Wait... so everyone's okay with this? Or?

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Well here's one thing I attempted to already make clear: The new world is assuredly amazing. I don't doubt that. Bring on the Shattering, for sure, can't wait.

The point is that people who hear of the old world, and assuredly those who are JUST NOW entering the game (who more specifically are seeing a world vanish before their eyes, a world they will never experience) will want to see it. Just because the new world is better doesn't (and more importantly, won't) justify removing it. A CoT instance wouldn't be so hard, really.

It's strangely blasphemous that the thought of not preserving Old World Azeroth has come to such widely accepted fruition.

Truth of the matter is this. I would love to go to the original Woodstock concert, but I can't because it happened way back in 69, and I wasnt born till 75. Same thing here for the new players, the world is forever changed. Deathwing broke it, and now they get to help try to fix it. It may seem unfair, but I think that it is a bold move on Blizz's part. No other MMO has EVER gone back and completely redone the original game world for their universe.
I am going to miss the old world. I am sad to see it go and I do wish there were a way to somehow preserve it (other than in or memories). I am excited for the new zones and to see what the old world looks like after old Deathwing does his thing.

I just hope Tommy Joe Stonefield and Maybell Maclure stay safe... ;)
Eh, I'll miss the old zones, but ultimately who cares, it's a game. I get much more nostalgic about real life. Luckily I know the difference.

I will, however, be leveling up to max in the secondary profession Cranky Old Man Ranting about the Good Old Days. Of course, I've been doing that since TBC, lecturing noobs about the glory days of Classic to anyone who will listen.

I've made several long tours of Azeroth of late since it's all gonna be over soon, but look, I wanted them to make whole new sets of servers when TBC came out, so that we could still play Classic with a level cap of 60 and no new content, and simply copy over to TBC-only servers if we wanted. That's really no different than the suggestion here, but I can certainly understand why Blizzard has no interest whatsoever in catering to those of us who found the original game to be the best version. Nowadays the game is ridiculously easy, Blizzard has eliminated the ability or motivation for anybody to do player-created content like world PvP or kiting world bosses to cities, and the developers have given up all pretense of trying to balance classes. It's all about money, and well, providing players with so much new and easy content means that people never log out or take a break from the game for a while like they used to. Changing the whole world just a little bit, and making questing easier means they can get us to pay them more money for minimal effort on their part or our parts. That's win-win. If you want to play games set in time forever, go play Blizzard's other games. MMOs aren't the best genre to play if you think nothing should ever irreparably change.

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