Guild Contacts/Recruitment 9/3/12

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Updated Eminence information:

Guildmaster - Kymiko
Officers - Kerfanna, Lunaflora, Pix, Maelfas
Brief Guild Description - Eminence is a casual raiding guild focused on fun 10-man raiding. Laid back, helpful atmosphere. Raids are on Friday/Saturday, 10PM-1AM server time. Currently looking for additional raiders to fill out a second 10-man group, and always looking for fun people!
Unofficial Tech Support:
Unofficial Live Support:
Leviathan, no website currently.
GM - Rokthar
Officers - Bashkeys
Raids - Fridays @ 8:30P, additional date TBA at the end of December.
Recruitment Status - Open to all.

Leviathan is a guild full of good times and substance abuse with a focus on ten mans and soon rated BGs.

GM - Hathora
Officers - Sarcows, Skwodrun, Sunã, Manaburn, Zharr, Kidster
Focus - 25 man raiding
Raid times:
Tue 9:00pm to 12:00am
Wed 9:00pm to 12:00am
Thurs 9:00pm to 12:00am
Sun 9:00pm to 12:00am

Please check our website for recruitment needs.
Updated 11/26

Thanks folks ;)
Hey nate, just one thing to be edited.
Sunfire is on horde side :D
Bwahahaha, sorry bout that - I blame it on all the turkey in my system.... =P

GM: Ewdoot
Officers: Hkana, Everemen, Cenara
Failboats is a guild composed of close-knit members interested in guild achievements and raiding. Our guild community is built around a relaxed environment but could be seen as slightly offensive due to certain topics and/or discussions which take place. Be aware that Failboats is intended for mature members only!

Raid Times: Plan on 2-3 nights per week come Cataclysm, times will be discussed and agreed upon when we will the roster.
Recruitment Status: All levels and classes welcome!
@ Canariensis

Do you have a preferred method to submit applications.
Went to the website and it appears that the recruitment section was inactive at the time.
Moment of Silence:

Guild Leader: Hoyber

Officers: Myrial, Toorino, Sustenance

Description: Moment of Silence stands among the oldest guilds on Dalaran. Our origins coincide with WoW’s original release, and our end-game progression has remained strong throughout each expansion. Moment of Silence is a raid progression orientated guild, which stresses a mature and fun raiding environment. We take pride in the experience and dedication of our members. Our goals are to remain on the cutting edge of progression while being considerate of our members who help support our progression. We will be focusing on 10 mans in Cataclysm.

Raid Times: Depends on what 10 man you are in.

Recruitment: Looking for everything.
Night Haven


Fallyn, Sanctis

One of the oldest raiding guilds around Dalaran, strong leadership with a friendly membership core.

Tues - Weds - Thurs, 11pm-1am EST/Server time.

Recruiting all competent friendly individuals.


Guild Master: Raizlin

Officers or In-Game Contacts : Raizlin, Surgical

Guild Description : Anguish is composed hardcore raiders that have decided to forego the problems of 25man raiding and focus completely on 10man content. With this in mind, we are an extremely tight and dedicated group of individuals who expect nothing but the very best from ourselves and others.
Raid Times : Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 8-11 server

Recruitment Status : We are currently open to recruitment for all classes with preference for Bear/resto druid, warlock and Blood/UH/Frost DK.
Guild: Iron Lions

Guild Master: Drakoor

Officers: Tarajo, Loleeta, Broshaw

Guild Description: Iron Lions was formed on the day of the Shattering. We are a leveling/social guild that focus on questing, dungeon runs, heroics, and 10 man raids for those who are interested. We are made of mostly adults but welcome youth as well. We strive to help one another.

Recruitment: Open to all levels, classes, and varying levels of experience. Just message any member in guild for an invite.

Raid info: Fri/Sat 8pm-11pm (Begins once 10 man established).
Please add Anthem Of The Angels - Thank You

~Guild Name - Anthem Of The Angels (Alliance)

~Guild Website -

~Guild Master - Mátildá (a's are alt + 0225)

~Officers or In-Game Contacts - Mátildá, lexiannah, In game mail or whispers please.

~Brief Guild Description- Casual raiding guild that expects results. RL > Ingame. Dedication expected.

~Raid Times -
Mon. 11pm Est(server) - 1:30am
Tues. 11pm Est(server) - 1:30am
Wed. 11pm Est(server) - 1:30am
Sat. 10:30PM Est(server - 1:30AM

~Recruitment Status -
Open recruitment - will be accepting All tanks healers and dps as trial members for our 10 man progression team. Will move to a closed recruitment once spots are given out to full time raiders.

Raiding starts Jan 4th 2011- Gives enough time to hit 85, get pre raiding gear, and spend time with family over the holidays.

Thank You
Please remove Honorless Targets from your list, it no longer exists as anything more than an Alt guild.

Please add this alliance guild:

Officers: Bounce, Hoofy, Valimor, Abbeigale, Asreal
Late-night progression raiding guild. Contact an officer or visit the website for recruiting information.
Add this alliance guild please.

Guild Name: Knights of Other Realms
Guild Website:
Guild Master: Helwin
Officers: Eleth, Frosh
Other Contacts: Coffeeworld, Sabeena
Recruitment Status: Open
Need an update please :)

Twilight Guard
Guild Leader: Starbursts
Guild Officers: Amolthia, Taurok, Dredcor, Lavoskhan, Rakhaa, Tomdar, Metalkill, Mufinz, Plac
Description: Born 12/12/2004 - Casual family based guild with abilities to raid. Also have Vent available.
Focus: Having fun while getting the job done.
No Brew Left Behind
GL - Myrakel
Officers - Ceviel, Kelric, and Surreal
Friends and Family, RL oriented guild that likes to raid and have fun together. We focus more on the well being of our family than any specific aspect of the game, but we have a damn good time doing whatever we put our minds to. Whether it's achievements, obtaining pets, or raiding. Come see what we're all about!

We raid Wednesdays at 830 PM and Saturday nights at 9 PM.
~Guild Name -- Sheep the Moon
~Guild Website --
~Guild Master -- Shankadin
~Officers or In-Game Contacts -- Fortnight
~Brief Guild Description -- strict 10 man guild, arena on the side looking for skills players to fill out raid spots
~Raid Times -- Tues/Weds 8pm-midnight server time
~Recruitment Status -- Warlock, Feral/moonkin (with viable offspec tank/heal), dps warrior, shadow priest, resto druid/shaman
Update for Sang Grail.

Sang Grail:

GM: Dareths

Active Officers: Daffnae, Honeybeez, TheDuck, Shinrobi, RustiKnight, McMurdock, Mufoxaa, Rhomarii

Guild Description: Social / 10 Man Raiding guild

Recruitment Status: We are not actively recruiting, but friends of guild members are always welcome.

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