Pshift (25m) 7/16 HM

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bump for a great guild
bump for monday
recruitment post has been updated
*new update* we are looking for a few more geared players to have a good set-up for 25s. so if your in mostly 346heroic and 359rep gear and want to get raiding and see all the new content goto: every class considered, dps/healers/tanks
Bumping this due to the fact that they are indeed a great group to raid with. Pugged with them before cata hit. Very cool and laid back the entire time. I should have apped up with them before i made my own guild!
been lazy. finally updated first post.
bump for a new year
heal and tanks roles have pretty much closed. room for a few dps. pref ranged or kitty
hey would you look at that 4/12! back in the top 20.

also need halfus to drop less malevolance
Bump for a great guild :)

5/12 now, top 15.
01/05/2011 11:25 PMPosted by Dyorian
Bump for a great guild :)

5/12 now, top 15.

6/12 now, in spot 14 according to wow progress or spot 8 if you are only considering 25 man raiding guilds.
and down to spot 17 overall. stupid slow updating guilds
and its monday again...
And now the Tuesday edition of Monday.
bump for 2 more down in 25man last night.
8/12 now.

working on ascendent council
bumping back to page 1
bump for first page

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