The Covenant of Wyrmrest Accord

Wyrmrest Accord
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*scrolled to bottom.*

*clicks I agree*

*Clicks next*
This toon's being processed for transfer to WRA as I type this, so...

im trying to think of a reason why someone would NOT sign this, and Im drawing a blank.

I am new here but I know I will have a great experience!

Guild Masters should post this on their guild websites to help promote it.

I'm Grearbek, your friendly neighborhood druid, and I support this!

Signed in blood... Don't worry, it's not mine.
/sign x 10000
Very true.

If we could all adhere to this even half the time, our realm would be a much, much better place. Well done my brother!


If only more people adhered to this!

I thought these things would be common sense. Apparently not, though. Here's to making the RP world a better place, one well spoken character at a time...

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