Fingers of Frost or Permafrost for leveling?

Name says it all. I'm new to mage, wondering if I'm better off going with Fingers of Frost over Permafrost for single target leveling? Thanks for helping a nub
awesome, ty
Basically FoF>Permafrost. But personally I'd put 2 point in Permafrost before Imp. Cone of Cold.

I'd recommend using this ( spec, but it's up to you really.
Kind of off topic but I'm wondering how blizzard will be for leveling. I use it in pvp and to be blunt it sucks a bunch.
So you thinking 2 pts into Early Frost and just 1 pt into Imp Blizz.??
So you thinking 2 pts into Early Frost and just 1 pt into Imp Blizz.??

Yep. This will give blizzard the ability to freeze people, which will make your blizzard crit, which will make it do a lot more damage.

Also...I wouldn't be using Blizzard in PvP a whole lot. The exception is probably in 40 man battlegrounds where the enemy team is pushing through a choke point. In that case, spam the hell out of it. If you're just in WSG/AB/EOTS it's meh. There's so much movement you'd really be doing inefficient damage. Along with breaking any CC that gets put out.
Blizzard has been disappointing. Seems like it's only useful to clog things up at chokepoints or sometimes to kick out a rogue. It does proc Brain Freeze a lot but I should get that even with just 1 pt invested right? At first I didn't think I'd benefit much from Early Frost because all I'm doing is PvP'ing but I can see it's better than I thought. Respec's are starting to make me broke.
You're going to have a rough go of it if Permafrost vs FoF is a question you have.

We all have to start somewhere. Thanks for the tips though.
Why is Permafrost/FoF an either or discussion?

Permafrost is in the tier before FoF, and the choice is really between Permafrost and Piercing Chill, with either 2 or 3 points in Ice Floes. I went with 3/3 Ice Floes and 2/3 Perma at that tier. And after you finish the tier with FoF and ImpFreeze, you get Cold Snap, and Ice Floes lowering Cold Snap's cooldown = awesome.

Fingers of Frost and Improved Freeze are a mandatory 3/3 each, for sure. But Permafrost is just as necessary imho.
I didn't even the lowered cooldown on Coldsnap. That's pretty huge.
Short answer is you want both. Once you get ice lance (I don't know what level you pick it up at now) Fingers of Frost is a massive DPS increase. Permafrost is also crucial for maximizing the time it takes for the enemy to get to you. You're going to want both.

Frost has the unfortunate circumstance of being a very bottom heavy tree. You want most of the T1-T3 talents.

Also being frost you really shouldn't be focusing on single target leveling, pick up piercing chill and take out packs of mobs at the same time. It's not like AOE grinding, but the extra two chances to proc FoF and eventually BF every time you cast frostbolt (and with your pet helping too) will make short work of small packs of mobs.
I didn't even the lowered cooldown on Coldsnap. That's pretty huge.

I fat fingered that and fixed it. Ice Floes is in the same tier as Permafrost, and it lowers Cold Snap's CD. In that tier, for leveling, it just makes most sense for Permafrost and Ice Floes. You get the most tangible benefits for the points.

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