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Emerald Dream
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The Conclave of the Horde would like to introduce itself to the Horde side.

Name: Conclave of the Horde (The Conclave)
Leader: Chiaki
Faction: Horde
Purpose: RP-PVP
The Conclave is formed of small groups of horde who have allied under 2 ruling branches. The diplomatic branch, formed of representatives of territories of the Horde, confers and gives orders offensive and defensive to the military branch. It mostly acts along the borders with the Alliance. Has a main storyline.

All levels and races are welcomed. While we are certainly open to and participants in PvE events, our main purpose has been RP and PvP.
Name: Nyx
Theme: A group of Adventurers, Heroes and Villans, who agree on one thing.. service to the Horde
Style: Casual/Social RP guild (low-med RP)
Web Site: theNyx.wowstead.com
Public Contacts: Jithera, Azulana, Falthaniel, Talahzaram

Under New Management, The Lady Oracle Jithera and Lady Seer Azulana, and their Nightwarders Falthaniel and Talahzaram. While we have members who excel in all aspects of the game, our primary focus of late has been PvE/Raiding and RP. We will endeavor to provide a guild that caters to everyone’s play style and time zones. We support and encourage diversity in our guild, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere. We prefer our members to have a mature attitude and to be considerate and thoughtful.
Name: Goon Platoon

Theme: Goblin only guild with all goblins working together to gain wealth, fame, and power through any means necessary. Basecamp located in Booty Bay, from there all the training, planning, and business goes on. With a lot of RP events and Guild events with gold rewards.

Style: Heavy RP-PvP, Goblin Only Guild.

Contact: Skorsh
Name: Bandit Lounge

Theme: Bandit Lounge is a open concept Role Playing guild. we take part in world Role Play! Any time you see our members you can role play with us. We have a "Main hang out" as Elwynn forest. Feel free to hang out with any of us any time! We hold all sorts of events with other guilds. If you don't wish to join us you may still hang around us, we are always welcoming new friends to!

Please contact any Level 85 Bandit Lounge member and tell them that "Kote and Djinnblade said to ask for a invite"

We are accepting of ALL alliance members.

Thank you for your time reading this post.


This post has been approved by Djinnblade
tldr: <Endless Eclipse> is an experienced player based guild recruiting to 'gear up' for whatever your fancy... PvE, PvP, or RP with no drama or idiots. We're looking to do more RP when we get more interested.

<Endless Eclipse> is a small guild (Lvl. 13 currently) looking for those interested in the game as a whole. We are focused on all aspects of the game, PvE, PvP, RP and everything in between, yet wish to become more RP oriented as most of us have been Role Playing (by means of AD&D/BESM/HEROES/ect.) outside of WoW and within wow among different guilds.

We are a group of real-life friends who are experienced players, many of us having played since beta and vanilla, who know the game well and love it for what it is. We are a helpful, crazy bunch of people who are welcoming to all sorts of people, except those with drama. They can go jump in a fire.
We are currently looking for anyone who wishes to help us grow and help themselves 'gear up'. We know the perils of raiding with PuGs and finding the right people to play the game with for whatever way you like to play. We have an Officer for PvE, PvP, and RP to do whatever you wish, if not all three.

For our PvE progression, we are seeking anyone who can raid Fri, Sat, and Sun nights around 9-10 server. We have our own vent to raid with too. Our raiding schedules are based around the working WoW player and try not to leave anyone behind. We have Firelands experience, however are looking to gear up new/other guildies by running BoT/BWD/To4W and Heroics to be able to find our core raiding group. We plan on jumping on the 'downing Ragnaros' bandwagon at some point soon once we have acquired our main raiding group and are eagerly waiting to be ready for Deathwing when the 4.3 patch goes live. We're looking to steer clear of any PuGs, for we've dealt with them enough.

As for PvP and RP, we PvP quite often and love it. We'd like to do RBG's as a guild and not Pugs once we get enough people to do so. We love World PvP and may set some stuff up once we have more interested.
RP is something we all like, for the most part, but don't really do too often... yet. We'd like to do more RP once we have more people interested and are currently rummaging through old instances for 4.3 gear. We are a dark themed guild, not sinister, and have a great storyline in place ready for when more wish to tag along.

I hope you liked what you read and our Officers to chat with for invites are:
Nivrin, Revolias, Nikcoli, Regorias, Galbatorex, Arstophones.
Name: Company of Wolves
Theme: Horde Loyalists
Style: Heavy RP/PvP
Website: http://company.bloodnwine.com (note the n in bloodnwine)
Contacts: Gormsh
Name: Children of Light

Theme: Military Inquisition

Style: RP+++/PVP+++/WPVP++/PVE++

Website: To be posted.

Contacts: Artuer
Name: Crusaders of a New Dawn

Theme: Military, exploration.


Website: crusadersofanewdawn.guildzilla.com

Contact: Cerenitty, Mullins, Dustan

We are a small but fully funded and experienced RP PvP. We are dedicated to the interference, stopping of progress and suppressing the horde from interference in those ever important big bad boss fights. We are also currently gathering information about the Pandarian and have a detailed RP reflecting the excitment of the up coming expansion

Restrictions: Unfortunatly due to people feeling the need to Role Play a rogue to the point of detrement to the guild. We have been forced to no longer except rogues or players who play rouges in the guild any more. NOT only are they incapable of working together as a team, they have consistantly proven that their players are also ninjas and thieves and our guild vault just can not handle any more gentle touches from Rogues.
Name: Wanderlust Company
Theme: Adventuring
Style: Classic gameplay, a reroll without dungeon finder. RP/PVE/World PVP
Web Site: wanderlustguild.tumblr.com
Public Contacts: Pahtiki, Kajamax, Jedekk, or whisper anyone in-game

Wanderlust Company was assembled from some like minded players who were looking for a similar experience: to actually explore the game in front of us and enjoy the world, instead of simply power level through dungeons, skipping massive chunks of the game’s content that has been nearly forgotten about due to random dungeon finder.

We’re going to slow down, take our time, and do things the old fashioned way. No dungeon finder, no heirlooms, and no gold or outside help (the majority of our members, at least initially, all rerolled on Emerald Dream from other servers, and don't have anything anyway). Level caps will be set periodically to keep us close in level, and we’ll be stopping at 60, 70, and 80 to explore vanilla, Burning Crusade, and WotLK content. Many of us started playing after these expansions came out, and others look forward to revisiting old raids.

We chose Emerald Dream because it's a PVP server, and we plan on being very active in World PVP, both at low levels and as we eventually reach level cap.
Name: True Authority

Theme: Highest Ranking Spiritually (not necessarily holy, depending upon one’s relative perspective)

Home Base: Brill

Style: RP to one’s comfort with RP, with minimum /prays and /wraths attached to spell macros in end game activity/PVP (arena, rbg)/wPVP

Website: http://www.facebook.com/groups/316372908445569/

Contact: Diesiræ, Natusmortuus, Notarius, Rydindyrty, Gemmae, or Nîm.


1. We are a small level 25 guild at the moment but have a dedicated player base of about 12-15 on any particular evening. Guild rank and design have been established so as to rely heavily on teams and teamwork; this includes both guild game-play and general communication to improve each other’s performance.

2. A core tenet of the guild is that one must be a good person and be able to play well in the sandbox with others. While bragging rights are great for having a high ranking, IRL skills are important to our guild as in real life itself. As the guild leader, this guild will always make itself welcome to players of all demographics and I would like to believe that even high school aged players can actually learn about leadership and team building from our guild that will pay off later in life – once again stressing that people take priority to groups. (not advisable that one actually use the term “WoW team-building skills” in a job interview, however)

Restrictions: We prefer undead (if you are thinking about rolling a new toon) but any race is welcome to be placed on-trial* for guild membership.

*”Initiate”, or “lowest guild rank”

Anecdotal reference for guild theme: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dies_Irae
Name: The Prophecy

Theme: Alliance of all Horde races based on current dissension in the Horde from Garrosh's lack of proper leadership.

Home Base: Silvermoon City

Style: Heavy RP - Guild chat is IC, with an OOC chat channel created. PVE is OOC and optional, basic wPVP is involved, but not required beyond basic defense.

Website: the-prophecy.guildlaunch.com

Contact: Kessaria, Ayerabella, Gethram, Kangy


1. We are a small guild, currently level 4, but slowly going up. We run weekly PvE content, currently going through Firelands to get ourselves back into raiding, and until we have enough members to actually progress through Dragon Soul. Looking to have a full group ready to go for Mists. We do have some wPVP focus and arenas in general, but nothing too hardcore at this time.

2. RP is a requirement for the guild, but we aren't going to be picky about race or class. As long as it fits in lore and isn't Mary Sue, we're open to having you. There is an application and interview process involved. It is assumed that by joining, your character shares similar feelings of disgruntlement towards Garrosh and the current Horde state.

We don't really have many restrictions, we're taking things on a case by case basis.
Name: The Deathguard

Leader: Alucard

Theme: Forsaken only (exception: Death Knights of all races)

Style: RP/PvP

Website: N/A

Contacts: Alucard, Gregory, Heathclif

We're awesome.
hi im 11 and looking for a guild u could be the one
Name: The Order of Ancient Accord

Theme: Upon the discovery of a satchel documents from the [once] thriving Kingdoms of Arathi, Lordaeron, Gilneas, and Strom (others we're likely also listed, but deteriorated in the satchel) indicating the original strength of these Kingdoms and their united goal to keep the north safe, and pure.

Following an exhaustive dive in to the history books and multiple archaeological visits to old kingdom sites, it was determined that the effects of the Scourge, Worgen Plague (for those unable to live through it) and Horde invasions were having a direct impact on the culture of the Alliance. The Order of Ancient Accord was established as a formalized group of Alliance who wish to see our forgotten lands restored to the free people of the north.

Style: Moderate RP, an interactive and growing storyline. /Say and /Yell are always in-character, /G and other channels are not. Family-friendly.

Type: RP - PvP - PvE - rBGs - Raids - Leveling - Social - Family Friendly

Web Site: http://ancientaccord.enjin.com/
(50-person Mumble server for voice communication)

Public Contacts: Baeodan (GM)

The Nobles of the Republic are an RPPvP LvL 12 guild with a great reputation and rich history. We have a great story line with a long back story. Our main focus is PvP. We are also recruiting for some 10 man raids that will eventually become a 25 man Raid team.

Or check out our sister guild.

Name: Guardian Brotherhood.

Location: Kalimdor: Thal'Dorah Outpost, Stonetalon Mountains
Pandaria: One Keg, Kun Lai Mountains.

Guild Info: Coming soon.

Contact: Holifax, Sekkisen.
Name: <Bads>

Theme: Vigilante Justice/ Heavy PvP

Style: Mercenaries, Justicars, and everything in between. You choose your character and they will interact with others in the guild however they wish whether it be as adversaries or allis. The unique aspect is the Xmen style transmogs and desire to engage in combat among eachother and outside the guild with WPvP. Once up and going we will be running Fight Club style PvP in Darkmoon Arena and hosting events, gambling, and PvP themed scenes. RP is not required as PvP is the main focus of the guild however it is highly advocated.

Main Hubs: Murder Row, Ratchet (Where we will be opening a cross faction pub one evening a week.), and around the Darkmoon Arena.

Public Contacts: Nazarah, Nazerah, Mattiak, Ingrìd.

P.S. - The first thing one will notice about our guild is the exceptionally low level. We are averaging about a level and a half each day. The players we have in the guild are friends IRL and very active throughout the week. We are careful to run dungeons together and maximize guild xp. We will be lv 25 in no time at the rate we're moving. Currently looking for levels 30 - 50 as since we re-rolled this is approximately the level of our alts. We are blasting through dungeons and need more in group to raise guild level. All classes and races accepted. If you truly suck and do not show improvement you will be removed however you will be offered guidance, assistance, and have most of your needs met as you level.

Interview process: Right now we are accepting everything (as long as you are an adult) but as my man and I reach endgame we will be weeding out the "True Bads". Let's face it our goal is to own face in PvP. We're not elitist but we're not carebear either. You don't get scolded for speaking your mind here. Philosophical and psycological discourse is appreciated. =D
Pirates Of The Iblis

This Guild is still around, sadly most of the Crew has abandoned ship for higher education at GnomeTech.

However if you want to help start up a Pirate Themed RP than Pirates Of The Iblis is a good starting place. Not much can be said for us these days. We will be looking for crew soon.

If you want in, send a Whisper to, Kompressor, Kømpressor, or Marhiel. And I can switch over to do the invites.

Also anyone with this weapon is encouraged to sign up. Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph

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