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1. Character name: Vaielle (IC name is Olive)

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Any! I love walk-ups and am more than willing to join a storyline of nearly any sort. Keep in mind this character is ICly 14 (and mentally about 10), so please no sexual topics. Other adult topics I am mostly perfectly fine with, just ask first!

3. Method of contact: Again, any. You are more than welcome to just run up and say hello, as she'd probably do that to you sometime. Whispers, mail, whatever, throw it at me.

4. Time: I do not have access to WoW a few days out of the week (currently Sundays to Tuesdays) but the other days I'm usually on quite a bit. I am pacific time, so I'm 2 hours behind server.
1. Character name: Thaelyn

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I love to roleplay in general (except for ERP, keep that stuff away!) There's no specific type of roleplay I like to do - if you see me in game and you communicate with me, the odds are I'm going to be in character.

3. Method of contact: Whisper or mail will do, either one. You can contact me either in character or out of character. I will respond to you accordingly depending on if you are in or out of character.

4. Time: Normally I'm on late evenings, nights, and early mornings. Generally between 6 PM and 4 AM are my playing hours.
1. Character name: Gilanx

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Just about anything, would really love to get into some criminal mischief.

3. Method of contact: Drop me a line in anyway you see fit/

4. Time: around 3pm-2am EST
1. Naoro(Horde) TLrent(wanted Tirent, lol) (alliance) (both on Moon guard)

2. Any RP Honestly, I haven't RP'd in quite awhile so I am rusty so idle rp banter, or light story/rp works. Just need to warm myself up on the RP. Also, if someone could point me to a website with all the blood elf/dreinei lore/DK Lore it would be much appreciaeted! thanks.

3. you can contact me by in game mail, PMing me when I am online, Or emailing me at as these are not my mains. (so I may be on my main server)

4. Naoro is a blood elf DK. and I want to build a back story for him asap as he will be my main roleplaying. I figure he will have a dark past. But he is kind(usually) but a bit bi-polar and OCD, so he gets extremely hyper out of nowhere, and a bit down as well as angry(how long each lasts I figure will vary, and definitely will drastically affect friendships/relationships, also, I think he will get hyper more often than depressed or angry). The OCD also makes him hard to deal with(sometimes) as things have to go a certain way for certain things, or all heck breaks loose(unsure of specifics on that yet). The Dark past I am thinking is parental related. But may change as I think it over. Also, unless I can get ahold on a good wow lore site for blood elves/DK's I may just make him the type that has gone against pretty much everything he was told as a DK/blood elf, causing him to have a much much much different attitude toward the world than most DK's/BE's.

5. That's it for now, look forward to roleplaying with anyone interested! oh, and I will RP with pretty much anyone, unless are rude/piss me off. Hope everyone is well, take care!
1. Character name: Yszabet

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I've been roleplaying for quite some time, and enjoy all forms of it - *if* they are well-written, creative, and engaging. While I love getting creative, I also tend to stay within shouting distance of the lore, and I'm looking for others with a similar ethos: bending the lore a bit is fine, even a bit of splintering is okay...but outright breaking lore, completely deviating from what is possible within the Warcraft universe, will be met by an IC version of Ysza wondering if your character is in need of medical help. *grins* As in any storyline involving interaction between sentient beings, romance isn't out of the question, but I'm extremely particular about that - and it must evolve naturally from a storyline, not be the focus of it. Feel free to say hello, ask what she's up to, inform her of some event, what have you. :) Outright trolling attempts will simply be ignored, though.

3. Method of contact: I definitely prefer in-game contact. I'm not looking for AIM or MSN RP. Random IC interactions can be a lot of fun, or if you have a specific story idea in mind, feel free to whisper me OOC to discuss it. :)

4. Time: I'm usually on later in the evening (8pm+ EST) unless I'm working, and then off and on during the day.
1. Character names: Riztana, Torla

2. Type of RP sought: Any sort, other than ERP. I haven't RP'd in a long while and I'd like to get my feet wet again.
With Riztana, she is most definately an -undead- elf and a death knight, just so you don't have to ask me if she's one of those "not a DK ICly" characters.

3. Method of Contact: Walk up and greet either of my characters or send them an in-game mail. Not looking to do IM-type RP. Another thing, please, for the love of all that is unholy, do NOT use chat-speak around me when you are in-character. Stuff like "ur," "y4?", etc will only get Riz thinking you're nuts and will likely result in her wandering off.

4. I'm usually on after 7pm server time, save for Saturdays.
1. Character name:

2. Type of Role playing your looking for:
I am looking for a guild heavy in scourge rp, sticking to wotlk stuffs. I am new to the whole rp scene, and its been a long time since Ive been in a creative environment, but Im sure I can get into the groove pretty quickly.

3. Method of contact:
you can get to me through ingame mail, I dont usually visit forums or anything.

4. Time: My availability is highly varying. I got stuck into working full time for the next few months, so I wont be too active at first until I go back to being part time (3 days per week). Once I get my groomer's certification in the next couple months (up to 14 weeks), Ill be a bit more active. I am a housewife, so I am always on call, hence the varying availability, and I may have to get up and leave at a moment's notice.
1. Character Name:
Apawinostra (A-Paw)

2.Type of Role playing your looking for:
I am a fan of social and political conspiracy RP as well as cross faction intrigue. I have been doing RP in tabletop and in Wow from day one.

3. Mthod of Contact:
In game mail or personal contact is best.

4. Time:

I am almost never in game until after 8pm pacific time except weekends.
1. Character name: Mandy Arixan

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Random rp! Mandy here is a scrappy, rude, silly, teenaged street urchin that has a knack for getting into(and out of) trouble. I'm sure we could come up with something interesting!

3. Method of contact: Either contact me over whispers in game, or through mail, and I guess we can work something out. :D

4. Time: I'm usually on in the evenings starting around 5pm and try to head to bed around 11pm or 12am.
Character name: Algilleas Worler

Type of Role playing your looking for: Lore-based random RP, basically anything that would be appropriate to the WoW setting, no ERP isn't appropriate.

Method of contact: Walk ups ICly, whisper me OOC. Mail both ICly and OOCly.

Time: I am 13 hours ahead of server time, so I'd be on during night server time. Mail me if I am offline though!
Character Name: Ghaoithe [H], Alestrina [A]

Type of RP: I'm a fairly casual RPer who likes random RP and sticking in character for most conversations outside of instances when I'm on an RP server. I mostly use RP as a good way to meet people and practice my improv, storytelling, and character building skills for my real-life career; I feel RP is a good way to get out fo a character block through all the cool people and their stories you meet. I don't really do any adult RP, but anything else is fine. I tend to do better in group settings, but even if you see me walking around Org or something, please feel free to say hello or chat me up!

I do use MRP if that makes a difference for anyone trying to start a conversation or whatever.

Method of Contact: Mostly walk-ups. I'm not opposed to tells, though keep in mind I am usually busy questing or whatnot if I'm not in Org so I can't carry conversations as well from afar. I'm also interested in any RP guilds out there so long as they aren't super-serious-progression-#1 as my main for that is on another server.

Time: I'm PST but on pretty much all evenings on one character or another. Until MoP, I'll probably be leveling this char or others on this server up more than the others. I'm usually just questing solo so if something cool is happening you don't mind me being a part of, just say the word!
1. Character name: Remaa (ooc name: Jordan)

2. Type of Role playing you're looking for: I'm open to random RP (walk ups and what have you), but I am a sucker for a good storyline. If you'd like to work out a storyline with me - feel free to contact me ooc and we can work something out.

3. Method of contact: Basically anything in-game ( I do prefer whispers and mail) and you can also contact me at this email address: If you do decide to email me, please be sure to title the subject appropriately so it doesn't end up in my junk folder. :p

4. Time: I'm on (or at least check in) every day. My timezone is central (-06:00), and I'm typically on in the evenings.
1. Character Name: Corvaliini

2. Type of Role Playing: random walk-up or short story lines are cool, no erp or weird stuff like that, but Corvaliini is always up for meeting people and such!

3. Method of Contact: Anything in game, whispers are usually ooc for me so that's a fine way to contact if you want, or in game mail, or whatever.

4. Time: My schedule changes a lot so take a shot if you see me online, or mail me ahead of time or something if you'd rather try and schedule it. I'm online more often during the day rather than at night.

Corvaliini looks forward to making your acquaintance!
Character Name: Datocus Adele

Type of Roleplay wanted: friendly Paladen to debate the ethics of the cruciformed shadow and the cruciformed light with. perhaps over a cup of roasted barley tea. maybe even with crazy adventures where we become battle hardended friends (much like the dwarf and the human in old town that walk stormwind)

not looking for a demon simpathizer or someone who wishes to betray the light or even cult rp

possibly there could be a priest and a mage in there. if you wanna play the drunk priest roll and the obnoxious mage role in this roleplay go ahead)

Play times: useally between 2pm to 11pm and sometimes over nighters
1. Character name: Fleepsy Megabucks

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: All kinds except for relationships/dating.

3. Method of contact: Any is fine, in game whispers,walk-ups, anytime.

4. Time: Varies, usually in the morning before and around noon, to after 9pm EST.
1. Any of my characters.

2. Type of roleplaying I'm looking for: Any, really, but to be entirely honest? I am interested in some sort of romantic relationship IC (Not ERP! Definitely not ERP). It would be rather different for me, and I'm all for different things. One of my characters technically was in a romantic relationship before, but I'll admit that it didn't last long enough for me to really be able to appreciate it. So there you are! Female and straight, by the way, IRL as well as IC.

3. Method of contact: Add me and send me a private message when you get the chance!

4. Time: Monday through Friday... eh, probably early afternoon-ish. Saturday/Sunday... depends on my week end plans, obviously, but there are times when I am on for almost the entire day (Don't judge me; I know it's sad!).

Also, just as a side note: If you decide to contact me in-game, I'll be happy to discuss my different characters. Whether for casual RP or RP that may head in the direction of romance, I'll tell you who my characters are, and we can work from there to figure out what would be the most convenient for you.
Character Name: Azsheera

Type of role play you're looking for: I'm currently looking for a few individuals who are interested in participating in storyline RP - I honestly find walk-ups to be a bore and rarely involve proper character development.

I'd really like to be able to find another more experienced Night Elf druid to role play with, as Azsheera is in (desperate) need of a mentor. At this time, I'd say my class/race preferences for the storyline would be worgen and Night Elves exclusively, as they both tie in well with the guild I'm working on starting up.

I am NOT interested in relationship-type role play, as some people just can't seem to grasp the difference between OOC and IC, and I'd rather not get caught in the mix up. If you are interested in romantic RP, please note that I will NOT consider anything that goes beyond the scope of IC boundaries.

Method of contact: An in-game mail would be the best way, as I am often away from my computer even when logged in. I can be tricky to get in touch with.

Time: Every day of the week after 6PM server time, except on weekends where I am always available. I am a college student however, and there are times where I am swamped with assignments and my schedule is bound to change based on my work load. Come December I will be on holidays and be more available.
1. Character name: Renghar (I realize I'm currently on the lower level side, that is rapidly changing.)

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I'm looking for another person (or people) that wish to start a wide-spanning ever developing storyline. I am a veteran roleplayer (about 8 years now) and am looking for someone on a similar wavelength who desires more than just a one-timer.

I'd like the general 'feel' or setting of the roleplay to be a small group (perhaps even only me and one other) of true 'mercenaries' - no affiliation just trying to survive and explore the vast world. Race is irrelevant. Romance isn't out of the picture but not the main focus. I am flexible and open to quality suggestions.

As for the direction I'd like that to be discussed with interested party.

3. Method of contact: Feel free to send me an OOC message or mail and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

4. Time: I'm frequently on in the afternoons EST during the week, and sporadically through the weekend. I'm a college student so some times are busier than others.

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