alchemists still unable to complete quest.

This bug has been active since 4.0 went live: The alchemy quest given in Dalaran which requires you to transmute gems every day for 5 days to be able to learn the gem transmute recipes is still bugged. You can accept the quest, but cannot learn the recipe to transmute the gems. I posted a ticket a couple weeks ago, and the GM response said that they knew about it, and they were working to fix it. Meanwhile, I'm missing out on transmute cooldowns:( Three weeks of transmutes are starting to cost me some money. any word on when this will be fixed?
I thought it was alchemists that this affected.
You got me. Heh heh. Fixed.
Open a GM ticket and tell them that others have been getting GM responses that have ended up with them getting the transmutes added to their tradeskill windows. Check this forum and the old WoW profession forum; there are multiple threads with multiple people who have been able to get this done. Good luck!
The problem was supposed to be fixed in 4.0.3, however the GMs now have the ability to fix the problem. So as Juuna mentioned, you can now open a GM ticket to resolve the issue.

However, this has only been an option since Tuesday, when the 4.0.3 patch went live. So any GM tickets submitted before then wouldn't have been able to resolve the issue.

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