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I'm always up for RP's, their fun. Mostly I suggest stay away from RP's with ERP throughout it.
If you ever RP, follow some simple tips that I know (its only five, ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!)

- Rp tips, to a good RP status ^.~-

1.) Don't troll like a retard.
2.) Don't ERP or watch it.
3.) Don't be a jerk and kick people out.
4.) Simply type in LF RP if you wanna RP.
5.) Make a macro and hit it once in trade(/2) or in general chat(/1).
I made my point.. *hopefully*.

I RP and make RP's ALL the time. So just whisper me if you wanna RP. (And/or mail me) ^.~
1. Character name: Saavuori Sunblade

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Just random RP if it happens. My DK is an ex-Paladin, and is basically still trying to be his old Paladin self, the best he can

3. Method of contact: Just walk up to me and /say, I guess

4. Time: Whenever I'm not raiding, I suppose

I'm not a big RPer, raiding (and pet collecting) is the main reason I play, but I like playing on RP servers. I was on Lightninghoof (an RPPVP) for 7 years, and RPed a little back when that server still had some RP going. Now that I'm on an active RP server, I look forward to doing a little light RP on my DK.
Character Name: Silvarum, but his close friends know him by the name Kel Nightleaf

Type of Role playing you're looking for: Just about anything, anything from semi-romantic to heavy battle.

Method of Contact: Whisper, walk up to me, or mail, which ever you prefer.

Time: anytime that im online with Silvarum, but please send me a whisper if your not someone who just happens across me while im healing the lands of Azeroth.
1. Character name:


2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Looking for a long term "mate" RP with a female orc shaman or any female orc that isn't a warlock sorry.

3. Method of contact: Just add me and whisper me before hand or reply to this post if you can.

4. Time: around 2:00pm eastern time is when I get on.
Character Name: Nelem, but may be on my main Miyaka.
Type of RP: Any! I've really wanted to start RPing on my rogue, Nel, but haven't found much around that I was particularly interested in.
Contact: Send me a whisper or ingame mail to Miyaka or Nelem. I'd like to RP either, but I've RP'd Miya plenty in the past so would like to start on Nel.
Time: Anytime I'm only before 11 PM server on Tues-Thurs.
1. Character name: Dreadknight Hezzel

2. Type of Role playing you are looking for: I am looking for roleplaying in general. I like dead things, dark things, violence, and cookies. I would like to be a part of a storyline. I could be your villain or anti-hero. I could also use some contacts that could tie in to my background, such as: A living brother with a family, Death Knights made around the same time as myself, perhaps also members of the Order of the Vulture, someone who remembers a vile atrocity I committed in the past.

3. Method of contact: Any method of contact is fine; email me if you wish at deadlikemedk at gmail dot com.

4. Time: Odd hours of the night. Early morning. Afternoon. Evening. I don't sleep.
Necroay AKA Nec

RP Style
I have been RPing for years but I'm new to WoW's version on RP so please go easy on me. I can be a little shy at first. I'm looking for something laid back. I like to add a dose of comedy to my characters to keep things fun. Also looking for someone long term, maybe work out story? I like story lines. I'm pretty open to ideas. Females preferred.

You can whisper(OOC), in game mail, or even just walk up to me! I hang out at the SW Cathedral for a while before I go off and quest.

I'm on...A lot. I'm Central, same time a realm.
Monday - Can be all day
Tuesday - After 12pm
Wednesday - After 2pm
Thursday - After 12pm
Friday - Can be all day
Saturday - Can be all day
Sunday - Can be all day
Name: Plyth

RP style:
Medium, not really looking to get into a soap opera series just want to be immersed completely into the game. To be really part of whats happening. I don't need story-lines or character progression.

Whisper me, Im also seeking a guild.

Whenever Im on. Im all over with work schedule.
Name: Nakyla

RP style: Casual, regular, plot. Just happy to RP when I can.

Contact: Mail, whisper, approach!

Time: Oceanic times, so after 3amish server. Any time on the weekend, or on request. If you ever feel like RPing, just buzz me!
Name: Dolofane (BattleTag: Verandure#1654)

Contact via battletag request

Seeking any type of RP so long as it isn't military, government, or (god forbid) "school".

I am online most of the time; however, I am only available to RP when I'm not raiding (which has a rather sporadic schedule).
*I actually just transferred into Moon Guard from the Sisters of Elune realm. I've recently created this ALT and want to RP. I'm still quite new to WoW and RP in general, but I'm a quick learner and look forward to seeing how this ALT behaves.

**Until the new name takes effect, just realize I'm Calistyia if you see me about.

Name: Calistyia

RP Style: Casual for now. I'm a full-time student working on the last couple of semesters towards a B.S. in Criminology. I also happen to work full-time. When I'm in game, I'd like to be able to pick up right away from any conversations I had going previously.

Character Bio: Calistyia is the daughter of Brother Paxton and a succubus named Meridiana; the former lover of Pope Sylvester II. Meridiana (who can cross planes and such due to the String Theory) came across Brother Paxton has he had been healing fallen men near the Abbey. Calistyia was named by her father and it means, cup in his eyes (as in the cup for the wine of sacrament) and fairest in her mother's eyes.

Watching him heal reminded Meridiana of Pope Sylvester II and when she learned he too was a scientist, she fell for him. The two had a secret relationship where they would
meet at night, watching the skies and talking about mathematics, astronomy, etc... When Meridiana realized she had managed to conceive, she panicked and transferred the pregnancy to a willing participant (at this time unnamed due to her request). Once Calistyia was born, she was given to her earthly father who in turn gave her up for adoption.

Calistyia then grew up in the orphanage of Stormwind because of her mother's gifts showcasing themselves whenever possible and also due to her mother's parting gifts of
Jaktal, a demonized minion, and Kraggak, a voidwalker. Meridiana has kept check of her daughter's life and when Brother Paxton turned his back on their daughter, she wiped his memory of their time together as well as his love of mathematics, science and astronomy; he only heals now.

Calistyia is aware of her father and mother, but she knows she is alone. She doesn't blame her mother for transferring the pregnancy nor does she blame her for the gifts. She does blame Paxton though and is very wary of any human males- especially those wishing to do good (<-- OOC reference to something Dean Winchester once stated on 'Supernatural').

Calistyia now roams the world(s) with Jaktal and Kraggak; hoping to one day find a place where she belongs.

She is gifted in powers of the warlock. She can heal. She also does herbalism and enchanting.

She is 23 and has no plan to settle down, but wouldn't rule out the company of a Worgen or Night Elf if one worthy of her time came across her path.

Contact: You may walk up to me in game and whisper OOC. If you happen to write via game, please OOC there as well.

Time: It honestly just depends on my schedule. If you would like to meet up, just inbox me and I'll let you know if I can be there or not. I'm also on the East Coast, but due to writing papers, I could handle PST time.
Name: Empythsis Sundancer

RP Style: Open to almost anything. Questing, exploration. Looking for something long term and story driven. Perhaps a partnership.

Contact: Walk up or send an OOC and let me know you want to set something up.

Time: Typically on after 7-8pm EST any given day.
1. Character name: Battletag: Nightrader#1615

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Medieval/Kingdom/Town/Fantays, anything works!

3. Method of contact: Battletag works the best for me.

I have had 5 years of RP experience on and off WoW. I also do a lot of LARPing. If you want to know more we can talk on BT. :3

Story is don't publish since Nicholas's (my character) story is awesome, and is best to learn IC. I have it and it is a few pages long...YOU DONT WANT TO SEE IT ON HERE. XD
1. Character name: Jack Isenramm (FlyJack#1391)

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I'm a huge go-er for Realism and always looking to expand my network for those who enjoy realism as well. I mainly participate in criminal RP (not the plate armored ninja assassin type, but the Street Rat/Highwaymen type while staying as modest as possible with my RP gear).

3. Method of contact: Straight up IC is fine, but everything always works better if talked about OOCly first.

4. Time: I am usually on weekdays Pacific time in the evening.
1. Character name: Valesti Laetanar

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Looking for a genuinely friendly, fun person to play my character's sister and lover. It's part of a story concept I've had in mind since BC, played extremely briefly with a friend before she quit the game, and am now looking to fix up and try again. This is probably best for anyone starting with a blank template of a character, or one with enough room to fit into an existing history. Bonus points if you're a Priest or maybe Warlock. That's not to say you won't have any creative input at all. RP is most fun when all parties are playing off each other's creativity. Additionally, despite the somewhat "pervy" slant of the character's relationship, I'm not exactly looking for any ERP.

3. Method of contact: Whisper or in-game mail. I'd like to chat a bit, discuss ideas and see if we'll be a good fit for each other. Paying 25 bucks for a server transfer is fine and dandy, but only if I know it's gonna be worth it. :P

4. Time: I'm typically available between 5 and 11pm EST on weekdays, and off and on throughout the weekends. I do love to RP, but I also love to progress in-game, as well. So it'd be extra fun if you like doing PVE stuff together or hunting for RP transmogs during our playtime. Yay!
1. Character name: Cladis

2. Type of Role playing your looking for:
I'm looking for some level of hardcore roleplaying, rarely out of character, willing to do events, etc. I used to roleplay all the time via forums, and now I moved from my pvp server to Moon Guard to get some character development as well as wow story roleplaying in. I am willing to change factions, as I am more comfortable with Horde/Undead, I just assumed Alliance would offer more options. Really, I just want to roleplay, I'll do just about anything as long as it is relevant to WoW story.

3. Method of contact: Please whisper me in game, my battle tag is kiki#1130

4. Time: I am a college student with classes ending for summer break soon. If I am involved in a roleplay hardcore, I will make time. I love roleplaying and I really am looking to become a part of something. I will be able to devote 100% of my time in roughly three weeks from now.
I could've sworn I made one of these before, but I don't see it now, so what the hell, I'll give it another shot.

1. Character name: Umgrahk

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I am open to pretty much all RP contact, whether that's random encounters, RPing through game content, or getting hammered on the speed-barge, it's all good. That being said I do have a few specific ideas for pre-existing character relationships if anyone wants to have a look.

A) Grahk is a contractor for Leviathan Acquisitions now, but he used to be part of the regular military. Specifically a heavy infantry unit. He's been posted alternately to the Stonetalon and Ashenvale fronts, served a tour in the Plaguelands, and merc'd it up post-armystuff in Tanaris, Stranglethorn, the Outlands, and god knows where else. To that end, it'd be cool if someone wanted to be one of his prior soldiering/adventuring buddies. Male/female and race unimportant.

B) As a gag on the rumor thread, I noted that he dated a Goblin once. Takers on his ex? =p This isn't an ERP thing, they'd mutually detest each other now, it's more for the lulz and opportunities for slapstick.

3. Method of contact: In-game mail if I'm not on at the time, whispers/tells/whatever they're called if I'm on.
1. Character name: Lance Marston

2. Type of Role playing your looking for:

Mainly military events involving the Stormwind Army or the 7th Legion. Other than that, just training sessions, emergency response, hanging out at a pub reminiscing about past experiences, or just meeting people. Lance is a pretty nice guy.

NO godmoders, people with flamboyant power ranger abilities, messiah complexes, griefers, trolls, half assed grammar. I mainly look for RP that's as realistic as possible, especially when it comes to emote fighting and action, unless it involves a magic class and the supernatural element is interesting.

3. Method of contact:

Walk up, whispers, mail, etc. If you meet him by making trouble and causing him to arrest you, chances are he's not going to like you.

4. Time: Around during the afternoon or evenings throughout the week.
1. Character name: Avegaelle Cordale

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Heavy RP, Non-miltary (I know, good luck right?), not magic or light-centric. I believe I would fit it well with a House type guild, or some similar organization.

3. Method of contact: Best to contact me through In-game mail initially.

4. A bit more about my style. I enjoy descriptive RP, though multi-Para is not necessary. Due to a tremor in my hands I cannot type as fast as I used to, so though I will write multi-sentence posts, I cannot always guarantee multi-para as my hands get fatigued and I don't want my reader to wait forever for a response. I am an experienced RPer (since 1995). Ave is a bit of a darker character and she can bite sometimes (ICly). She would be good at playing a pessimistic type role.
1. Character Name: Gidimin Nightbane

2.Type of Role Playing Looking For:
Some medium RP, pretty new to Horde Rp but have some experience.

3. Meathod of Contact:
Send me a tell, mail, or whisper in game.

4. Time: On and off throughout the day, will get back to mail relatively quickly

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