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Character name: Kinnra (AKA Daenra Kin'Nra)

Type of Role playing this player's looking for: LF Roleplay revolving around character development. Heavy RP mainly. Any sort of IC contact is fine as long as it isn't just plain out assassinations. Wanna spice it up, though? Lemme know via Contact!

A little Info on Daenra Kin'Nra:
Daenra is an Arcanist and is a Courtmage of whom is from Dalaran. She is also an archeologist of profession and practice, and from time to time she'll barter / trade artifacts of high value that she's dug up or otherwise discovered.

For the most part, she is a neutral character who won't go into battle willingly unless it is absolutely necessary.

She'll travel from Horde city to city, negotiating, advising, etc. So keeping that in mind, the courtmage has some repute here and there and some influence. You'll probably catch her somewhere in either Undercity or Silvermoon.

Method of contact: You can contact me In-Game via Mail or by whispers. I don't have many friends playing alongside me, and previous to this character, I had an older account that I've played WoW on for years. Lost the account though, so starting over. Literally starting fresh :c

Time: Usually on during the weekdays and weekends. Definitely on, on Sundays in the evening. (Central USA zone time) Most likely will get back to you if you do contact me.

BTW! If you have any recommendations for RP guilds out there actively/currently LF more active roleplayer members, please let me know. Currently I am guildless and am on the look out for a fitting roleplay guild for Daenra!
1. Character name: Loksan

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: New to RP. Mainly just random RP IC until I get a real feel for it.

3. Method of contact: IG contact. If you see me in a city or outpost, please feel free to chat me up.

4. Time: I work shift work, so my times are random. Anytime I'm on really.
1. Character name: Ahqwas

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Heavy RP and character driven. I like to make a good story with other RPers. I'm also keen to show newbies the ropes =)

3. Method of contact: Message me in game in any form. You can message me OOC or IC, or contact me on my Discord @ TheFeebleTurtleDuck

4. Time: I'm generally around weekends during the day or week days early night NZT.

Also: Looking for an RP Heavy Guild too. If you have suggestions, or your own, let me know!

Character Name: Denadivh

Type of Role playing your looking for: I'm a new RPer so any is really fine. I'm just learning how it goes and having a great time with it.

Method of contact: In game IC or OOC. Im fine with either.

Time: Sunday-Wednesday Between 6-1130 EST
Character Name: Maulby

Type of RP: I'm not new to RP, but I am new to RP in WoW, so I'm alright with anything really. I'm still looking for a community where I can build some connections and start learning how it goes.

Method of contact: In-game is fine.

Time: Mostly nights and weekends between 6pm-1am EST

If you're looking for someone to RP with, please let me know! I'm willing to faction swap if necessary, I just want to find a nice group of folks primarily. I'm super chill and 21+. Anything female and LGBTQ friendly is a plus too. :)
Character Name: Alardrius Michaels (The Red Wolf) [In-Game Name: Alardrius]

Type of RP: Fencing business (the selling and exchange of 'unsavoury or stolen goods'). Crime, Mercenary, Freedom-Fighting, generally anything shifty or under the table. Would love to re-establish some Defias Contacts

Method of Contact: Walk up, in game message, mail, whatever works!

Time: Generally whenever. I'm on at all points of time during the week.
Gromdor Scaraxe (Pancaké)

Type of Role playing your looking for: Heavy RP, although I'm not on often or at the right times. I really am just looking for character driven RP in order to further all parties involved.

Method of contact: I actually spend a good half of my time RPing by standing around or sitting and just listening to conversations, usually in the Wyvern's Tail in Valley of Honor, so just seeking me out to start a walk up RP would be nice, preferably if your character needs something from mine. Or sending me mail would work too, Gromdor has bats that deliver and send messages.

Weekdays 9AM - 2PM and again at 10/11/12PM - 1/2AM Eastern
(Except friday which usually are 9AM-2PM and 6/7/8PM-12AM Eastern)
Weekends Saturday, at anytime, Sunday 10/11/12 AM - 1/2 AM Eastern
My schedule is all over the place because I only work for as long as I have more work orders to do, otherwise I just go home.,Gromdor Scaraxe (Pancaké)
Character Name: Songyung Earthstride

Type of Role playing your looking for: Primarily Heavy RP. Something of an adventurer / explorer's affiliation. The character primarily yearns to see the world the youth have so eagerly left the Wandering Isle to see. Companionship, exploration, and interaction, even if the events of the world drag him in, willing or not. I'm a sucker for good story, and willing to go into dark / mature writting, but only when appropriate. I do prefer to do a little planning, some OOC contact before walking into it, but random RP is always a welcome thing to me.

Method of Contact: You can nab me by mail, or if you catch me online, currently the old Pandaren spends his time preparing for his journey in Stormwind. Otherwise, if you see me, PM me, and I'll respond. Please forgive if I missed anything, I'm still quite new to the system.

Time: Being honest, I have a hectic schedule. I try to be on during Week days after 7PM CST to 11:30PM CST, and weekends are open. That said, due to life and work, I can be away for a week or so, nothing without prior notice of course.
Charaecter Name: Vokem Ara'Shi

Type of RolePlay:I'm really looking for a bit of anything and everything from Goldshire shenanigans to things serious in tone. I'm very LBGTQ friendly...not that it needs to have any effect on the RP ^^...Long term Charaecters developing is favourite.

Method of Contact:Add me in game and just send a whisper...Or feel free to discord me at Sokom#7005

Times:It's a bit sporadic due to the amount I work..though I typically have large chunks of time in the evening falling around 12-5 am
Flexible on the weekends...and if you don't mind texting it out a bit in discord can reply several time throughout the day.

Look forward to hearing from you soon ^^
1. Character name: Pingbrewstep

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: new to role play, love random walk ups, events, and bar hangouts. just need someone to show me the ropes. maybe let me shadow them for awhile.

3. Method of contact: Message me in game/ iravis#11989

4. Time: in game after 6 (server)
1. Character Name: Kyarianis
2. Type of RP: Kaldorei primarily, ultimately looking for a Kaldorei guild to welcome her in. I haven't RPed this toon very heavily, but I've had her story rock solid for years. Really hoping to start developing her story and her personality more and more through RP.
3. Method of contact: In-game mail or whisper are preferred. Can be messaged on Kyarianis, Therinne, Daraniadra, or Fylania
4. Time: Typically after 3:00pm server

Thank you! Hoping to get some responses. :)
May as well throw my hat in.

Name: Nomminus Nerovolos

Type of RP: I'm game for a casual story or an epic adventure. Even willing to make an entirely new character just for the occasion. THat being said, I'm game for pretty much anything and everything. All you need do is ask.

Availability: While my work schedule is a bit random, I'm usually almost always on late at night, but if not I can let you know.
Character name: Lilimielle Starweaver

Type of Role playing your looking for: Any type is welcome, day to day, adventure, something that can expand her horizons as a character.

Method of contact: Tells, in game mail.

Time: Usually on in the afternoon central time.
1. Character name:
Davvir Gerode

2. Type of Role playing I am looking for:
I am looking for a long term/semi long partner to really flesh out our characters with. Both genders welcome, a female would probably work better, but I am welcome to a good male partner as well. If you have a account you can find me on there as well under the same name for more info.

3. Method of contact:
IG, Mail, whisper, walkup: Davirr or Sixfourzero
Discord: Gnarkill#7255

4. Time: I am usually on almost everynight around 11pm ST and 8:30pm ST on wed-thurs. You can also catch me in the dead of night on weekends most of the time.
Name: Crigor Sherwood

Type: Any kind, preference to para. Most themes are okay. Looking to flesh out his personality beyond his backstory. He tends to be kind of grumpy, though, with being in constant pain.

Means of Contact: I'm rarely logged in to Crigor, unless I am pushing out some levels. Best means would be IG mail, or on Discord (Brat Prince#8812)

Time: Around for most of the time during the day, and have Discord up all the time. I use EST, and anywhere from 10 AM to midnight is good for me

I'm new to RP on Moonguard, but I have plenty of experience with a realm full of characters on WRA.
Character Name: Begonia Primera

Type of Role playing you're looking for: Random and walk-up RP is always welcome but I'm also currently looking for someone/a guild to flesh out the character, something long-term.
Begonia is kind of lost in the world and is completely obssesed with artifacts and history, she is willing to travel anywhere or visit any seedy dealer that'll provide her with strange artifacts. Lordaeranian currently living in Stormwind.

Method of Contact: IG whisper or mail. Also my Discord is Garma#2050

Time: I'm on Discord almost all the time and I'm usually in-game after 7pm ST
Character Name: Hannelere Pierce

Type of Role playing you're looking for: Paragraph style is my preferred. My in-game time tends to be spend doing mythics/raiding/farming, so I prefer having my rp occur in party or tells or discord.

Method of Contact: If I'm in-game a whisper or mail to Hannelere works just fine, or in discord: Hannelere#7824.

Time: Discord pretty much anytime I'm away from ~9am CST - ~1am CST. In game, after 8pm CST til whenever I get bored, lol.
1. Character name(s): Hordeside I have Tyleril, my blood elven priest and Alliance side I have WindsØund, my Nelf druid.

2. Type of role playing you're looking for: Walk ups are great or I can walk up! If you have an idea for RP you can contact me.

3. Method of contact: In-game mail or you can wisp me!

4. Time: Late afternoons, evenings, and late nights only on weekends.
1. Dr. Audreena Dawnheart

2. Any RP, New to horde side. Also looking to get a solid long term storyline going.

3. In-game tell, mail, or walkup.

4. Weekdays after 6 ST and most weekends.

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