Guild Contacts/Recruitment 9/3/12

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~ Bomi

~ Recca, Deathscall, Firegon

~ We are a newly forming raiding guild for late night raiding. Our goal is to do harder end game content and achievements.

~ 10:30pm - 1:00 am EST Mon-Thurs

~ We currently need 2 tanks, 2 non Druid healer, a hunter, and a Rogue
If this is still being updated, please add this Horde guild:

~Guild Name: Oath

~Guild Website:

~Guild Master: Maro

~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Barakdorin, Targes, Sydeburn, Luvox, Whizzbang

~Brief Guild Description: currently running 2 ten man raid teams

~Raid Times: Thursday and Sunday, 8-12EST

~Recruitment Status: limited, check website for current needs
To update our info:

If you'd like your guild listed in this thread, please post any or all of the following information:

~Guild Name: Heart of Redemption

~Guild Website

~Guild Master: Slayerprime

~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Vordun

~Brief Guild Description:

~Raid Times: 8:30PM to 11:30PM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

~Recruitment Status: Open. Seeking players who take this game too seriously. People for whom WoW is a 2nd job (or only job).
Six Feet Under
Guild Master: Saraqel
Contacts : Beamin, Jannic, Spanque

We are a guild with a long tradition on Dalaran as one of the longest surviving casual /progression guilds on the server. We are dedicated to a 3-day a week 25-man raid schedule (8-11pm EST server), and we are looking for new members to fill out our ranks and join us for 25 man raids. We are a (relatively) mature guild and are pretty easy going, but idiocy smells like failure, and no one wants to smell like that. There is only one rule in SFU: Don’t be a %***.

For more information please visit our guild website You can also feel free to contact any of our membership in game and ask to speak to an officer.

Current raid spots available:

Druid - Balance 1
Hunter 1
Mage 1
Paladin - Holy 1
Priest - Disc 1
Shaman - Resto 1
Warlock 1
Updated Clatto Verata Nicto Information

Guild Website -

Guild Master - Cardinal

Officers - Ryvin, Khaidence, Jideo, Smotha, Prydaine, Aioris

Guild Description - CVN has been around since May 1, 2005 and have been a successful raiding guild dating back to vanilla WoW. We are a semi-hardcore 25 man raiding guild with progression in mind. If you are mature, skilled, dedicated and are looking for a guild, please check us out at or contact an officer in game.

Raid Times - Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 8:15 PM EST - 11:30 PM EST

Recruitment Status - Open, please apply at
~Guild Name: CounterMeasures

~Guild Website:

~Guild Master: Traidwind

~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Achilleezz; Escalla, Baladore

~Brief Guild Description:

Mature Guild that is new to server level 2(level three by close of the day) seeking drama free mature adults for Raiding content.

~Raid Times: M,W,S Raid times vary by group. We plan to have three groups of 10 man and one 25 man raiding group starting next week if we get enough Raid ready personel

~Recruitment Status
Actively seeking Healers and ranged DPS and anyone that is mature and capable
Hooray for Evil

Officer Staff

Halfstoned (Shammy / Swing Heals) - Guild Leader
Elliptical (Warlock / DPS) - Guild Leader's Boss and Website Genius
Mharlock (Priest / Heals) - dictator Officer Status & Brain's behind the operation
Gaxon (Druid / Tank) - Officer that just hangs around taking credit for stuff
Deadlyninjas (Rogue / DPS) - Officer and Trade Chat Extraordinaire
Avaril (Mage / DPS) - Officer with new Baby Pew-Pew Mage
raid times tues/thurs 8-11PM
Currently not recruiting but accepting applications on our website.
Updated 1/29 and running low on room - if anyone has any disbanded guilds to report please let me know

leadership: Dardrion, Kristo
concept: Some people are good raiders without being @###*!*s. Those are the people we want.
raid times: Expected to be later than normal, starting 10pm - 1am.
The information for Nightwalkers is very out of date and largely incorrect.
Updated <Sunfire> .

~Guild Name: Sunfire

~Guild Website:

~Guild Master: Luigisephy

~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Devilmåster , Luigisephy , Imafailya , Cemetery.
United For Blood
Rardu, Trogore, Fangedfem, Gladman, Armedmonkey
Casual Raiding guild, enjoys doing old runs, heroics, and all that
Tues and Thurs 9:00 to 11:00 realm time
always recruiting, especially healers

thanks :D
~Guild Name - Sereníty
~Guild Website -
~Guild Master - Vuduchyld
~Officers or In-Game Contacts - Squissh, Vuduchyld, Wobble, Aurun, VixNix, Zuchius, Sicvita, or whisper any member of serenity thats on and they can direct you to an officer.
~Brief Guild Description - Serenity is a relaxed casual raiding progression guild. We like to have fun above all, and we are a very close knit guild. We raid on the weekends but during the week, so run OS zergs for the drakes, as well as other achievement and mount runs.
~Raid Times - fri sat sun 9-12p
~Recruitment Status - We are currently looking for a third healer for our 10m progression guild. Preferably a shammy or druid. We are also looking for a shammy healer and some dps for our 25m progression group.
~Guild Name: Tactical Nuclear Penguin

~Guild Master: Syleana

~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Hotwolf or Syelana

~Brief Guild Description: Casual Level 1 guild looking for people.

~Recruitment Status: All classes/specs/levels welcome.
Updating the contact information for CoT:

11/19/2010 3:27 AMPosted by Natema
If you'd like your guild listed in this thread, please post any or all of the following information:

Crusaders of Thanatos (CoT)
GM - Cailidan
Officers - Myrica, Apologue, Claric
History - Est. 2005, we are a majority Australian-based guild / time zone
Raid Days/Times - Wed/Thur 5.00-8.30am
Seeking - We are recruiting regular raiders to continue our raiding in Cata, espec. Druid (tank or heals) & MDPS (Warrior, Shaman, DK).
I would like to update Sheep the Moon in this!

We are currently seeking Resto/ele shaman and disc/shadow priests instead of what we have listed there! Thanks.
<Peanut Gallery>

GM: Kaetham
Officers: Drusaurus, Maxisarelius, Snorkelpop, Crapbag, Painfuldeath, Malenya, Cosain, Iminya

Focus "Casual" 10 Man Raiding
Raid Times: Tuesday, Friday & Saturday night 8:30 - 11:00 (later if able).

Looking for all Classes/Specs but already have a number of DK's.

Peanut Gallery is a Family-First mature casual raiding guild. We plan on weekly raids on available 10-man content & looking to progress through the new Cata raids. Most members are between 25-40. Many have families so it's understood if you are unable to make a raid event. Guild Chat is a fun atmosphere and members are willing to help run through 5-man content & use professions to help you gear. We currently have 4 bank tabs and are a level 12 guild.

Please send in-game mail, or whisper for invite.

*edited/updated 4/7/11*
<Mephistos Hatred> Horde

GM: Hammercannon
Officers: Kazijan, Onetruesin

10-man raiding guild. Focused on progression, but fairly laidback. Our GM likes to yell. Get passed that, and we're a friendly bunch. Our youngest raider is 17, and we hope to keep it that way.

Usual raid times: Tuesday 8-11, Friday 8-12, Saturday 8-12, Sunday 8-11

Currently recruiting: Holy Paladin/Resto Druid for an immediate raid position.
~Guild Name - TriForce

~Guild Website -

~Guild Master - Kavaria

~Officers or In- Kavaria, Electromanio,

~Brief Guild Description - Focus on progression, Looking for people who are consistent, mature, loyal, and dependable Raiders/Members

~Raid Times - Two 10 man groups
-Group 1
- 9:00 to 11:00 wed thur friday
-Group 2
- 8:00 to 10:00 Wed Thur Sat

~Recruitment Status - In need of healers we have alot of priest at the moment would really love druids and paladins

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