Please change back the sound of CL

Blizz, I think it's awesome that you've thought of the shaman class and decided to update some sound files as a result...but I think this was a case of trying to fix something that wasn't broken.

Chain Lightning had an awesome sound and was one of those spells that felt good to cast, not just because of the awesome animation, but also because it felt like it hit hard from the sound effect.

Little things like sound can make a big difference. One of the reasons I've never been a big fan of most melee classes is because so many of their attack abilities don't make a sound that give the feel of causing real damage. Shamans, however, had that with their spells.

The new sound...isn't so much a bad one, so much as it just feels weak. It's definitely a soundfile worth keeping and using in the game, just not for chain lightning...please.
I like the new sound more than the old one.
Keep the new sound please! :)
I like the new sound as well.
The new sound is fine the issue is the same sound file is used for at least 3-4 spells and this is very silly as before the patch there was different sounds. I'd prefer the old lightning shield sound as it was akin to WC3 which was awesome.

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