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The Brotherhood of Iron is a dwarf only, "doin' a bit of everything", casual guild that welcomes all players of all levels and skill level. Whether that skill be PvP, PvE, RP or any/all of the above we do a bit of it all from time to time. We have been on the server since a couple of days after server start-up and recently been flying the guild colors high on the flagpole once again.

We are dedicated to defending all good Earthen under the Council of the Three Hammers banner. Now that the Wildhammers and Dark Irons are joining the fight we have been and are still eagerly welcoming our new shaman and mages and 'locks (oh my!) to our doughty little band. You may RP your toon a bit differently than most but please talk it over with us first and if it makes sense within general lore we probably won't have a problem with it. Just no "half-cat, half-dragon, half-vampire, spawn of Arthas and Sylvanas" dwarfs, please!

So, should you be a great RP'r and wish to strengthen our core RP players or a newcomer to RP wishing to find out what it's all about please think of us for all your dwarf needs. And feel free to substitute "PvP" and/or "PvE" (raids included) for "RP". We look forward to your involvement in a well established guild.

An all dwarf pre-made is definitely an interesting idea that we are all starting to look forward to. Not just instances and raids but just think about a mass of screaming Earthen charging across Tol Barad. Surely "wth?!" would spam the Horde raid channel as they try to find the non-dwarf among so many drunken dwarfs charging down upon them. All on ram and bear mounts, 'natch.

For more info - http://wyrmrest.wikia.com/wiki/The_Brotherhood_of_Iron

Please feel free to contact Adalbjorg, myself or any member should you be interested or have more questions.

Thank you.

(edit - post release tense now)
That, my stunty friend, is an impressive beard.
*thumbs up* Anybody who doesn't think dwarfs are sexy is just repressed. ;)
*stares at her icon* It better be all pretty and dressed. :|
Grymstone continues to sharpen his blade without raising his eyes to meet Morashtak's.
"Ya sound like a fine bunch. I plan on making the trip to Wyrmrest soon and look forward to meeting up. Ut an merar"
((Will be rolling a Dwarf Resto Shaman and Prot Paladin on Wyrmrest. And of course something Worgen <grins>. I'm hoping to enjoy all the new content on a new server, with no rush to hit 80. May actually start the Pally later this morning with some gathering professions to build a little starter coin. I don't require anything besides good conversation, beer and cookies...yes, all three at the same time))
I've seen your guild around the server for a long time and I've always loved the idea of an all dwarf guild! :D Perhaps when I have more time to play I will apply!
FYI - we are getting inquiries and a few new guildees every week.

The new Cata classes have definitely given us a new look and feel that has been and continue to be fun to RP.
*hip checks the topic*
Hmmmmm, of Guild full of awesome! As soon as I can devote alittle more time to leveling this character, I shall apply. :)
I'm interested in joinin' and talked to Adalbjorg about my in character interview but I never seem to have time anymore /sigh.

I'm gonna drop you guys a line when I get my Dwarf Shaman rolling. I LOVE dwarves.
Seeing how a guild list has been started I'll be thinning this down and redirecting to the sticky.

Thanks for all the interest and kind words.

Tomorrow; Shamans and Mages and 'Locks, oh my! XD
Come on new shamans, warlocks and mages!
I shall be rolling my dwarfette mage tomorrow, but I probably won't be in contact for a bit. I'll be hiding in Northrend on Mathwyn until the alt-rolling madness dies down.
I'm not the biggest dwarf fan.
But you guys are awesome. Much love <3.
Sleep is for the weak bump.
We had a HUGE flood in of Shaman.
Some warlocks.
Few mages.
Come on new guys! :D
We're a friendly lot! Come join us!

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