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1. Name: Valkyris Veilvas (Alts I am usually on are Axarca and Teal, No special letters in ANY of my names. )
2. Type of Role playing you are looking for:Anything! Please, don't be shy, I won't bite.
3. Method of Contact:OOC whispers, in game mail, when I'm walking around Stormwind.
4.Time: Any time I'm on RPing or on an alt RPing! :D I usually am in Cathedral Square or Blue Reclusive.
1. Name: Seryi
2. Type of Role-Playing you are looking for: Anything, really. I'm usually always up for any sort of RP.
3. Method of Contact: Tells, mail, IC, OOC, when I'm questing or when I'm just walking about. No preference.
4. Time: Any time I'm online. I'm usually on during weekdays and weekends alike, usually during the evenings. Feel free to hit me up or say "Hello" if you spot me, whichever.
1. Character name: Romulath Foering ((Todeskoph due to server change mistake XD))
2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Anything! I'm dying for some good rp...
3. Method of contact: Whispers, mail, just walking around. Anyway you want to get in touch.
4. Time: I'm on later at night, roughly after five or sixish eastern during the week. Sometimes I'm on during the day as well my time kinda fluctuates.
1. Character name: Avalissa Sol'zoun
2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I'm looking for someone to play Ava's older sibling. Usually I leave the character's family dead or missing but I think it'd be fun to actually play it out for once. They would be related through their mother. Ava is a half elf, but her mother had slept with other people before Ava's father, so the older sibling could be a half elf or a full elf, up to you! Most of your past can be up to you as well, considering the mother would have left your character at an early age.
3. Method of contact: In-game mail, whispers.
4. Time: Afternoons during the week and sporadically on the weekends, mostly the whole day.
1. Character Name: Heragosa
2. Type of Roleplay: Im new to RP so anything is fine as i am getting the hang of things.
3. Method of Contact: In-game mail, whispers, walk up.
4.Times: whenever you see me on, as my main is on another server, i try to be on MG as much as i can, can add to realid if needed.
5. Please no guild invites as I am in my own little guild <Of the Skies> for characters background.
Name: Teleniraz

Type of RP: Any right now. Looking to make some relationships whether it friendly, brotherly, or even a romantic one.

Method of contact: PST me if you're interested, or walk up to me. Dont care really.

Time: Whenever Im on. Main is on another realm, but will be on this one soon. Hell all my toons will be eventually. Just look for me, my hours vary.

Guildless! Like the whole military idea or merc guilds since I am a warior!
Name: Peinei Bloodvalor

Class and age: Priestess-18 (in human years of maturity)

Basic personality: Peienei is a spoiled only child of a noble couple. She is just learning how exciting being on her own can be. She is a bit naive and unworldly, but she is eager to be independent and out of the influence of her parents.

She can be friendly and open or cool and aloof, it depends on how she is approached. She has no idea of romance as her parents kept her isolated and protected. Being in many battles has made her aware of some things including the preciousness of life itself. The workings of Shadow have left her a bit confused and she needs some guidance on balance.

Contact in game would be easiest in evening hours. Pacific time zone and often up until wee hours of the morning. In game mail to let me know of your interest and a good time to meet is appreciated.
1. Character name: Huon Stonemug
2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Looking to get out into the world and have a few adventures, or just make some friends. I'm pretty much up for anything!
3. Method of contact: In-game mail, whispers., any way you wish.
4. Time: Mostly on weekends, or from 8:00PM to 11:00PM on weekdays.
Character name: Toxwiz Goldenfleex

Type of Role playing your looking for: Random and planned. Storylines are fun, but i'm looking for big events. Also, RP within a dungeon or raid is a lot of fun to me, I like combining pve, pvp and RP into one big basket

Method of contact: Walk up or mail. Try to refrain from /whisper. If you want to set something up, go for mail, otherwise if you see me on the street or out in Azeroth, RP it up!

Time: 6:30-10:30 server time
1. Character name: Shirexia Sunsorrow

2. Type of Roleplay you're looking for: Storylines would be nice, but I've yet to think of anything substantial at the moment; I find it's less organic to plan strict guidelines. I'm not above random one-time encounters, either. We'll see!

3. Method of contact: I have a lot of alts that I'm playing at any given time. The most effective way of getting in contact with me is via RealID: -- please include who you are so I don't automatically delete you.

4. Time: Varies. If you want to roleplay, just poke me and I'll see if I'm not busy.
1. Character name: Anazhilath

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: I am not picky. If there's a specific type of rp you're in the mood for, feel free to tell moi!

3. Method of contact: I am fine with any method of contact. My RealID is, and is the email I most frequently check. Ingame mail or tells are welcomed, too!

4. Time: Usually, I'm on from 2:30-ish PM to 11:00 PM on week days, and on weekends I can be on basically all day and night. Unless I'm asleep. You're out of luck there.
1. Character names: Aluenna

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: All types except for ERP. Yes, this even includes romance RP, but I don't want to get naked or anything. I don't know why. Something about removing all of my armor in a video game for a roleplay seems... awkward.

I really like events and storylines and am very willing to join in one or create one of my own. The creating-one-of-my-own bit may take a while, though, as I'm not the best person to be in control of that sort of thing.

3. Method of contact: Depending on the type of RP, you can send me mail or walk right up to me. I looooooves me some walk up RP. I don't want to stay in Stormwind all the time, though, so if you're taking me somewhere, whisper me first or something. I'm looking forward to adventures of all kinds.

If I somehow end up on your friends list, and you check it and find that I'm in a dungeon or something, it's probably not the best time to whisper me. Then again you probably know that - not that I'd ever end up on someone's friend list, heh.

4. Time: I'm on quite a lot recently. Usually during the day. I might take a few short week-long breaks though.
1. Roxenne Skimbleshanks (Typically goes by "Smoke")

2. Any roleplay is fine, really. But more specifically, looking for someone to either give her a job (preferably in some business-based line of work, like a secretary or something, or something to do with entertainment), or someone to help her get back on her feet and possibly encourage her to change from a useless drug addict to someone to can at least form a complete sentence.

3. It's easiest to contact me through tells or mail. Either works. I don't mind if you contact me ICly or OOCly first, as long as you contact me. I'm lonely.

4. Usually on from 3-4 PM server time and on until midnight or so on weekdays. On weekends I'll be on a lot more. I'm bored as hell.
1. Character name: >> Lloraine Victoria Morgan, Vaanya Duskfire, Mili, Rukila, Takkali, Yvira McDowell, Mint, Asuvara, and Nesdevia

2. Type of Role playing your looking for:
(Lloraine) Apothecary and fel studies RP,
(Vaanya) Night Elf/Druid RP, especially Cenarion Circle/Expedition work,
(Mili) She likes buddying around and starting bar fights,
(Rukila) a posse for her rioting and vandalism would be nice,
(Takkali) Shaman and voodoo RP, I'd like her to be inducted into the Earthen Ring,
(Yvira) She is a Worgen supremacist who will cut someone's throat just for looking at her wrong. Take from that what you will,
(Mint) She is a misfit orc mage who is eager to learn from more experienced magisters. A disappointed brother or father would be nice, or even one who has come to accept her,
(Asuvara) Looking for Alliance/Draenei Holy Light RP for her and her personal guardian, Lycrimosa,
(Nesdevia) Blood Elf Paladin/Blood Knight RP. She's in-training to be a Blood Knight, so anyone who could guide her would be appreciated.

3. Method of contact: Walk-up RP, in-game whisper or mail

4. Time: I'm online a lot after 3:00pm EST on Monday-Thursday, and practically any given time of the day on other days, granted some time for college homework, which occasionally might keep me away from the game for a day, in which case you can send me an in-game mail to set up RP for another time.

My 'main' characters are Lloraine on Horde, and Vaanya on Alliance, though lately I've been spending a lot of time playing Takkali and Asuvara. If I'm not on a certain character you'd like to meet, send me an in-game mail to Lloraine or Vaanya so I can add you for RP another time. :)
1. Character name: Golmuk Palefist, of the Frostwolf Clan

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: General RP is fine. Golmuk's looking for people that share a distaste for Garrosh, too. But this isn't the place to recruit, so talk to him about that!

3. Method of contact: Any way you wish to get a hold of me, or Golmuk. Be it mail, a whisper, anything, really!

4. Time: Anytime I'm on!

Edit: Formatting.
1. Character name: Craxil Quickcog

2. Type of Role playing your looking for: Pretty much any, unless it gets Crax killed.

3. Method of contact: Send him some mail, whisper, come up IC and give him a formal greeting, anything is welcome!

4. Time: At the moment, I only have internet on the weekends, due to the internet people hating me. But Friday-Sunday, I'm generally on all the time, come enjoy the quirky ways of Craxil Quickcog!
1. Character name: Teevell, or just Tee for short.

2. Type of Role Playing you're looking for: General RP, friendly banter. Tee is an apothecary and enjoys discussing that or magical research and theory in general.

3. Method of contact: In character. I'm one of those rpers that you can strike up a few minutes conversation with between dungeon queues, or on your way to the auction house or while hanging out in a tavern.

4. Time: I'm usually on Sunday-Wednesday, usually afternoons/evenings. Just don't try to talk to me when I'm in a dungeon/bg, otherwise I'll probably get a bunch of people killed (I'm not so good with distractions when I'm button-mashing ^_^).
Character Name: Yomeeka Darkstorm

Type of roleplaying your looking for: Story telling. I've created a post on Moon Guard to explain the back story, and am looking for sign ups. If your interested here is the link

Method of contact: In game mail, whispers (will respond OOC), on my forum posts, etc.

Time: Damn near any. I'm on from about one in the afternoon Cali time till upwards of four int he morning. If you don't catch me, I'm on another character or off working out.

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