Pshift (25m) 7/16 HM

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Recommendation bump.

I raided with these guys for a few months on my paladin alt while raiding with CM, had tons of fun doing and would still be doing it if time wasn't so constraining. Very understanding as well, they knew CM's schedule would always overlap somewhere and they accepted and worked around it so I could raid with my friends.

Straight to the point, if you're looking for a light time raiding guild then join Paradigm Shift, never regretted it and still miss it some days.
Paradigm Shift Woot Woot!!!
bump for FRIDAY
bump for firelands
06/26/2011 08:18 PMPosted by Gates
bump for firelands

Bump for Shannox & Beth down! <3
4/7 now...we'd really like a good feral druid, but any and all specs and classes please app @
open recruitment is currently closed.

We are still looking at exceptional players for raider spots, rest will be considered for bench positions.
Updated 8/1/11
still updated. still looking for tank
rag killed, 7/7 now and looking for a good tank for heroic firelands
1/7 hardmodes now...rebump for a good tank

<3 Squidward
bump, always looking for any exceptional players, and in need of a good tank. goto:
Somethings wrong with the title. Fix it Skitz :P
^ That :3.

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