NEMESIS recruiting for Cataclysm

NEMESIS is recruiting for PVP and PVE.

NEMESIS runs 3-4 ICC 25 heroic runs per week, currently working on HLK 25 on the progression run.

NEMESIS runs numerous alt 10 man runs, currently 12/12 icc heroic (grats to our alts on the kill) and downed rs 10 heroic.

NEMESIS runs daily premades. Well organized roflstomps on poor unsuspecting pugs while we farm achievements, kills and prepare our strats for rated bg's.

NEMESIS runs a dkp system that rewards attendance, work, and performance. You won't see our GM in BIS gear with all the mounts and rewards before the rest of the guild gets them. Loot has never been an issue, and never will. Our alternate runs /roll for loot or gdkp.

NEMESIS is looking for exceptional players with excellent attitudes, no punks or douchebaggery is tolerated.

NEMESIS has attractive women in guild that will talk to you and laugh at your jokes in vent.

NEMESIS will not use caps in /2

NEMESIS has been known to cause side effects, consult your pharmacist before joining NEMESIS, and be sure to share.

Juggemental accepted as a casual. Be ready for Orgrimar raid next thursday

New website!
I agree. I think it says 'hardcore'

I prefer to think of our guild as more 'softcore', though so i pushed for a picture of a kitten playing 'duck hunt'. I was outvoted :(
Lol i thought it was funny, they had it for so long that Baners logged onto their alliance alts to give them grief.

I lol'd as i watched, wish I could've been in their vent to hear it, would've been fun.

I think I know why Xoo is afraid of them...

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