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1. Character name: Rokag Wartorn

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I greatly enjoy all forms of roleplay, though it has recently come to my attention that I really rather enjoy storytelling. Both in-game and using my characters as mediums to develop that story. Regardless. Hit me up! I'll spin you the grandest tale you ever did hear.

3. Method of contact: Tells (OOC), In-game mail (IC) or just walk up and talk to me ;)

4. Time: Afternoon/evening/early morning, not constantly but those are my frequent times.
1. Character name: Mabini, priestess of Lukou

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Mostly looking for people to roleplay with in general.

3. Method of contact: Tells are the best way to contact me, and I prefer my whispers to be out of character.

4. Time: I can normally be found on in the afternoon/evening hours.

Character Name: Ginna Dane

Type of Role Play: Any! Storylines either in game or via threads, IC questing, friendship, back story enhancers, IC pen pals, lost relatives/best friend/neighbor (I am a displaced Gilnean after all and Gilneas was only *so* big!). I totally want to expand my character and meet a few friends to form some long term IC stories. This character is new to the server, so I know no one and would love to meet folks to kick around with.

Method of Contact: OOC Whispers - please, unless you are right next to me whispers really need to be OOC, OOC/IC Mail, IC direct contact.

Time: Off and on during the day, evenings 5pm-9pm est typically during the week. Longer on weekends. Would be awesome to find other daytime players to hang out and RP and chat with.
Character Name:Hazelin

Type of Role Play: Hazelin Bernix is what you would called a expeditionary. She traveled in a small varied group of explorers in Northrend learning all sorts of survival skills. She loves to explore, craft, map, and most of all lay back and throw a line in. She is always looking for a person to sit around and share stories with on her fishing trips or a helping hand while exploring a secret cave deep underground. So if you want to have a fun and laid back or exciting adventure RP contact Hazelin.

Method of Contact: OOC Whispers to set something up. Maybe also a IC Mail if feeling creative. Whichever is fine.

Time:Usually on around in the evening and I am a night owl so I am usually up late.

1. Character name:

2. Type of Role playing your looking for:
Anything really! Hoz is definitely an interesting character that I want to flesh out, but I always like to roleplay with others.

3. Method of contact:
You can whisper me, do something IC, whatever you would like. :3 Not too picky.

4. Time:
Typically, early mornings (between 7:00-10:00) and evenings (8:00-12:00), sometimes not always on during those hours and they definitely can change. College students need sleep.
1. Carothan

2. While random RP in a tavern is fun, I am also looking to go on plenty of adventures all across Azeroth. I would like to take part in a storyline, if possible. Any random RP, however, is always fun.

3. Method of contact: IC walk up, tells (let me know you found me on here), or mail.

4. Time: Generally in the late afternoons to late evenings (sometimes all-nighters)

Character name: Khrro Vendaron

Type of Role playing your looking for: I'm looking for any RP at the moment and I'll usually RP whenever I'm not dungeoning or PvP'ing. I'm usually up for anything as long as the people I'm RP'ing with are competent.

Method of contact: You can send me a mail or a tell and if you see me on the street feel free to walk up and say hello. Mail is usually OOC, but it can be either. Tells are usually IC unless they are contained in parenthesis or brackets.

Time: Weekdays from 2:00pm - 5:00pm EST and Weekends from 10:00am EST to however long I'm free usually.
Character name: Kembri Morgan

Type of roleplay: Doesn't matter. I love RP in general. Anything from serious to stuff on the funny side. I'd also like to branch out beyond Stormwind more.

Method of contact: In game mail, whisper, IC walk up. Whatever.

Time: Whenever I happen to be on.
Character name: Simonia Belamore

Type of roleplay: RP in general. I just enjoy it but I would like a little lest tavern RP.

Method of contact: In game mail, whisper, IC walk up. Whatever.

Time: Whenever I happen to be on.
Character Name: Vaneril Mindelain

Type of Roleplay: I'm up for almost everything, but I don't ERP. Not that you'd want to, with a Death Knight. He usually doesn't talk, so don't be discouraged if he just tilts his head and /eye's you, just let him get comfortable with speaking to you.

Method of Contact: I would prefer an OOC whisper, OOC mail, or just randomly walk up.

Time: Whenever I happen to be on, which is a lot of the time.
Character Name: Melordre Silvereye

Type of Roleplay: General or random RP is nice. I'm open for literally almost anything, questing, adventuring, tavern, idle chit chat. Sometimes I am either busy or simply not inerested, but I won't just ignore you if you decided to contact me.

Method of Contact: In-Game mail is suggested if you are unable to either whisper me or if we decided to exchange details for any RP setup. I do RP in whispers, but I often prefer face to face contact between characters.

Time: Mostly in the early afternoon to evening. To go by realm time, I would venture to say 1:00-3:00 PM at the earliest and 12:00PM at the very latest during the week. Weekends are more lenient, but during the week and weekend my schedule is subject to change as Real-Life rears its ugly head and I have more important things to handle.
Char name: Evattès (alt code is alt-0232)
Type of rp wanted: in-game mail, and walk up
Time available: when ever IM on
Name: Darathin Orceater
Type: General
Method of Contact: OOC Whispers, Walk-up, Mail (Can usually be found in the vicinity of the Mining Trainer in Stormwind's Dwarven District)
Time: 5-11PM Server
Notes: Usually in the process of planning or executing a plotline. Will sometimes hire mercs for odd jobs (no OOC currency exchange).
This is a lovely idea!

1. Character name: Anastasia

2. Type of Role playing you're looking for: Anything! I used to be a non-stop RPer and then gave it up for about a year. Now I'm back and new to horde, so I'd love to have Anastasia meet some people.

3. Method of contact: Walk-up RP is welcome, though I don't tend to spend much of my time sitting in cities - too busy working on Loremaster in my spare time! OOC tells to set something up are probably your best bet. In-game mail, OOC or IC, is also welcome.

I also really enjoy rping over IM or email, as sometimes my schedule doesn't permit me much time to be in-game. So that's always a possibility!

4. Time: I am on CST, server time. I tend to be online most weekday evenings from 9 to 12 or so. Weekends are iffy and random.
1: Character Name: Gavriil

2: Type of Role playing I am looking for: I am a beginner role-player so maybe something on the lighter side to start. The character is Neutral Good so RP based on a evil type probably wouldn't be for the best.

3: Method of Contact: Whenever I am on you could send me a tell or a mail whenever. I would prefer OCC to start.

4: I am on pretty often but I don't really have a set time that I play.

Look forward to meeting everyone in the RP community out there :) Take care.
Characters: At the moment I have two toons on this server, Gaelifreya the proud and energetic draenei engineer and protadin, and Gwenwyvar the shy little worgen rogue. I'll probably make more in the future, so if you were ever looking for that little brother or sister to one of your chars, we totally could work something out *snickers*

Type of Role playing: I'm literally looking for anything, from serious plotlines, to possible romance, to just making friends. I love to RP, have been doing it for a long time now, and generally just really get into it. I put a lot of thought into my characters, and really enjoy seeing them interact with others. Also, if you just see me wondering around on any of my characters, please feel free to initiate RP anytime!

Method of contact: I play a lot of diff toons between this server and another one, so you can contact me in game through whispers when I'm on, but the easiest way to catch me would be to add me on AIM (technacabbit) or email me at (omgosh you all know my real name now *screeches and runs away* haha. yeah, I don't really care that much about that XD) Just be sure to leave your info of who you are, where you're from, and what you may be interested in doing.
Zonthor "Shifting Blade" Nightshade

Type of RP desired
Any kind of RP, I really don't care what it is =P any RP is fun RP for me.

Method of conatact
In-game, meeting in person, IC mail, and if you can't find me, then an OOC tell will work to.

Usually from 12:00PM server time to 12:00AM server time. Not always that long, but not always short, so inbetween there is my usual playing time.

Ahril Gray


Basicly Ahril just left home and wants to learn how to fight for good. I'm looking for a paldin of any level to squire for and possibly teach me.


Ahril has put out thru the g#*!%vine what he's looking for, so you can contact thru in game mail.


Im usually on in the afternoon or at night.
Character Name: Aleu Reddire

Types of role play: Really, I'm just looking for all kinds of role play. World RP, in the city, RP dungeons, RPPVP (:D), short term, long term, whatever. I don't really mind if you're inexperienced-- infact, it'd be better, as I'm pretty new to roleplay myself.

Method of Contact: IC, OOC, whispers, in-game mail, etc. My RealID is if you want to just contact through that to set up something, incase I'm on one of my other characters.

Time: I raid Saturday (6pm-11pm EST) and Sunday (6pm-10pm EST) every week. I'm usually on Aleu from 7:30-11 EST Monday-Friday, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Really, my time just bounces around, alot. xD. My time bounces around alot, but I'm on WoW for well over 60 hours a week across all my characters. If you're comfortable with it, RealID would seriously be preferred. ._.

hawt erp

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