Pshift (25m) 7/16 HM

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Follow the link below to apply. If you want to see a brief description of who we are scroll to end of this post.

Our raid schedule:

Tues-Thurs 9-12:30 server.

Our current recruiting needs: /
Please see

Brief Intro:
The best way to describe Paradigm Shift would be to call us a relaxed progression raiding guild. Our focus is on 25 raiding of the current progression instance(s). We came to Stormrage as a transfer guild from Fizzcrank in June of 2010 and were able to work our way into the top 20 guilds on the server by the end of the ICC. Since then we have strived to improve our ranking with each content patch.

With lockout changes in Cata, we no longer schedule a consistent 10 man group, however alt runs can be found most weeks. We also changed to raiding 3 nights a week (Tues-Thurs) for 3 hours each night. Most of us have real jobs and lives outside of WoW and as such we do not push to make raiding feel like a second job. However, when we are engaged in a boss fight, I expect the same level of focus you would find in any serious progression guild.

If you'd like to experience our relaxed approach to progression feel free to drop an application by following the link posted above. Our officers will then review your app and contact you for an interview.
Skitz is a meanie and forgot to announce that we have bank tabs and a tabard! We are also a very fun and cool guild focused on people!
bump b/c my job is not responding *sigh*
our current recruitment process consist mostly of a vent interview as we will no longer be judging apps on their WotLK experience and gearing.

recruitment is generally "open"

we are looking for intelligent and driven players that want to push efficiently into cata.
updated recruiting needs
countdown to cata!
bump for 8 hrs left
To anyone considering apping into PS:

I have been fortunate enough to raid with some really talented guilds and raid leaders since I started playing in vanilla, including being in a top ranked (<300) guild in BC, and my biggest concern coming to SR was finding a guild that walked the line between "hardcore" and casual but still produced results - and most importantly had a good raid core.

Skits, Elu and Xir (when he's not fingering his keyboard) are about as good of raid leaders that you will find anywhere. The guild is filled with mostly working adults and college students, we keep it low brow and casual without stepping on anybody in the process. I am your typical 9-5 guy who travels a lot for work, and the guild has worked with me as best they could to keep me in the raid rotation when I was able to be on.

Bottom line, PS might be the best kept secret on Stormrage; and we are looking for more like-minded raiders to push through the next XP. If this sounds like a place for you, look for Elumine in game, he loves recruitment.

12/06/2010 4:15 PMPosted by Battlemaid
If this sounds like a place for you, look for Elumine in game, he loves recruitment.

Elimine is the correct spelling of his name. And thx battle we <3 you too.

also holy @#!% preacher grew out his beard and shrunk several feat
Bump because I'm stuck in queues and bored. Also P-Shift pwns. No better...Semi-casual?


Likes to raid without screaming into vent (much) guild on the server.
12/07/2010 10:20 AMPosted by Skitzat
also holy @#!% preacher grew out his beard and shrunk several feat

I hate goats and I have a midget fetish
I like to think of us as a "Hardcasual" guild. Softcore is for Cinemax After Dark.
mal... you've never looked so.... pretty?

also i don't like using the word casual to describe us. I think relaxed is the best choice. trying to evoke a calm, cool and collected enviroment that doesn't raid >3 nights a week, and never more than 3 hrs at a time.

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