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1. Character name: Skine
2. Type of Role playing you're looking for: I'm open to pretty much everything. An adventure partner would be interesting though too. :) (I'm a healer, you can't pass this up guys)
3. Method of contact: Anything, I learned recently though that RP is usually dynamic and fun when people just come up and talk to me IC, so yeah, mail me/whisper/or approach me :P .
4. Time: I'm pretty much good whenever but my schedule fluxates a lot. I'll keep you up to date when things come up.


1. Nyonna Forestrunner

2. Anything - especially Kaldorei based RP

3. Any form and we can go from there. Tells are OOC unless you are near (usually).

4. Evenings after 6:30 ST until around 10:00 or 11:00. Weekends? I'm always around

(Nyonna and I are still getting to know each other. I'm new to the server, but not to WoW RP. I've been at this for 5 1/2 years now. )
1. They call me Asyris

2. Im looking to start a crime syndicate. We have a lot of "cops" and "guards" but few robbers. Im down for random roleplay with walk ups or to start an actual guild.

3. In-game tell, mail, or walkup.

4. Randomly on weekdays but sunday probably all day.
1. Niailiia Moonshine

2. People for a story line

3. in-game mail, walk up

4. 7am to 11:30pm <ul/>

I do enjoy all kinds of rp's but I love evil villian ones where there is a plot to it :P I will rp with anyone that isn't perverted and will enjoy playing :3 leave me a note or whisper me. I don't mind anything

Found in Gilneas most to all of the time
1. Markus Winton (the accented "a" is Alt + NUM 160. Don't contact me if you don't know what that means)

2. My storyline is always developing and is geared to suit random, one-time or short-term encounters as well as long plot lines. ICly engaged in a committed relationship, but this does not necessarily rule out romance plots if you are looking for homewrecker drama.

3. Best reached while online via in-game tells but I'll respond to mail, forum replies, or walk ups.

4. I'm currently unemployed (sigh), and so my schedule is completely random. My presence online is a fair bet during USA daylight hours.

Note for any horde folks, I love cross-faction RP. Google talk, email, or are the methods available to me, and I will use whatever you prefer/are most comfortable with.

1. Character name: Thullena Coaltress

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Any. Dwarven RP would be golden, however.

3. Method of contact: Whisper me OOC, send me an IC letter, or approach me in game IC.

4. Time: EST. Afternoon till night.
1. Levieon Brightlance

2. Heavy storyline, preferably with an open mind. I am a fan of creativity from other players. Not a fan of sit and tea time style RP's, I want something to happen. Villains, evils, and foes to vanquish. Maidens to save. Drama and romance to be had, And trolls to have social/racial issues with. A full life to be had! But I understand the need for tea time walk ups to establish a connection, as well as a sense for other players.

3. In-game mail, walk up, or whisper

4. Typically I am on this guy, unless on an alt of sorts. If you leave me a note, I'll get back to you as quickly as possible. I prefer to RP in the evenings, after my day of questing and random stuff (PVP/PVE). If you wish to join me for those, as well, cool- I get caught up however, so I may not RP as well as one could under questing conditions.
1. Björn Blackmane

2. Good ol RP, nature RP is great...RP in general is yay :D. Dont forget my tattoo and piercing rp shop in Darnassus <3.

3. Catch me in Darnassus and/or Kalimdor...those are where I RP. Tells, In-game Mail etc etc

4. Im normally on around afternoons/nights.
1. Notasha (no last name for this character)

2. Looking for RPers that don't mind being creative with lore and occasionally bending it without breaking it to pieces, would love a lasting story line, and I'm open to most kinds of characters. If Notasha's personality doesn't quite fit, I've got other developed characters as well. I'm hesitant toward romantic RP, as I do have strict boundaries that have caused a few in the past to lose interest.

3. In game mail, whispers, and walk ups are fine with me. What ever you're more comfortable with is fine, though you'll probably have more luck just shooting me a mail when trying to find me.

4. I'm usually on early evening to late evening, though I've been leveling an alt lately, so you may not see me on Notasha too frequently until I hit 85.
1. I play several characters. You can find me under Ahnicka, Britinie, and Chestere.

2. I am looking for all kinds of rp. My characters all have a background story and their own personality and several of them are interlinked. Random, walk up, long term, short term. They are all fun. I am mainly under Britinie at this point, she is a human hunter hailing from Gilneas and is in need of friend, so long term would be better for her.

3. In game mail, whispers, both of which should be ooc. Or if you see me in one of the cities feel free to walk up rp.

4. I am on throughout the day every day. My times vary.
Recent transfer here! I figured this as good a place to introduce myself as any.

1. Character name: Teveriel Amberdawn

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I enjoy all kinds of RP, especially when it's obvious that some thought went into the character's personality.

3. Method of contact: Sending a whisper is fine, as is in-game mail if the situation warrants it.

4. Time: Mostly mid-evening EST; I can be found more often on Thursdays and sometimes Fridays as those are my days off.
just xfered here

1. Name: khlorós darkwatcher

2. type of RP: any think im new to the whole rp and looking to have some fun, chatting with people epic custom quests using totalRP, low level instances/questing if you can make them fun.

3. in-game wispers, in-game mail, or walk up

4. time: later at night 9 server time
1. Character name: Sheelìn Flamewrought. It's written Shee'lin in RP (and not pronounced like the feminine pronoun -_-).

2. Type of Roleplaying your looking for: Anything involving and especially things that have more to it than just sitting around in a bar talking. I love plotlines, I love dramatic revelations and evil people and all kinds of things like that. I also love character development, romance, rivalries, and everything in between, so I go for a wide scale of things. I'm totally open to either starting with simple walk-up RP, or plotting something out OOCly before plunging into it.
Also, if you do things like dailies or PvP, that's a huge plus!

3. Method of contact: In-game mail is fine, whispers are fine, just walking up to me is fine too. Just make sure you're clear on whether it's IC or OOC (use brackets or something if you whisper me OOCly), so I know how to respond!

4. Time: I'm usually on late evening and into the night, server time. Especially looking for other night owls to RP with.
1. Character name: Velizia (last name is unknown to her)

2. Type of Role playing you're looking for: Dark, in a nutshell. A more detailed assessment would be a storyline revolving around the underbelly of society, corruption, sinister motives, power plays, etc with myself walking in as an innocent possibly being led astray or fighting against such forces. Where it goes from there is up to us and any others. I do not want to do light hearted, silly rp nor do I wish to roleplay with those who do. Come see me in game for much more info in my MRP profile.

3. Method of contact: Any is fine, though IC contact only is highly preferred. Meaning, approach randomly in character, send me ominous letters, etc. I really appreciate not being approached OOC, but I won't black list you for it either, lol.

4. Time: My time frame I can rp is limited, unfortunately. It is also hard for me to predict which days I'll be logging on.
Character Name: Iszela Whitedawn; I can be found on Horde side with Iszela or Draza and on Ally side on Eosera.

Type of RP Sought: Action, Adventure, Romance, Rivalries, ever twisting plots and long term roleplays. Dark, Light, Neutral.. I am open to it all and seek to engage with others who are interested in character development (theirs and mine as the stories unfold).

Method of contact: IG mails, whispers or walk right up to me and start ICly that way. If you whisper, please use brackets so I can tell it is an OOC communication.

Time: It varies a lot, typically I am on in the afternoons EST.

1. Devenand

2. Any story, adventure, or walk-up RP is welcome. I prefer having some kind of goal, whether it be short quest or a larger story arc. I am a long time table top RPer, and can usually come up with some kind of plot device on the spot. I am very interested in any kind of cross faction RP (as long as it's not purely fighting or erper derper) I'm up for almost any kind of story, though Dev is neutral-good and won't be doing anything despicable. I love rescues, character development, hard decisions, and emotional struggle.

3. In game tells or mails are fine. For cross faction RP I'm willing to use Real ID or any 3rd party method of communication that doesn't require a fee. I can be found often on Devenand, Rowell, or Andryan.

4. I have a very flexible schedule.
1. Character name: Laelee

2. I am new to role playing but was hoping to find someone to RP with or a group of people who might help me to learn. I am intrest in adventuring and exsploring.

3. Method of contact: You can in game whisper me or simpley walk up and say hi. in game e-mail is ok as well !

4. Time: I am on at randoms times alot during the day monday -friday and some nights.

1: Zarenni (Hunter)

2: Looking for Friends to Roleplay with. New to Roleplaying on WoW Longtime Text Roleplayer. Horde Side please. I would like to get to know a Few Troll males. I REALLY Like Trolls. I'm Looking to Develop my Character and make friends, Any kind of Roleplay is okay, ad long as you let me know through a whisper what is going on ^^.

3: You can Whisper me Or send me a Letter. Usually OOC is Whispers for me

4: I play all the time. But I play on "The Scryers" and Here now.

1. Character name: Tirai Nightbourne (Belf) or Plinskie (Gnome)

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Anything, except Romantic/ERP. Tirai/Plinksie need friends, and people to spend time with. Platonic. I adore STORY. I do not enjoy you trying to beat me up, or show you're cooler than my characters, we're all just role players. Long term preferred, group outings? Yes, please.

3. Method of contact: In-Game Mail, or Whispers. Seriously, anything. Walk up and poke them, it'll be funny. I'm desperate for solid role playing.

4. Time: I'm usually on after 8pm EST until 12am - 1am, or most the day on Sundays and Wednesdays. Huge Vacation coming up where I will be available for days on end. OCT 18th - 26th 2011

5. Tirai has no guild, but seeking something Heavy RP. PST me.

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