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Emerald Dream
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Please add this to the alliance side, thanks.

Name: The Blackclaw Pack
Theme: All-Worgen
Style: Mature, Heavy-RP, Planned Events
We are dedicated to plot lines, character development, plot lines, back-stories, casual and serious rp, whether planned or spontaneous.
Public Contacts: Luponar, Wolfbite, Taraira
*This guild no longer exists.*

Please add to Alliance.

Name: Bloodguard

Theme: Organized vigilantes driven by our past deeds, to become united for a better future.

Style: RP Guild, spontaneous & planned events, IC chat (officer channel). We are also a raid progression guild, though our raids are not hosted in RP.

Web Site: bloodguardED.wowstead.com
12/01/2010 7:42 AMPosted by Dorinton
Request to add Kingship of the East.

Post a description. My list is just an index to the post numbers within the thread.
Name: Blackmoon Tribe
Theme: A troll tribe dedicated to the Loa.
Style: OOC - relaxed and friendly, IC - bloodthirsty, pious, and loyal
Type: RP++, PvE++, PvP+
Web Site: www.blackmoontribe.com
Public Contacts: Sahnjin
Name: Tauren Marine Corps
Style: Spoofy, fun military-style
Web Site: taurenmarinecorps.com
Public Contacts: Skyspyke, Kvin

The Mad Cows of Mulgore are back from their adventures in the Outer Rim and are looking for fresh meat. For more on the Tauren Marine Corps, visit www.taurenmarinecorps.com.

Please remove Dark Ascension: it is no longer an RP guild.
Please add to the Alliance list.

Name: Gilneas Born
Theme: Survivors of Gilneas banded together to forge a future in the world.
Style: Heavy RP, 100% IC, Daily Guild Events, PvE and PvP, All Levels
Web Site: Incoming Soon
Public Contacts: Cenwig, Swete
Name: Normudaian Lions (Alliance, open to all races and classes.)

Theme: A guild centering around a vision of tribal life and clan memebership. The rebuilding of a lost civilization. Savage, loyal, ritualistic.

Style: Heavy RP, guild PvP and PvE. Some rp elements required. Mature.

Web Site: In the works.

Public Contacts: Vauggo, Rhruen, Greycelyn, Khetzamarah
Name: <Scattered Petals>
Theme: Rp+++ Rp-pve +++ Rp-pvp++ We are a group of adventurers bound by brotherhood and honor. We do not have a set template for out characters to follow, they range from chaotic evil to devout followers of the light.
Style: More character based, character development is a big priority. We have spontaneous rp just about every night and we also host events, we usually try for once a week.
Web Site: In the works
Public Contacts: Oenomaes, Nireyl

Needs: looking to fill our raid groups and our premade bg groups however all are welcome, no matter your rp experience.
Shaman: Resto+++
Please remove Order of the Raven... or at least, change it to this guild:

Name: Raven Guard

Theme: The Guard is a secret organization formed from the ashes of the once great Order of the Raven. Their goal is to maintain the balance between light and dark as they work together to protect Azeroth.

Style: We have planned events, and run old world raids usually a couple times a week. All races, levels, and characters are welcome here. We also run heroics together (we've got a tank and heals) and also participate in PvP.

Web Site: theraven.forumotion.com

Public Contacts: Lenore, Joravar, or Cordae
im a lvl 85 dk looking for a RP RAID guild My toon on horde is Satorù hit me up
Guild Name: Rising Phoenix
Guild Master: Senthis
Realm: Emerald Dream
Faction: Horde
Guild Type: RP-PvP(RP/PvP/PvE)
Theme: An heiress to the throne of Quel'thalas has shown her face to the Horde, in search of members of any race who wish to clear the Sunstrider name, And fight for the Honor and Glory of the Warchief.

<Republic> is a heavy all-races RP alliance guild that also focuses on PvP and a good deal of PvE as well.
Name: The Ravenguard

Theme: Tired of the lack of support from the eastern kingdoms. An assertive group of night elves have joined together under the goal of bringing all orcs, goblins, and forsaken undead before a wrathful justice they all rightfully deserve for their henious crimes against their homelands and restore balance and life to our dying world.
Heavy Night Elf based; accepts only the Alliance of the West in their ranks. (night elves, draenei and worgen, (because many of them live in darnassus since they evacuated Gilneas.))

Style: Heavy RP, a vast interactive storyline helped shaped by its members and outcome of each major battle and event, Heavy PvP, light PvE, IC guild chat.

Web Site: ravenguardus.guildlaunch.com

Public Contacts: Razshiru (GM), Niaha
Crimson Legion, new guild starting out.

PVP, RP, Raiding and having fun. We host RP events weekly, and are beginning to form PVP and instance groups.

Theme: A guild based on the military style of the Roman Army. We fight for King Varian Wynn and all his allies. All races and classes are welcome, as long as they are willing to fight against the Horde and her allies.

Style: Interested in World PVP, sacking and destroying all Horde cities while defending our own.
Although we are interested in Raiding, and PVP we need to roster to support out cause.

Anyone interested, please PST me or my Alt Aristeus.
Greetings blood-midget Zappie!

The Tactarianists are currently on a holy pilgrimage in the remotest of lands, so you may not see any of us for awhile.

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