Guild Contacts/Recruitment 9/3/12

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If you'd like your guild listed in this thread, please post any or all of the following information:

~Guild Name
~Guild Website
~Guild Master
~Officers or In-Game Contacts
~Brief Guild Description
~Raid Times
~Recruitment Status




Acceptable Losses:
Guild Master : Canariensis
Officers or In-Game Contacts : Salabak, Wazulus, TUrron
Guild Description : Acceptable Losses was founded May 17, 2006. We are a guild of mostly real life friends. We are "30-somethings" that have enjoyed the game since classic. Many of our members have been "raiders" in major raiding guilds at one time or another, but now are choosing to experience the game through 10-man content. It is our intention to see the available content via 10-man through teamwork and a consistent progression.
Raid Times : 2 days of 9-12
Recruitment Status : Open

Alliance in Defiance:
GM: Helphia
Active Officers: Chopomatic, Disconnect, Enola, Icetotems, Rayonne, Vax

Clatto Verata Nicto:
Guild Master - Cardinal
Officers - Ryvin, Khaidence, Jideo, Smotha, Prydaine, Aioris
Guild Description - CVN has been around since May 1, 2005 and have been a successful raiding guild dating back to vanilla WoW. We are a semi-hardcore 25 man raiding guild with progression in mind. If you are mature, skilled, dedicated and are looking for a guild, please check us out at or contact an officer in game.
Raid Times - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 8:15 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST
Recruitment Status - Open, please apply at

Control Freaks:
Alliance late night weekend raiding guild.
We are a casual progression raiding guild looking for more members to fill in raid spots.
GM --Maggnolia
Raid leader -- Bryarken
Focus -- 10 man raids
Raid times-- 11:45 saturday night and 2:00am the following night.
We have openings for all classes except resto druid and hunter.

Crimson Moon Rising:
~Guild Master: Iliketurtlês
~Council: Insignus, Psyadia, Bøunce
~Officers: Zigzor, Nattystride, ßeats
~Contact Psyadia for sales, Bøunce for recruitment and Insignus for general inquiries.
~Brief Guild Description: 25 Raiding Guild, with various PvP teams
~Raid Times: 9-12 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Tursday. Alt run on Sunday
~Recruitment Status: All applications are encouraged! Please visit our website and click the apply link. We are only recruiting raiders who are capable of stepping into our core. If you think you can out preform our best then we will give you an opportunity to prove it.

Crusaders of Thanatos (CoT)
GM - Cailidan
Officers - Myrica, Apologue, Claric
History - Est. 2005, we are a majority Australian-based guild / time zone
Raid Days/Times - Wed/Thur 5.00-8.30am
Seeking - We are recruiting regular raiders to continue our raiding in Cata, espec. Druid (tank or heals) & MDPS (Warrior, Shaman, DK).

Dieties and Demigods:

Earth and Wind:
Guild Master: Khaele
Officer: Saturnae
Guild Description : New guild made of veterans - both raiders and PVP Junkies.
Raid Times : no more than 1 weekend + 1 weekend/wk, plus PVP night!
Recruitment Status : Open

Guildmaster - Kymiko
Officers - Kerfanna, Lunaflora, Pix, Maelfas
Brief Guild Description - Eminence is a casual raiding guild focused on fun 10-man raiding. Laid back, helpful atmosphere. Raids are on Friday/Saturday, 10PM-1AM server time. Currently looking for additional raiders to fill out a second 10-man group, and always looking for fun people!
GM: Ewdoot
Officers: Hkana, Everemen, Cenara
Failboats is a guild composed of close-knit members interested in guild achievements and raiding. Our guild community is built around a relaxed environment but could be seen as slightly offensive due to certain topics and/or discussions which take place. Be aware that
Failboats is intended for mature members only!
Raid Times: Plan on 2-3 nights per week come Cataclysm, times will be discussed and agreed upon when we will the roster.
Recruitment Status: All levels and classes welcome!

Heart of Redemption:
~Guild Master: Slayerprime
~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Slayerprime, Vordun
~Brief Guild Description: Guild Level 25 Alliance 25 person raiding guild
~Raid Times:
Tuesday: 9:00PM(est) to 11:00PM (est)
Wednesday: 9:00PM(est) to 11:00PM (est)
Thursday: 9:00PM(est) to 11:00PM (est)
~Recruitment Status:
CLOSED: Rogue, Mage, Warrior, Paladin, Hunter
OPEN: Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, DK DPS, Feral DPS, Boomkin, Shadowpriest, Warlock

Heroes of The Command:
Guildmaster: Lucilyna
Officers: Adzol, Pandoria, Shadeskin
Guild Description - HotC has been a successful raiding guild since Vanilla. We are a semi-hardcore 25-man raiding guild with progression in mind. If you are mature, skilled, dedicated and are looking for a guild, please contact an officer in game.
Raid Times: Wed/Sun 7:30-11:00 pm
Recruitment Status - Open, please apply at

Hobo Assassins:
Officer Contact - Capria, Highballa, Bäldrek
Focus - 10 man raiding
Raid Time - Friday nights 9:30PM server till 12:30AM
Recruitment Status - Currently seeking 1-2 tanks and maybe a healer/dps
Guild Description - We are a very friendly, well established Dalaran guild since Burning Crusade. We are a group of real life friends (for the most part) who enjoy getting together once a week and progressing through DS. We have several members who are very active PVPers as well. Fully loaded guild bank with repairs to boot. If you would like to give our crew a shot and see if its a good fit please contact one of the officers listed above for more details.

GM – Icespector
Officers: Shev, Vorquelf
Description: Casual late night raiding 10 man raids; Monday Alt runs; Tuesday - Thursday 11:30 Server to 2:00 am Server
Accepting new applications.

Iron Lions:
Guild Master: Drakoor
Officers: Tarajo, Loleeta, Broshaw
Guild Description: Iron Lions was formed on the day of the Shattering. We are a leveling/social guild that focus on questing, dungeon runs, heroics, and 10 man raids for those who are interested. We are made of mostly adults but welcome youth as well. We strive to help one another.
Recruitment: Open to all levels, classes, and varying levels of experience. Just message any member in guild for an invite.
Raid info: Fri/Sat 8pm-11pm (Begins once 10 man established).
Guild Master: Gragh
Officers: Vladwen, Craum, Plinky
Guild Description: Karnage is a large guild comprised Raiding, PVP, and Socialites. It is a mature guild that has set policies that are to the benifit of all members.
Raid times are based on the availability of the raid team and vary week to week.
Recruitment status: Open to all interested! Contact any officer for invite...

Guild Master : Ailythlol
Officers or In-Game Contacts: Kryptlol, Buttercup, Fish
Brief Guild Description: Recruiting all of Dalarans misfits or rerolls.
Recruitment Status: Open.

Midnight Crusaders:
Guild Master-Katanne
Officers or In-Game Contacts- Klagan, Paxton,Felmira
Brief Guild Description- A group of laid back players with no drama. We try to do as many guild runs as we can and possibly looking at getting into 10-Man raids. Most of us are over 30 and family oriented. If your looking for a relaxing and helpful atmosphere, or just a place to park an alt. to "get away" look us up.
Recruitment Status- Open to any toons.

Moment of Silence:
Guild Leader: Serene
Officers: Myrial, Toorino, Adbrin
Description: stands among the oldest guilds on Dalaran. Moment of Silence is a raid progression orientated guild, which stresses a mature and fun raiding environment. We take pride in the experience and dedication of our members. Our goals are to remain on the cutting edge of progression while being considerate of our members who help support our progression. Focusing on 10 mans in Cataclysm.
Raid Times: Depends on what 10 man you are in.
Recruitment: Looking for everything.
Weekday Raid Team URL:

Officers:Divineempire Isidoro Andre Starbukk Sachco
Description:Raiding and Social guild. Enjoy to raid and progress but must be easy going.
Raid times:11pm-130am Tue Wed Thur and 230am-500am Wed Thur Fri
Recruitment:Open all classes and specs atm.

Pak Cafan:
Guildmaster - Napenthe and Arcaynia
Officers - Coug, Ponti, Sweetpriest
Description: A Family Focused guild that raids both 10 and 25 man content.

Peanut Gallery:
GM: Kaetham
Officers: Drusaurus, Maxisarelius, Snorkelpop, Crapbag, Painfuldeath, Malenya, Cosain, Iminya
Focus "Casual" 10 Man Raiding
Raid Times: Friday & Saturday night 8:30 - 11:00 (later if able).
Looking for all Classes/Specs but already have a number of Hunters & DK's.
Description: Family-First mature casual raiding guild. Most members are between 25-40. Many have families so it's understood if you are unable to make a raid event. Guild Chat is a fun atmosphere and members are willing to help run through 5-man content to help gear. Currently have 4 bank tabs and is a level 10 guild. Also we have many professions to help gear.
Please send in-game mail, or whisper for invite.

Phalanx of Nod:
GM - Ceraphus (alt: Ceraph)
Officers - Jibbs, Xeni, Jim, Xia, Mukluk, Megadéath
Description: Born on Dalaran 12/5/2004, with roots in the original closed beta. We are a casual, adult (18+), laid back, fun yet focused group working on 10/25 Man Raiding
Raid Times: 8:00pm-11:00pm ET Monday / Wednesday / Thursday

leadership: Dardrion, Kristo
concept: Some people are good raiders without being @###*!*s. Those are the people we want.
raid times: Expected to be later than normal, starting 10pm - 1am.
Guild Master: Kevrob
Officers: Cabareth, Vyndra, Theopolis, Mìssdìrect
Guild Description: Requiem is a 25-man progression raiding guild founded just before WotLK with a player base that is mature, yet fun to hang with.
Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 9pm-12am server
Recruitment Status: Open, please contact an officer and/or visit our website

Requiem of the Fallen:
GM: Ainme
Officers: Shaderia, Moondriel, Rukiasama, Jazia, Analona
About us: We are a causal adult guild looking to do some progression raiding and have some fun. Prefer 18+ for raiding.
Raid Times: Tues, Thurs, Friday from 8:00 to 11:00 server
Recruitment Status: Open - All classes and levels are welcome.

Scorched Earth:
Guildmaster - Eldan
Officers - Scotspriest, Leseur, and Poptart

Guildmaster - Marthazon
Contacts - Arctanis, Brunswick, Bryhn, Sabreclaw
Description - A semi-hardcore raiding guild founded on November 28, 2004. We will continue to raid the 25 man format and push for quick progression through hard modes in Cataclysm.
Raid Times - Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:45-11pm.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin
Guild Master: Syleana
Officers or In-Game Contacts: Hotwolf or Syelana
Description: Casual Level 1 guild looking for people.
Recruitment: All classes/specs/levels welcome.

Guild Master - Tarasque
We're always focusing on the most current raid. Raid Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 8:30-11:30 server time. Raid environment is comical, but good natured. Prefer to play with anyone who would be interested in joining the guild before we give them an invite.
Recruiting all classes

~Guild Master - Kavaria
~Officers - Kavaria, Electromanio,
~Description - Focus on progression, Looking for people who are consistent, mature, loyal, and dependable Raiders/Members
~Raid Times - Two 10 man groups
-Group 1
- 9:00 to 11:00 wed thur friday
-Group 2
- 8:00 to 10:00 Wed Thur Sat
~Recruitment Status - In need of healers we have alot of priest at the moment would really love druids and paladins

Undying Legends:
GM: Nimaothar
Officers: Fabz or Kniko
Raid Times: BWD/BOT Fri and Sat 8:30 pm server time (possible expansion on raid nights)
Recruitment: Must be 18 or older and Vent is required. We have one core team and a second that we are trying to fill. Right now we need Tanks, Heals and a few DEPENDABLE DPS. Raid times are set and you must be able to be there 15 min early for invites. Experienced Raiders, NO elitests. Be willing to learn, listen, and have fun. We are a laid back group. No drama will be tolerated. Immature people and loot %%@!#s need not apply.
Please fill out application at.....



Black Death:
GM: Rogueldr/Manawar

Bloodbath and Beyond:
Who's Who -
Guild Master- Bridelina (alts: Shiah, Kitingyou, Naturecalled)
Officers- Shananigans (Kungpowchikn), Mamabadaz (Kandycrush), Guspod (Gus named toons or Mendrath), Crackster (Gozilla), and last but certainly no least Candytree (Worgos)!
Who we are -
We are a small guild consisting of friends, families, and individuals who enjoy each others company. We all enjoy raiding, questing, hunting rare pets (for our hunter friends of course), showing everyone the grandeur of the older content WoW has to offer, occasional Alliance slaying, long walks on the beaches of The Great Sea, enjoying the Seafood Magnifique feast prepared by our top chef, but I digress. We hope you will find our company quite pleasant and would join us for some time.
Recruits -
We currently looking to fill our 10m raid slots but we are accepting all levels and classes at this time.
Raid times -
Wednesdays we run older content 7p-9p (no later)
Friday and Saturday we will be running raids 7p-10p (no later)
Sunday is open for optional raid day or achievement runs. Times vary each week.

Clan Seppuku:
Guildmaster - Fezik
Contacts - Wraist/Vengeance, Natema
Description - Founded in 2006, we are a level 25 Horde guild on Dalaran. Some of you may have heard of us, if you haven't its because we are a zero drama guild.
Our main focus is to have fun. This is still a game. Not having fun will not be tolerated. We're an extraordinary bunch of fun, friendly people who enjoy each others' company while playing games.
We also like to raid, and we don't like to waste each others time on raid nights. Basically, don't be dumb. Don't expect to show up to a raid and be taught how to play your class.

MoP raid nights will be Tues, Wed, and Thurs 8pm-11pm server time sharp. Raiders applying must be able to commit to at least 2 of these nights. We will be doing heroic raiding in MoP.

MoP will be bringing many new features to the game, we will be having a hand in all of it in some fashion or another.

Thrall for Warchief 2014!!!

Contact – Shunjal
**Contact Bostaurus using the in-game mail system in regards to free gold!**

10-Man raiding guild are currently recruiting Raiders and Casuals for our 10man rosters. We raid Monday and Thursday 7pm PST to 10-11pm. We do alt runs on our off nights, PVP, old contents, and helping out each others. Currently we have a Raid Leader who is 5/7 heroic experience guiding us through Fire Land.
Current Class Need: Will always look for exceptional players
1 Warrior
1 Druid
1 Shaman
1 Mage
1 Shaman
If you have any question send me a whisper or mail [Seki] or someone else in the guild to send me a notice.

Hardcore Killers:
Officers: Chainamorte, Anarexia, Pixmoonlight, Clammedia,Blacksabbath
About us: We are a family style guild we have younger mature players, as well as adults. We like to have fun but are also looking to progress further in our raid efforts. Due to life some of our main raiders can no longer raid so we are looking for reliable mature players to join our family. We are casual but are looking to progress.
Our normal raid days are Tues-Thurs at 7:30pm CST, as I said before we are casual so raid attendance is not mandatory but we are looking for people to be reliable.
Recruiting For: Healers -Druids, Priests, Pallies (sorry no shammies) Dps-Everything But shammies. Tanks-Any and all are welcome

Hooray for Evil:
Officer Staff:
Halfstoned (Shammy / Swing Heals) - Guild Leader
Elliptical (Warlock / DPS) - Guild Leader's Boss and Website Genius
Mharlock (Priest / Heals) - dictator Officer Status & Brain's behind the operation
Gaxon (Druid / Tank) - Officer that just hangs around taking credit for stuff
Deadlyninjas (Rogue / DPS) - Officer and Trade Chat Extraordinaire
Avaril (Mage / DPS) - Officer with new Baby Pew-Pew Mage
Raid Times: tues/thurs 8-11PM
Currently not recruiting but accepting applications on our website.

Kisses of Death:
Guildleader: Jocylyn
Coguildleaders: Tragon, Adnauseam
Legitimate: **needs update**
Guild Master: Fylerion
Guild Officer Contacts: Madspiderpig, Jalice, Nekuw, Alshar.

Night Haven:
GM - Fallyn
Contacts - Fallyn (Quivers), Ingafel, Arayai
Description - One of the oldest raiding guilds around on Dalaran, strong leadership with a friendly membership core. 10 man.
Raid Times - Tues - Thurs, 11pm-1am EST/Server time.
See NH recruitment thread for current needs.

~Guild Master: Maro
~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Barakdorin, Targes, Sydeburn, Luvox, Whizzbang
~Brief Guild Description: currently running 2 ten man raid teams
~Raid Times: Thursday and Sunday, 8-12EST
~Recruitment Status: limited, check website for current needs

GM - Hathora
Officers - Sarcows, Skwodrun, Sunã, Manaburn, Zharr, Kidster
Focus - 25 man raiding
Raid times:
Tue 9:00pm to 12:00am
Wed 9:00pm to 12:00am
Thurs 9:00pm to 12:00am
Sun 9:00pm to 12:00am
Please check our website for recruitment needs.

Guildmaster - Parricidium
Officers - Nokimi, Cassiecaine

Guild Master - Vuduchyld
Officers or In-Game Contacts - Squissh, Vuduchyld, Wobble, Aurun, VixNix, Zuchius, Sicvita, or whisper any member of serenity thats on and they can direct you to an officer.
Description - Serenity is a relaxed casual raiding progression guild. We like to have fun above all, and we are a very close knit guild. We raid on the weekends but during the week, so run OS zergs for the drakes, as well as other achievement and mount runs.
Raid Times - fri sat sun 9-12p
Recruitment- We are currently looking for a third healer for our 10m progression guild. Preferably a shammy or druid. We are also looking for a shammy healer and some dps for our 25m progression group.
Six Feet Under:
Guild Master: Saraqel
Contacts : Beamin, Jannic, Spanque
We are a guild with a long tradition on Dalaran as one of the longest surviving casual /progression guilds on the server. We are dedicated to a 3-day a week 25-man raid schedule (8-11pm EST server), and we are looking for new members to fill out our ranks and join us for 25 man raids. We are a (relatively) mature guild and are pretty easy going, but idiocy smells like failure, and no one wants to smell like that. There is only one rule in SFU: Don’t be a %***.
For more information please visit our guild website You can also feel free to contact any of our membership in game and ask to speak to an officer.
Current raid spots available:
Druid - Balance 1
Hunter 1
Mage 1
Paladin - Holy 1
Priest - Disc 1
Shaman - Resto 1
Warlock 1

Twilight Guard:
Guild Leader: Starbursts
Guild Officers: Amolthia, Taurok, Dredcor, Lavoskhan, Rakhaa, Tomdar, Metalkill, Mufinz, Plac
Description: Born 12/12/2004 - Casual family based guild with abilities to raid. Also have Vent available.
Focus: Having fun while getting the job done.

Guildmaster : Lurid/Vladracul
Contacts: Moyra/Cryss, Bottfly/Wyrmskull, Gillis/Kimme
Description: Casual Raiding (10M, occasional 25M with allied guilds)/Friends & Family

~Guild Master : Vaalyn
~Officers : Gartha, Kowvorka, Soulust, Renovate, Vahdka
~Brief Guild Description : Main focus is 25m raiding with 10m raiding on our offnights.
~Raid Times : 25m Tues/Wed 7:30-10:30pm 10m Thurs/Mond 7:30-10:30pm
~Recruitment Status : Currently accepting people for our 25m Team and people for MoP.
GM - Eveyle
Officers - Ornoku, Rosalin, Infernum

Officers: Ornoku, Soulnova, Nergal
Guildmaster - Marthazon
Contact - any officer: Arctanis, Brunswick, Fauna, Killian, Sabreclaw, Ubasti

Contacts: Arctanis, Brunswick, Bryhn, Sabreclaw
Description: A semi-hardcore raiding guild founded on November 28, 2004. We will continue to raid the 25 man format and push for quick progression through hard modes in Cataclysm. Raid days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 7:45-11pm.
**Contact Bostaurus using the in-game mail system in regards to free gold!**

Thank you for not forgetting!
Guild Name: Bloodstorm Elites (H)
Guild Website:
Guild Master: Smeesher
Contacts: Dahui, Etokokoko, Blacklily
Brief Guild Description: See Website
Raid Times: Currently Tue-Thur 7:45-11
Recruitment Status: Ever changing.
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Thanks guys, updated 11/20
Legio Eterna:
GM: Gwendolen or Hwiin
Officers and contacts: Xapphira, Irongates, Agamorlic, Aslann

Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 8-11, others as the whim strikes

Recruitment Status: New friends always welcome.

Description: 10 man casual raiding guild, lots of non raiding members.
Blast, wish I would've noticed this before throwing up my recruitment thread.

Regardless, Sunfire
Contact: Rathius
Raid days / times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 8pm+
Looking for more interested in starting raiding in Cataclysm.
Updated <Regimus Nox Noctis> Information...

Regimus Nox Noctis:
GM -- Raiyyn
Officers -- Rootnbear, Ereshgirgal, Railyne
Focus -- 10-Man raiding
Raid Times -- 2-3 nights per week, Sunday thru Thursday - 2 raid teams, late evenings (after 8:30 PM EST)
Recruitment Status -- Open to all classes/specs...primary needs are Tanks, Healers, Mages, Rogues
Guild Description -- Founded in Dec, 2008 with a focus on 10-Man progression raiding. Age range is about 30-45 for most of our players, but we do have a few younger and a few older. We keep a small, tight raiding roster and are looking to expand to have 2 full time raid teams running for Cata.
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