>Valorous< 11/12 HM LFM for Cata. Weekends.

Guild Recruitment
We are looking for:

Resto Druid: High priority
Ret/Holy Paladin: High priority

Other dps classes for competitive positions for our Cataclysm core.

Valorous is looking for highly skilled players to join us for Cataclysm (25 man raids), and beyond. Our raid is efficient, fast, and professional. We are looking for for exceptional players even though our core raid may be full we do not want to miss recruiting an above average skilled player.

So if you want to join a guild who is on endgame content, who has fun, and doesn't mess around while raiding Valorous is for you.

Guild: Valorous
Website: www.guildportal.com/guild/341094

Raid times:

Saturday,Sunday 8 am PST to 1 pm PST.

Monday 6 pm PST to 9 pm PST (optional) fresh run ULD 25.

Valorous is looking for:

Geared and Experienced. mostly 264 and higher.

10k plus dps & above average damage done on boss fights.

With experience on every mob and heroic experience a plus.

Our progression:

12/12 ICC 25 normal. 11/12 Heroic ICC .

Working on ULD 25 and togc 25 achievements also for the mount and Agalon kill. Mon nights 6pm PST.

ICC 10 man teams :

11/12 heroic and RS 10 heroic down. We no longer run due to raid lockouts. Some people run an icc alt run.

Member requirements: Check website

Performance: We would like people who properly gem/enchant their gear. Who show up to raids with enough flasks, potions, gold, ect. Who study the raid strats before new raid content. And who show up on time. We are also looking for Exceptional players without lag issues.

Our loot rules:

We use the KSK loot system.

If Valorous sounds like a guild you would like to join then we look forward to hearing from you and hopefully raiding with you soon.

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