights of the Dawn
61. House Shadowsworn
62. Whiteclaw Clan
71. Endless Night
77. Ghost Walker Braves
78. Crimson Fang
80. Whiteclaw Clan
81. Invictus Everto Deus
87. Cult of Nessus
88. Silver Star
92. Illuviate
94. Dark Ascension
95. The San'layn
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(( Edit:
95. The San'layn

They have been enveloped by <The Sunsworn>. Please add <The Sunsworn> to the listing, as well. My apologies for being a bit late on the forums! ))
Sticky requested.

(( Edit:
95. The San'layn

They have been enveloped by <The Sunsworn>. Please add <The Sunsworn> to the listing, as well. My apologies for being a bit late on the forums! ))

Post a guild description. The list I'm keeping is just an index by post number. Once this thread is built up I'll remove the old index.
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Edit. Comitatus is no longer an RP guild
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<House Hibernumbra> - http://www.househibernumbra.wowstead.com/ - RP+++++ PvP++++ PvE+, Nicholai

Guild Name: House Hibernumbra
Realm: Emerald Dream
Faction: Horde
Guild Type: RP-PvP(RP+++++ PvP++++ PvE+)
Theme: Band of thugs, thieves, and murderers.
  • Formerly: Assassin Guild with Loyalties to the Horde

  • Style: RP-Based, Rogue-Only, Arranged World-PvP.
    Guild Website: http://www.househibernumbra.wowstead.com/
  • Needs updating...

  • Public Contacts: Nicholai, Varlus, any member of "Agent" level or higher

    Guild Introduction Thread:
    Guild Update Thread:

    Post a guild description. The list I'm keeping is just an index by post number. Once this thread is built up I'll remove the old index.

    Name: The Sunsworn

    Theme: A group sworn to keep the lands of the Horde safe using guerilla warfare. Heavy Blood Elf base, but accepts any and all races. (Just don't feel bad if we say, "Hey! You might wanna check out those awesome GorWatha Guys!" It just means we think you might be happier there.)

    Style: Heavy RP, coordinated and impulsive, Heavy PVP, light pve
    Web Site: thesunsworn.guildlaunch.com

    Public Contacts: Vyktur, Nephilium (Víndel), Anallia, Graush
    Name: Pirates of the Iblis

    Theme: Alliance Privateer Guild

    Style: Mellow Causal All members can invite in to the guild, Kompressor of Gnometech is the Ships Benefactor and the bank will always be ready to meet the needs of the repair costs involved in leveling.

    Web Site:



    Public Contacts:
    Kompressor (who would have to log over to Marhiel), Marhiel, Marhielle or any other member online.
    Take out Starsong Tribe.

    Add Nobles of the Republic.
    Add Republic.
    And (odd enough) add Kingship of the East.
    Request to add Kingship of the East.
    Kingship of the East gets my vote for a consistent role play. Always fun interaction with that guild.
    Name: Assault on Alliance
    Theme: Remnants of a group bent on purging the Alliance from existence, the current generation of members are ragtag warriors mostly linked through their companionship and convenience with each other. Really, they don't care much about any one thing anymore -- unless you're like them and consider your bar buddies to be worthy of enjoying all kinds of sport with.
    Style: Nonexistent to medium RP, casual, whimsical, consistent roleplaying of: battlegrounds, World PvP, PvE, and everything else up to and including thy mother.
    Web Site: None
    Public Contacts: Ankomst, Horrere, Saehdiz, Zaydn
    Name: Tactarianists (The Church of Tact)
    Theme: The One True Religion of the One True New God of Azeroth.
    Style: Constant dedication to the teachings of the Lord Tact.
    Web Site: http://www.thermetics.net/churchoftact/
    Public Contacts: Turun (Alliance), Heiropolis (Horde), Tinnu (Horde).
    Other: Though officially "incorporated" as an organization in the Alliance, the Church of Tact spans both factions. The Horde Church of Tact has no official incorporation, but those listed are Leaders of Tact on the Horde.
    Name: GoblinTech (The Goblin Technical Institute)
    Theme: Explosion-related research endeavors. Exploitive economics. Sabotage of our rival institution <GnomeTech>.
    Style: Over-the-top, quirky and explosive. Casual PvP endeavors with a Goblin twist(Arenas, BGs, WPvP).
    Web Site: <to be posted>
    Public Contacts: Dazzil, Dezrik, Izzrak
    These guilds really need to repost here. The old forums are inaccessible. To me, at least
    Might I suggest Thori en Belore be removed? I no longer am g leader of that guild :( It's inactive

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