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In the spirit of Ayatan's intentions, I dub this thread that of RP Connections. For all your RP needs.

Holding to Ayatan's stipulations via direct quote, please list the following.

1. Character name:

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Be it simply looking for role players in general, folks for a specific event, or people for a storyline. Remember this is not a character background thread! However if you have a background that needs more members to flesh it out this thread aims to be a great place to find them,

3. Method of contact: Are you looking for contact in game via tells or mail? Should these tells be spontaneous in character or do you first want to work out an OOC agreement? Perhaps you even have an email address to be contacted at?

4. Time: If you have an event list a date and server time for it. If you are just looking for general RP contact list the times when you are usually on.

5. THIS IS NOT A GUILD RECRUITMENT THREAD! We already have one of those please don’t post your guild ads there.

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Great idea! I'll start!
Looking for general RP hordeside. I hear it exists, yet can never find it >>.
Im looking for IN GAME, tells are always OOC for me.
Time? Anytime you see I'm on :) Unless im in a raid...then usually I can't pop out and RP :P

Reported for sticky!

Horde RP Event! Thursdays from 9:30 pm - 11 (ish), @ Shattrath's "World End's Tavern" in Lower City!

Calling all (Horde) poet-laureates, epic story-tellers, pet-trainers, comedians and beatniks!

The Burning Tusk Tavern's stage is ready and waiting for you to perform!

Bring your written words and share them in the spotlight on our fabulous stage!

And at 10 pm the Elite Tauren Chieftains play for us!

((I reccomend making macros ahead of time to make it easier and faster when onstage,

and bring any props you would like! (costume, fireworks, spells, whatever to enhance your performance!) ))

Let the free expression flow!

((PLEASE keep all material In character. ))


# WHAT: The Burning Tusk Tavern is open for business!

# WHO: The Tavern is hosted by the fabulous Miss Westly & all of the Burning Tusk Tribe!

# WHEN & WHERE: Thursdays, Shattrath's World's End Tavern, 9:30ish - 11 pm server time

# Basic Description: Fully IC Tavern / Open-mic night dinner club

# Main Objective: Providing a weekly Fully-IC RP setting to mingle with ALL horde races.


We serve foods & ales of all kinds, and we'll often have out a brewfest keg or two!

There's no cost ((Though whoever is serving / hosting I'm sure wouldn't mind an occasional tip!))

All horde are welcome as long as you please respect your fellow roleplayers! Bring friends & guildmates!

The Burning Tusk Tribe asks that everyone try to adhere to the RP server rules as much as possible.

For example, Please remain IC (In-character) in /say, /yell, and /emotes.

We all share the general channel (and whispers) for ooc conversations!

Hope to see you there soon!

-Sindi Sunwing xoxoxo
1. Farseer Akirum

2. Any RP, random or otherwise.

3. In-game tell, mail, or walkup.

4. Weekdays after 6 ST and varying weekends.

1. Character name: Khaji

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Any kind. I love creative characters, and I especially love characters that have thought and dedication put into it.

3. Method of contact: Just whisper me. Don't be afraid to do so. You can send Khaji some mail, too. Alternatively, saying Khaji's name three times will summon him; of course, let me know if you do, so I can...come around.

4. Time: I'm on during the evenings, and can go well into the night.

More info on Khaji can be found here:
1. Character name: Hordeside: Calleo/Calleò, Kragnak, Merikh (will be Wizzywig in Cata), Rahken. Alliance: Endhillin and Tikhon.

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Just random conversation, really. I actually prefer day-to-day interactions over huge, long, large-arcing story lines. Sitting around, wandering cities, making fishing less mind-numbing, grabbing a drink or two, and even discussing IC politics.
The more conversation, the better. Even if I'm with other people, feel free to approach.
I also have quite a bit of fun doing IC questing (including the horror of dailies), profession related things, instances, etc...

3. Method of contact: Any in game method is fine, though I don't do IC tells unless you're actually close enough to be whispering or something communicator wise has been worked out OOC first. Craziness such as, "A'dal invades your thoughts..." will likely not get the most welcoming of responses, so if you really want to do something in tells, contact me OOC first.
I'm also not adverse to contact outside of the game either for things on forums, LJ or IM.
This is awesome for cross-faction RP, as I only use RealID for talking to my wife, who does not play on Moon Guard.
I've also done cross faction RP by either staying in contact over IM or by occasionally dusting off my second account and bringing in the translation Gnome, Digna.

Yay for IM contacts:
YIM: Lichtsome
AIM: ancenned
Gtalk: subdolus %at% gmail #dot# com
If you're contacting me out of game, for the love of god, tell me who you are in game.

4. Time: I'm CST, so am a 'server time' person. Usually on in the evenings on weekdays. Weekends vary.
1. Character name: Erzulië, Ayidá, Tiocou, Sejou, Soubo (Adjassou and Bwasani soon.)

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Building stories, random day to day conversations and tasks. I'm always in-character and usually up for the conversation.

3. Method of contact: Find me ingame or feel free to poke me on MSN ( I don't do /w RP but any of my characters can usually be found in Orgrimmar, Sen'jin or out on the Isles.

4. Time: Evenings/Late nights/ Early mornings, usually.
1. Character name(s): On Horde I have Azriah and Elanesse. For Alliance, it is Liesa and Amelïa.

2. Type of role playing you're looking for: Well, I prefer day to day interaction and random conversations as opposed to long story lines, as someone said in a post above me. So, pretty much walk-up RP and improvising from there.

3. Method of contact: Can't say I really want to give out my aim and msn info, so I'll just leave it as in-game mail and if you see me around.

4. Time: Late afternoons, evenings, and late nights only on weekends.
1. Character name: Lanuria Dawnblade

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Anything, really, though I would love to find some people interested in having Lan was a trainer of sorts in the way of the Ranger and other Rangers she can hang out with/adventure with. (Rangers, none of these Hunters with Pets!)

3. Method of contact: Mail would be fabulous!

4. Time: Whenever. I usually work second shifts. :(
Lanuria! Someone take this offer quick. /sagenod

Trust me... this crazy cat knows what she's doin.
Character name: Ayriath Sunwalker

Type of Role playing your looking for: Pretty much anything except romance. I'm a BIIIG sucker for plot twists in RP.

Method of contact: Mail or a whisper~(If I'm not raiding, of course!) :]

Time: Usually late in the evening or throughout the day on weekends. It depends-I get out and about alot IRL so I'm on for erratic time periods. And by late, I mean...About 9pm server and on.
Commander Kelhan Livingston of the Westfall Brigade

Any and all. Seriously folks. Want someone to travel with you to Mordor? Hell, I'm yer hobbit. I love roleplaying, so throw anything at me. Really.

However you can reach me. Mail me, whisper me, whatever works.

Hammer time. All the time. Kelhan time.

<The Westfall Brigade>. Our hobbies are not taking anything seriously and making silly YouTube movies.
Dal'ji of the Darkspear Tribe

Any type of role play! Ranging from simple penpals from other sides of the world, or partners in crime when it comes to annoying the Sin'dorei, or even adventuring buddies!

I'd prefer some OOC contact beforehand, to figure out what we want to do. Spontaneous IC mail is fun, if you have a good reason to have Dal'ji's mailing address.

I'm two hours behind the server, so PST, and my activity is one and off lately, due to college and other shenanigans. If you can't see me online, just drop me some OOC or IC mail, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. If you want to talk over MSN or AIM, send me a letter in-game or a whisper, and I'll give you my address.

Dal'ji is already a happy member of the Spear of Sen'jin, so don't be sending me guild invites, no matter how persuasive you are!
1. Character name: Aildé (Dwarf priest), Lunadjinn (Night Elf druid), Nadrine (Blood Elf paladin)

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Pretty much anything--from regular conversation in the tavern, fishing or exploring. I'm also up for writing letters ICly-haven't done that in a long time.

3. Method of contact: Either via tells or leaving an in game mail.

4. Time: My schedule is pretty random! If you can't get a hold of me, your best bet is to leave an ooc note so we can coordinate a time.
Character name: Dloin Stonehammer

Type of Role playing your looking for: Random, mainly, but really anything. I'm especially looking for RP that takes Dloin's piracy into account. There are a lot of players who say "Oh, I've heard of you!" and continue to treat Dloin like an old friend. Hello, people! While I love the attention (don't get me wrong!) Dloin's not in the best standing with the Alliance. Still waiting for someone to step forward to provide some good RP conflict.

Method of contact: Walk up or mail. Try to refrain from /whisper. I generally have between one and five conversations going on via whispers, so if you want to set something up, go for mail, otherwise if you see me on the street or out in Azeroth, RP it up!

Time: This is where it gets really tricky. The only time I can actually commit to is Thursday nights from like, 5:30pm ST to around 11:00pm ST.
Reserved for when I have some freakin' time later this week!

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