New mechanics separates good players from bad

For all the comments, concerns and criticisms we all have with the new mechanics changes to Paladins, I have to admit, there's *one* thing the change has brought that I love:

It quickly separates the good players from the bad ones.

I'll grant everyone has different learning curves and some people definitely learn faster than others. But even the slowest learners in the best players are constantly working and practising with their class and spec and looking up the theorycrafting and trying to get a handle on the mechanics.

And the bad players QQ. :P


Yes, because only the good players are able to overcome the obvious holes in our class in pvp. Holes so large that only their huge amount of skill can overcome game mechanics. ohwaitlol Nice epeen though, bro.

I'm a prot pally and a weekend warrior type of player. I am not of the level of the raiding guilds but I do well with the caliber of raiding I do. Whether this makes me a good or bad player I'll let you decide.

Since the changes, I have not noticed any significant changes to the difficulty of holding aggro in raiding. While Consecrate has a much longer cooldown than before there are other AOE attacks available on relatively short cooldowns to compensate for this change. Also, despite my relatively infrequent playing, I was able to work out a reasonable rotation for myself within a few hours of playing once the major changes occured, including the time it took to spend the points for specs and figuring out what all these new talents are. I don't even know if there is a new "the rotation" but if prot pallys can't figure out what buttons to press now they just aren't trying.

As far as the holy power mechanic is concerned, I think it really replaces mana for prot pallys in PVE. With the new changes I never ever have to manage my mana anymore. Before the changes I had to manage mana in certain cases, usually low healing/Divine Plea on cooldown/high mana cost needed (consecrate for example) types of fights. Now, I have never had mana issues. I actually like the holy power mechanic because it now gives me more flexibility in fights. If my health is not a problem I can use it for some more DPS, if my health is low or I'm taking lots of damage I can use it for a nice heal and possibly a short term shield.

While I haven't run with many other tanks compared to DPSers or healers, I would bet that pally tanks who are having aggro issues or rotation issues now probably had them before the changes and you had just been lucky enough to not run with them before.

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