Emerald Dream Roleplaying Guilds (7/30/13)

Emerald Dream
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Name: GorWatha Warband
Theme: Revantusk Amani warband.
Style: Heavy RP, militaristic, very busy calendar and a band of iron fisted soviet leaders.
Web Site: http://gorwathawarband.guildlaunch.com
Public Contacts: Rasek, Juzmik, Yarbo, Jintaza, Ezzran, Nogoro
Name: Sentinels of the Blade
Theme: All things Night Elf
Style: Heavy RP
Website: SentinelsOfTheBlade.enjin.com
Contacts: Holifax, Kale, Jruas, Fafen
Name: Blackmoon Tribe
Theme: Troll tribe with some others.
Style: Medium RP
Web Site: http://www.blackmoontribe.com
Public Contacts: Sahnjin, Bantaro, Manashnee, Zigra
Name: Yongjiu Tong
Theme: Pandaren public restaurateurs, private organization for the furthering of Pandarens
Style: Medium RP, Eventual regular restaurant/chinese style gang
Web Site: None yet.
Public Contacts: Shenzhan, Xhaofeng
Notes: currently leveling
(( Please strike Sunsworn off the list; we're in the process of shutting our doors and becoming a legacy tag. ))
Name: Republic
Theme: Various roles, Senate run guild based out of Valiance Keep.
Style:Heavy-Light Rp, Wpvp, Pve
Public Contacts: Fraen, Callais
Updated. Please keep posting, everyone!

Also, it helps if the character making the post is a member of the guild.
Name: The Seventy Third
Theme: Grand Alliance Military
Style: Heavy RP WPvP.
Contacts: Branngas, Demitassie, Mílandria, Tía, Vadii, Jardenen
Hello from the Pirates Of The Iblis,

Still around after being almost inactive from the start of WotLK until the start of MOP. I still accept all who want to join. Since I never play WOW over the X-mas Season I was away most of December, however I'll be ramping up my play time as we head towards spring.

You can reach me on my Main Kompresseor, or my Horde Main Bhuemkabhuem. And I can switch over to do the invites. The real goal of this guild is to party on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, every September 19. Our guild officially has an IC ship and we have the plan if we ever get 10+ members over level 90 to achieve Bloodsail Exalted.

So if you want to fly the black flag of a pirate give us a try.

Name: Clan Stormfist
Theme: Orcish clan, with a few tauren on the side
Style: Medium-Heavy RP, PvP, WPvP
Web Site: Under Construction
Public Contacts: Ugannar, Sioushan, Rexighar, Dallet
Name: <Spirit Council>
Theme: A diplomatic council formed after the cataclysm
Style: Open range for all types of characters and themes
Type: RP++++, PvP++
Web Site: Coming soon
Public Contacts: Sevvin
Name: Anvilmar Brigade

Theme: Dwarven military brigade dedicated to service of the Alliance in the fight against the Horde with limited assistance from Gnomeregan and Stormwind.

Style: Dwarven-themed fully in-character roleplay in guild and public settings. Relaxed, adult-only, drama and pressure free atmosphere. Emphasis on PVP support of the Alliance in battlegrounds and throughout Azeroth.

Type: RP++, PvP++, PvE+

Web Site: www.anvilmarbrigade.com

Contacts: Firestorrm, Ailynn, Gloide
Name: Bleeding Hollow Clan
Theme: Orcish clan
Style: Medium-Heavy RP, PvP, WPvP
Web Site: Under Construction
Public Contacts: Pargath, Guchimane
Name: Åddiction
Theme: Best on server
Style: Everyting
Web Site: Under Construction
Contacts: Himanshu
Oh, Crimson Fang...
I miss you. ):
Name: Aeturnas Trinitas
Theme: Militaristic
Style: Conflict Driven
Web Site: Aeturnastrinitas.com
Public Contacts: Bukavac, Sorvad, Rhavvyn
Name: Ishtar
Theme: Militaristic/specialized fraternity
Style: Heavy RP/PVP/WPvP.
Web Site: TBA
Public Contacts: Selphatos, Benyamin, Nathikana, Rthakei

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