utterly confused by the launcher.

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So I come home, open WoW, login and the usual screen comes up, "downloading update, X%." it ends, and the launcher opens up. it's at 0, red. then suddenly OMGWHUT it turns green and says "applying non-critical updates. This may take some time." The bar still appears to be at zero, but is green. I've tried everything I could find to fix this problem, but I can't find anybody with a situation similar to mine. my system seems to think that I've downloaded the patch, but I still can't login to WoW. I'm not entirely familiar with most of this, so please try not to kill me with technical jargon.

sounds like his problem. basically same thing, delete launcher.wtf file from within "wtf" folder, go into data folder, delete entire "cache" folder but nothing else. open launcher. DO NOT touch it until it's done, even if play lights up. just do not touch it until it says "up to date"

"applying non-critical updates" translates to rebuilding your data/cache folder, it does take a good while as it's a lot of data to copy over. go watch tv for a bit come back and it'll be done.
Yup, this can take awhile.

Last night it took about 20 min. I remember when 4.0 first came out, it took my Macbook Air about 8 hours to do this. But then again it is a Macbook Air. This time can vary depending on your machine.
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Can't find a resolution on the forums, contact a Support Rep directly: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html
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I did this, even left it on overnight. nothing.

ah, it's working. apparently I had two WTF folders, deleted launcher.wtf from both of them. unfortunately, now I seem to have another problem. It's not making any progress, it's just at 0.0 kb/s.

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