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Character Name: Aercey Swiftcalle, Aleanna Drayson

Type of RP: Any kind of RP can be interesting, but talking to Aercey will usually involve a fair amount of ridicule and/or banter. It kind of depends on how well one keeps up with her contentious attitude. Aercey is also prone to incredibly racist remarks, so easily offended characters should be forewarned. My other character, Aleanna, talks with a VERY THICK ACCENT. I generally don't translate for people as if you can't read it, your character should simply not understand it. As a player I don't get offended if you can't understand her- it is very thick on purpose. Aleanna may get annoyed, but I will not.

Method of Contact: I prefer to just talk. Tells might be fine if the location is really busy and the BRIGHT PURPLE text is better for keeping track of the thread of one conversation, but in general I prefer for RP to be noticed so that others might pipe up. OOC messaging is fine to see if I'm busy or paying attention, but I tend to ignore random tells from people who I can't spot or have to really look around for.

Time: Generally late afternoon, evening EST... so.. after 4PM EST pretty much on most days, provided I'm not working.

Additional: If you'd like to set something up, my IM is LanseDM. If you choose to contact me this way, make sure you mention, in the initial message, that you are a WoW player. Messages like 'Hi' 'Hey there' 'Hello' will be regarded as spam and ignored and blocked as a general rule.

Character Name Galvran Hyland

Type of Role Play: I love RP inside and outside cities, everything is welcome. However, I'd like to find some people out there that want to develop their characters, although I do love random RP, I'd like to find somebody that wants to "befriend" my character and build a stoyline together. An IC partner for questing would also be very, very awesome.

Method of Contact: Anything is fine, mail me OOCly if you want (or if you have a good reason, you can do it ICLy as well). You can also whisper me OOCLy or approach me if you see me walking around, but have in mind my character probably doesn't know you. But please refrain yourselves from IC whispers that tell me that "they're speaking from within my mind...You must come meet me" or anything of the sort.

I'm willing to help with most types of storylines even if I don't have a central part in it and help other people have a nice time Role Playing!
1. Dantelan Dunlap

2. Serious RP
Student looking for Mentor. Both IC as well as OOC
I am new to WoW, and well I think this student to mentor rp could be both good for me IC as well as OOC. Anyone up for it? I enjoy any real RP really. From Tavern RP to expedition (going on an adventure) rp. Im really up for anything. :)

3. In game tells and mail are fine, obviously just "/w Dantelan". To reach me by email its

4. I live on the East coast of the USA, any time is fine is really.
Character Name: Mostols Firbann (Gilnean Refugee)

Type of Roleplay: Naturally, any roleplay is welcomed, but specifically I would be absolutely giddy to find some sort of old acquaintance of Mostol's, whether it be a crazy relative that hasn't been heard of in years or even a close friend. Worgen/Gilnean players are free to recognize Mostols since her father was a courier that rode the countryside delivering missives and packages up to the door (specifically, the black horse she rides is her father's - it may be easier to recognize the horse than the girl!).

Also, the person wishing to RP with Mostols needs to be understanding that she will be very shy and introvert at first. I take this from personal experience when I moved overseas; being a foreigner is no fun and we're generally not going to be all perky over the matter. We get homesick, we're shy, and it takes a bit of time to get adjusted to the "newness" of everything; not to mention the culture clash! Other than that, she's a sweet and friendly girl.

Method of Contact: Anywhere from OOC mail and whispers to IC walk-ups is welcomed. Mostols is currently Ol' Emma's attendant and they both share residence. The player does not actually take full IC control of the NPC, Ol' Emma (the old woman obessesed with water), just shares the building with her. Considering the building itself lacks any furniture that indicates it's an actual residence, such as beds (there are only chairs and a table), I decided to play the place as though it were a lounge of sorts. An open house of temporary rest - not to be confused with an actual inn; those have beds. Random RP is welcomed, even if it just a five minute break while you wait for your BG/Dungeon queues!

Time: I currently live in Spain (and this is my home country, living in the States was me being a foreigner!) so my schedule is very iffy. Contact me when you can and I'll see what can be set up. I'm generally on a flexible schedule.

1. Character name: Tekina Quickcoin--Environmental Engineering Intern

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Travel/Adventure/IC questing. Tekina does a lot of field work so its plausible for her to be almost anywhere. Profession related (she cooks and brews potions on the side but I'm sure she'd be interested in what your character has to sell or inventions), tavern, letter correspondence, everyday conversation, fishing to make leveling it less painful. Really, almost about anything except ERP.

3. Method of contact: You can approach her or send an IC or OOC ingame mail. OOC whispers are fine if you want to find out where I am or plan something out.

4. Time: My schedule is very flexible but if I had to pick--you can catch me during the afternoon or evenings.
Character Name: Garrett Lee Turner

Type of Role Play: Any and all. Adventure, IC questing, friendship. Just want to expand my character and have a few friends to form some long term IC stories.

Method of Contact: OOC Whispers, OOC Mail, IC just coming up and talking to him ((A side note, the à in his name is alt 133))

Time: Most any time during the week, Not on very often during weekends.
Character Name: Khylus Bloodmoon

Type of Role Play: Almost anything, but Khylus tends to be darker in his RPs. If you're looking for someone to delve into dark-themed RPs or something a bit off the wall, hit me up.

Method of Contact: Whispers, Mail. I prefer to know what's happening before it happens so random ICness, while fine, isn't ideal.

Time: Nights and all day Fridays
Character name: Kringle

Type of role playing you're looking for: I would love to be informed of any group RP events being held buy other Alliance guilds or individuals. I'm particularly interested in holiday events, and parties, however any RP events would be great! I have my own guild, which focuses in individuals who don't have a lot of experience role-playing in an online environment such as WoW. So, I'm mainly looking for any events that I could keep my members informed about. I'm interested in any type of RP that remains within the actual realm of WoW (No lotr, Twilight, Harry Potter, or ERP please!).

Method of contact: In game mail or "/w kringle"

Time: Any time!
Hello All! Roleplayer looking for a home!

Character Name : Darkuron

Type of Role Play : anything that promotes exploring, experiencing and becoming part of the story of WoW. (adding to it is fine too!) Is it possible to RP through a dungeon or raid? I'd like to try! I'll pass on the ERP thanks!

Method of Contact : In game email, whisper or street approach is fine.

Time : I'm a casual player, play times intermittent and short on some weekdays (nights usually) with longer blocks on the weekend.



Character Name: Taulla Celeste Aranas (in game Taulla)

Type of Role Play: Looking for medium to heavy RP. I'm a newcomer to RPing, so I'm looking for a moderately sized group or guild to help me get started =) I'm interesting in finding a group of RPers with a set storyline and character progression that I could develop my character around.

Contact me: in game by mail or tells =)

Time: Casual player, but with a lot of time on my hands =) mostly on in the evenings and weekends (central standard time)
1. Character name: Eryl

2. RP opportunities
a) Current Project: 'The Chook Raffle'. If Eryl is in civvies in an inn and emotes carrying a wicker basket containing an Ancona Chicken , he will try to sell you a raffle ticket for 5 silver!

b) Short term and one-offs: Eryl is available for delivering messages, running errands, sourcing items (as appropriate for his background/lev). Will not knowingly do anything illegal, but he is not v bright and you can try to trick him into such. He will alert the authorities if he realises however.

c) Long term: Eryl is seeking a position as a squire or batman to a senior paladin. Gender unimportant but must be human and unswervingly committed to the Light. OOC-wise LF mature sensible RPer, prefer not heavy military. Expect such a proposal in context, only after multiple contacts.

3. Method of contact: May use the Chook Raffle as a jumping off point for job offers/proposals either in person after buying a ticket or having seen him selling tickets, sending in-game mail to Eryl, c/- Gilded Rose Inn, SW. OOC, np for arrangments.

4. Time: Best contact times Oceanic arvo to late evening ie. MG server time approx 03:00-11:00
1. Character name(s): Myliah

2. Type of role playing you're looking for: Anything. New to WoW RPing, but not new to RPing in general.

3. Method of contact: whisper, mail, etc.

4. Time: Late night/early morning
1. Character name: Jaeak

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Random, looking mainly for a quest buddy to develop with. Jaeak's background dates before the attack on Shattrath, and I'd love to develop her character more, create IC relationships and bonds.

3. Method of contact: Mail, whisper or walk up. Either is fine.

4. Time: Random.
1. Character name: Manelin Theinar

2. Type of Role playing your looking for:

RP Questing Partner

See thread:
1. Character: Floriandra Azriel (I am also always willing to create a new toon :P)

2. Type of role playing you are looking for: I'm always up for random RP if you see me around (whether I am questing or sitting around in a tavern), but I would really like some more permanent roleplay partners (family, friends, etc.). I really enjoy roleplay... it's the reason I am on a roleplay server, so I want someone that can roleplay more than once every couple weeks.

3. Method of contact: Mail, whispers, or IC contact is great. I don't log into Floriandra as much lately just because she has no RP, so you may be better off initially catching me through mail (I check that almost everyday). I wouldn't mind taking it into emails either if you would like to RP outside of the game (I get bored at work a lot during the day and would love to carry a roleplay story with someone through emails/chat).

4. Time:Saturdays and Sundays I spend quite a bit of time on all day and night. Monday - Friday, mostly in the evenings (after about 6pm Eastern Time and will stay on until about midnight Eastern Time).
1. Character's Name: Alfred Thoroughgood Baligant.

2. Type of Role-Playing You're Looking For: Right now, I'm in search of two types of role-play: the first being of the random, noncommittal variety; and the second encompassing a more serious type, where someone would commit to playing a distinctly pre-developed character (and, obviously, there would be room for creativity coming from the other player) that would fill a role inside Baligant's backstory.

3. Method of Contact: For the random, noncommittal kind, I do not care much how you contact me — or whether it'd be via in-character or out-of-character means — just so long as you're ready to have some seriously fun and exciting role-play! For the second variety, though, in which you'd be playing a character envisioned in Baligant's backstory, I'd prefer to be contacted out-of-character about fulfilling a role. You can contact me by in-game mail, but I prefer through whispers, if that's at all possible.

4. Time: I'm usually on during the day (after all, I don't have anything to do for four weeks straight) and can be contacted on Baligant. Though, If I'm not on when you attempt to contact me, please, send an in-game mail explaining the situation, with your concerns or anything.

For an idea of what sort of role you might be playing in Baligant's story, take a look at my post on the, "Introduce Your Character," thread. It's post number 131 on the 7th page.
1. Character's Name: Zannar

2. Type of Role-Playing You're Looking For: RP-PVP Event or Dwarven/Wildhammer RP

3. Method of Contact: In-game mail is ok. OOC connection ok too

4. Time: Late night/early morning. Im an Aussie so oceanic peak time!
1. Character name: Thorodian, Son of Thordaran

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I am interested in doing any type of RP, and I do have a background story and personality. My character is a reserved, slightly bigoted sophisticate, who was brought up in the Eastvale logging camp.
I host my own RP Psychology sessions, in which I talk 1 on 1 to characters about their issues in Azeroth, an we attempt to find a solution to them together. So far this has been great fun, I have chased an egomaniac gnome over stormwind who ran out of my "office" after I started evaluating him, and taken a walk to the SW orphanage with a serial killer to attempt to regress him to childhood. Their are of course people who present much more trivial problems, such as the the dwarf warrior who was rejected by his family because of his inability to make desicions, or the druid of the claw who was attacked by her fellow worgen.

I am looking for any other RP that will not take place in a long story, but will be more casual and easygoing.
3. Method of contact: Are you looking for contact in game via tells or mail? Should these tells be spontaneous in character or do you first want to work out an OOC agreement? Perhaps you even have an email address to be contacted at?
I would prefer being mailed or psted IC if you want to do a psychology session or any other kind of RP
4. Time: I do my psychology sessions around 5-10 on weekdays, and in the afternoon on the weekends. Typically I can be found, when RPing, in either the blue recluse or pigs and whistles.
1. Several; A (Arahadord), Leriqite, Zerehedord, Atlus, Lucriron and Gargantuon.

2. Progressive storyline. Exactly what that means depends on which character you wish to RP with. A, Leriqite, Zerehedord and Lucriron are my fighters. Amongst them, they are assassins, mercenaries and soldiers. What ever you want to call them. They would each be willing to take on any assignment long as they're paid well and its worth their time, of course. Atlus is my wise old far seer. He is the sort of guy that anyone could go to for advise and so would be more suitable as a supporting character in a storyline. Gargantuon is my doctor. Plain and simple. If someone is injured, go to this guy. He'll fix them right up.

3. In game mail, either IC or OOC.

4. Days vary. But when I am on, it is usually between 8pm and 1am sever time.

I thought I should add that I dual-box and if wanted, I can RP as two characters at one time as long as the two characters are not two 'master' toons or two 'slave' toons.

Masters: A, Zerehedord, Lucriron.
Slaves: Leriqite, Atlus, Gargantuon.

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