Mind Control

Mind Control is so awesome! Was Mind Controlled with 50% of my health left and died to the spriests dots...thats right, lost 50% of my health, and died, while mind controlled. Maybe we can look in to having damage break the MC after a short period...is that too much ask for? It wasn't as if i got quickly burst down, I slowly died (50% health = aprox 17k hp) and the priest just ran me around in circles for the duration. Must be hard.
Kick, trinket, blind, vanish before the mind control goes off? Not saying that's ok. But there are some ways to stop it, unless you were caught in a fear :/
It didnt surpress anything. It happened 3 different times.

And I know how to interrupt but with 2 fears plus the mind control, all of them allowing the spriest to dmg you under their effects? Not so much.
If you don't think thats broke then I don't know what to tell you. It's not like I'm advocating mages critting for 40k here either.
It's certainly valid to claim that damage and lockdowns are broken across the board. This particular case just doesn't seem to stand out from the others

Hopefully you are posting on an alt because I just armory'd you and you don't really have the type of pvp experience to know what I'm talking about. You are missing the point. With two instant cast fears plus the mind control, it is more then just a lockdown. Especially since none of them share DR's. Thats potentially 21 seconds (pvp time, not pve) of CC, AND you take dmg. If taking dmg severly reduced the time you were cc'd (ie broke the fears or mind control earlier), it would be fair.

Mind Control is balanced by it's long cast time (3 seconds) and short range (20 yards). Plus it CCs the priest too!

If the double fear -> MC is a big problem, simply make them share DRs.
Same thing would have happened with fear or stuns or just a 17k eviscerate. Don't really see why mind control is special.
Mind control breaks on 1 dmg.. yes 1 physical, spell, bleed whatever

try clicking those buttons that put a dot on the priest
nvm, i'm an idiot. deleted post.
Why did you let a priest get 2 spells off with around 2 sec cast times each?
I find the OP story to be false since MC breaks right off the back from the slightest dmg. MCing a dotted target is like pissing in the wind. You didn't get MCed while dots killed you. I call BS!

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