I love our server.

Moon Guard
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You know what you @@*#ers, I've been sitting around all morning lamenting my empty fridge and wallet. I had just gotten used to be hungry till dinner and then shopping tomorrow when I get paid but then I came across this thread.

I hate you all.


You know, you would be surprised what you can make with next to nothing on hand. Everyone has Bisquick..or Jiffy Mix..add some water if you don't have milk, mix it up and fry it. BAM! Homemade hotcakes. What? No syrup? Not to worry..slap some jelly on 'em and roll 'em up. YUM.
Or a can of soup and toast. Heck, even some plain pasta with lots of butter and some salt and pepper is yummy.
I'm a wiz at making filling meals that feed 4 on next to nothing.
I've gotten to where I make a sammich consisting of wheat, pepperoni, and pepperjack cheese.

Nine slices of pepperoni on each slice of bread, with pepperjack cheese in the middle. Cook it until the cheese melts and seals it all together. Mmmm.
Moon Guard rocks.
You guys' server forums are so cool, you've even kept me here.

You're stuck with me, Moon Guard. Forever.
I love this realm, the forum community can use some brushing up - but past that, you guys rock. I would not roll another character anywhere else unless my life absolutely positively depended on it. (Maybe not even then! MG or Death!!)
You've been here too long to let me let you get away with this, Tadkins.

The term is "stay classy."
I transferred here, 3 years ago from Ravenholdt and I never looked back. I love this server <3
the forum community can use some brushing up

This is pretty tame compared to the old forums.

You must be new here.
<3 Moon Guard
Poutine yum yum yumm
the forum community can use some brushing up

This is pretty tame compared to the old forums.

You must be new here.
Oh no, far from new. I just started posting on these boards a couple days ago. ;) Check the old ones to get what I mean.
I'm thinking the Newfie goulash needs to happen. Either that, or it'll go on the list of simple recipes that sound awesome and I can't get here unless I make them myself, but never get around to it because I'm lazy and forgetful. Like poutine.

I could make poutine right now with things I have in the house, and now that I remember it, and I'm hungry, I have to go to work in five minutes... :(
These new forums let us know who likes to log off in their skimpy atires.
The most I can cook is nachos, meat, and pudding. I SUCK at eggs. :(

I love eggs, so they were one of the first things I learned how to cook. French toast, eggs in a basket, fried, scrambled, hardboiled... Everything but poached. I'm good at it. :D

I lol'd when I saw this. His icon is of himself in a chefs hat. Too fitting.
*Pushes the big red Re-Activation button.*

"Its!... Alive?"
04/20/2012 09:43 AMPosted by Avaruu
Necroing threads should = auto ban.


Though I did get a laugh out of seeing somebody mentioning Tadkins as a Tauren.

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