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Customer Support
Moved to make people happy.
You want Tech Support, or Hijack's website
Well if it truly is a problem the mods can move it. The guide on the EU forums was in the in-game support section so I figured I would post it in the same area.
Tech Support issues go in Tech Support. Just trying to help.
Moved to make people happy.

Well, it is more about making you happy, Raigen, though we are happy to help when we can those of us who moderate this forum are not trained in technical issues. You'll have more luck getting an answer if you stick to a forum that is about that subject. :)

Please note that though our Technical Support Reps try to help and address as many threads as they can they may not always be able to get to each and every one. If you are unable to get the answer you seek there please try one of the other methods of contact.

  • By Phone: 1-800-592-5499 to speak to a live representative 7AM – 8PM Pacific Time, 7-Days a week.

  • By E-mail: Blizzard's Technical Support team provides a Web Form for you to fill out which collects most of the information necessary to quickly and efficiently provide you with a solution.

Good luck!

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