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Hello and welcome to the Ravenholdt Realm Forums!

If you are coming to these forums to look for a new server, ask questions about Ravenholdt, or just learn about our server, we ask that you please read this post first! I will do my best to keep it updated with the current information about the server and I would invite all current members of the Ravenholdt community to help me make this as complete as possible.

We're glad that you have shown interest in our RP-PvP server! This thread is here in hopes to answer some questions you might have about the server. Please read this first before posting on the forums. Before you read, please know that I thoroughly enjoy Ravenholdt and think that it has a great community. Don't let the forums scare you away, be open to meeting people, and be willing to contribute to the community. You'll do great!

How is the RP Here?
While I can't speak for everyone here, I do believe that I can offer some insights into some of the roleplaying questions you might have, having been a roleplaying member for a while now. I rolled my first WoW character on Ravenholdt and have stayed here since then. I love the community of the server and I believe that if you're willing to get to know people, it's very likely that you'll find your niche here too!

First of all, roleplaying is alive and well on the server, though some might say differently. While you might not find as much roleplay on Ravenholdt as a normal RP server, I have heard that it rates very well in terms of RP on an RP-PvP server. And the more roleplayers who transfer here, the better we become!

A lot of the RP guilds, both Horde and Alliance, are working together to promote and enhance RP on the server through a series of events and stronger guild interactions. Part of the way that they hope to accomplish this is through a community RP site - the Ravenholdt RP Sanctum.

The Ravenholdt Roleplaying Sanctum has been constructed by motivated individuals in the community and is continually updated with new stories and ideas. You can access the forum by going to:

It's our hope that these forums will provide a place to post IC posts, promote and solicit ideas for RP events, and help to form a cohseive and strong RP community. It also has some postings from specific RP guilds on the server. I strongly encourage you to check it out! We already have over 300 registered members and only continue to grow!

Now, as to the specifics of RP on the server:

The gist of RP on this server is that it is there, if you look for it. I believe that there is random RP that can be found in SMC and SW if you are dedicated enough to find it and willing to initiate it. Having said that, I will say that the process can be made a whole lot easier if you're part of an RP guild, since a lot of the RP on the server tends to be guild-centric. This is natural since guilds provide a natural location for people to develop an comfortable RP community.

However, many members of the RP community have recently been working to spread out and make the RP more accessible to the server as a whole. Hence, the Alliance RPers have created in-game channels to bring the RP community together, answer RP questions, direct you to guilds that suit your RP style, plan RP events, and provide a strong foundation of community RPers to work together to make the server better. The channel name is "RP." Feel free to join and ask the community if you have any questions or are looking for more input (though be aware that sometimes the channels are more or less busy and it's an OOC hang-out for RPers on the server).

There are some very decent RP guilds on both the Horde and the Alliance side of the server. If you're interested in an RP guild, I would highly encourage you to check out the RP Guild sticky at the top of these forums. It provides a basic outline of the guild and a way to contact them. If you're looking for a specific type of guild, just let us know and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction. More information about these guilds can be found on the Sanctume (

Now, along with the RP comes RP-PvP events (this is an RP-PvP server after all). There definitely are RP-PvP events, though some of them are simply between guilds and not open to the entire servers. Examples of this are RP wars between guilds and events that people host more quietly in order to avoid griefers. Once in a while guilds will build up the motivation and host a serverwide RP-PvP event. Those are always a lot of fun, though they take a lot of work. If you want to see more, please help them in the planning and execution stages and hopefully more RP-PvP events will be seen!

How is the faction balance?
The balance on this server is currently in favor of Horde, by a rather large degree. It's possible to find instance groups and raids on the Alliance, but it's a smaller and more close-knit community. Joining a guild is a great way to introduce you to some people to run around with and group with. If you don't want to join a guild, then you'll just need to take the initiative and find people!

Many of the forum-goers will actively push you to roll Alliance on this server - even the Horde posters. We want to create a vibrant and balanced community here on Ravenholdt! If you're looking for a challenge and willing to be a part of the community, then the Alliance would assuredly welcome you.

How is World PvP?
There is certainly World PvP on Ravenholdt. . Given the population imbalance, it's simply easier for Alliance to find Horde than vice versa and Alliance seem to be often outnumbered in PvP. However, there are certainly examples in which both faction engage in relatively balanced PvP.

How does X faction do in Battlegrounds?
I cannot attest to lower level battlegrounds or all battlegrounds. There are some that will say that they're relatively balanced. My personal statistics indicate that they're somewhat balanced. I have noticed, personally, that since the battlegroup merge we've been winning more (though I've heard some say the opposite). It might just be the luck of the draw.

It's worthy to note that Alliance queue times are very fast!

Tol Barad seems to switch hands fairly often and I feel that both factions are able to play competitively in it!

How is the PvE Progression?
Ravenholdt is not known for its PvE Progression. However, both factions have raiding guilds that are progressing through content. We would invite you to check out the Progression threads to see if the server's progression is what you're looking for!

What are good guilds?
There are plenty of good guilds on Ravenholdt. If you're looking for something specific, please be sure to post that when you ask about guilds. Before asking about a guild, I would encourage you to think about specific things you're looking for. What size do you want? What times do you play? Are you interested in RP, PvP, PvE or a combination thereof? Putting these thoughts in your post will help us to better fit you with a guild!

I hope that I covered all the relevant points. I expounded most heavily on the RP, since during my time on the server I really tried to promote the RP on Ravenholdt. If you have any additional questions, we would be happy to answer them! Also, if you have any additional information that you would like me to add to this guide (since it currently only has my personal experiences) please let me know.

Thank you!

Aerana Dantay
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Please let me know if there's anything that needs to be updated on this and I will do my best to make sure that this serves as an adequate guide for those seeking to join our community. Thank you!
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Thank you everyone!
I hope you are still reading this forum occasionally becuase i had a question about the more recent faction poulation ratios.

I know horde outnumbers alliance on this realm but as of late (1 week before expansion until recent) I have noticed a large and swift increase in alliance players be it lvl 85 or lower levels. From time to time i do go around to the different bases in a few of my favourite lower level zones to give myself a rough estimation of population. Being that you play alliance would you say thiat you have noticed a fairly large increase in players on your side? i do know that 30+ memebers of my old guild did faction change to get more world pvp action.

Anyways if you are able to give me any iifromation it would be apreciated becuase i do like world pvp and look forward to more of it and a larger alliance population would be great so thier could actually be balanced fights so Tol barad and other new world pvp areas do not end up like wintergrasp with the swelling number of horde and lacking number of alliance.
While there have been more Alliance members since Cataclsym hit, I'm not sure that it's enough yet. I think that a lot of the Worgen players are present and we're seeing them. It remains to be seen if they will actually stick with their characters until 85 and contribute to the World PvP scene. As for guilds coming here, there have been a couple recently. In my opinion, it's too early to say whether those numbers will make a difference or not, but we can always be optimistic!
11/18/2010 09:57 PMPosted by Aerana

How does X faction do in Battlegrounds?
I cannot attest to lower level battlegrounds or all battlegrounds. There are some that will say that they're relatively balanced. My personal statistics indicate that they're somewhat balanced. I have noticed, personally, that since the battlegroup merge we've been winning more (though I've heard some say the opposite). It might just be the luck of the draw.

Also, the Horde seem to control Wintergrasp the majority of the time.

Sure! I'll help!

One of our guild members had faction changed so he could gear up as fast as he could in bloodthirsty, about 3 months ago when cataclysm JUST came out.
His reason was that alliance seemed to be getting faster que in battlegrounds.

Horde ques can take up to 20 minutes because of so many players on our side.

So if you join alliance, not only do you balance the que time for the horde, you also que faster and you help the opposition (oh and me so i can kill more of you) see you in the fray!
05/17/2011 06:48 AMPosted by Solveig
There's also a weird underdog tone to playing Alliance on Ravenholdt. It feels good when you win against the odds.

Yeah l agree with this, and we've been wining more often as well.
Wow, good to see some people taking the initiative for this.
A lot of great RP'ers come from wandering to our awesome server, Horde or Alliance, and play with the attempt to connect with others. I hope this forum attracts other outsiders to come and get a taste for what Ravenholdt has to offer for their $15 a month :D
I updated a bit of the information to make it more relevant (since we're not really fighting over Wintergrasp any longer). Please let me know if anything else needs to be updated. I would like to keep this thread current for any people looking at coming to Ravenholdt.

Thank you!
I BG a lot and would say battlegrounds are pretty heavily in favor of Alliance in the 85s bracket. Until the recent Call to Arms for Isle of Conquest, I hadn't seen a single win in the time that I've been back (two months). I still haven't seen a single SotA win.

The general attitude seems to be, "Horde sucks, we're going to lose, why bother anyway," which, as you might guess, is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Just my personal experience, but it seems the Alliance are more knowledgeable in the BGs I've been in. They do a better job of fighting on the flags, defending nodes, and just not making silly mistakes. To keep this short and not a wall of text, I'd like to provide one telling example. We suffered a 2000-960 Battle for Gilneas loss earlier this week, in which people complained that we were always losing due to being out-geared. At the end of the match, the scoreboard popped up and I was thoroughly shocked at how imbalanced it was: 47 to 16 kill advantage. Except the 47 kills were by the Horde team! If people paid more attention to the actual objectives in each BG instead of getting tunnel vision on chasing people around, we might not lose as much.

Due to the win ratio and quicker BG queues, I'd recommend anyone looking to rack up Honor Points quickly to go Alliance. ;)
hmmm... Curious as to how up to date this post is?
Mainly with the RP and the Horde to Ally ratio
I believe it is still pretty reflective of the server. On the whole there is a lull in activity that comes before ANY expansion. My best recommendation is to check out the Sanctum ( and perhaps roll lowbies on either side to see if one faction community or another appeals to you more.

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