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Updated 3/12
(Update - Aug 8, 2011)
GM – Icespector
Officers: Shev, Vorquelf
Description: Casual late night raiding 10 man raids; Monday Alt runs; Tuesday - Thursday 11:30 Server to 2:00 am Server

Accepting new applications.
-Crucified- Realm is US the Venture Co.
Website is
Guild Master is Taladarn
In game/officer contacts are: Aerremia, Avrille, Taladarn, Eelix and Darkyoda

Our main focus is fun no matter how we are doing it. We work on leveling, questing and hope in the near future to begin raiding as well. We are all knowledgeable with raiding and as of right now do not have a raiding schedule but, hope with growth we will. We are recruiting all levels and class types. We also have vent and a website. Check us out!
Peanut Gallery (post #58) updated.
Please update Heroes of the Command - Alliance
Heroes of The Command:
Guildmaster: Lucilyna
Officers: Adzol, Pandoria, Shadeskin
Guild Description - HotC has been a successful raiding guild since Vanilla. We are a semi-hardcore 25-man raiding guild with progression in mind. If you are mature, skilled, dedicated and are looking for a guild, please contact an officer in game.
Raid Times: Wed/Sun 7:30-11:00 pm
Recruitment Status - Open, please apply at
Please edit us on your list.

Night Haven
Guild Master Fallyn
Contacts: Ingafel, Arayai, Shahln
Focus: Late Night 10m Raiding
Raid Time: 11 pm -1 am server
Recruitment Status: Open, but priority to Tanks/Healers with DPS offspecs
Guild Description: Founded a year after WoW's launch, we seek to see content and enjoy the game with other players.
Guild Master: Kevrob
Officers: Cabareth, Vyndra, Theopolis, Mìssdìrect
Guild Description: Requiem is a 25-man progression raiding guild founded just before WotLK with a player base that is mature, yet fun to hang with.
Raid Times: Tues-Thurs 9pm-12am server
Recruitment Status: Open, please contact an officer and/or visit our website

Guild Master: Gragh

Officers: Vladwen, Craum, Plinky

Guild Description: Karnage is a large guild comprised Raiding, PVP, and Socialites. It is a mature guild that has set policies that are to the benifit of all members.

Raid times are based on the availability of the raid team and vary week to week.

Recruitment status: Open to all interested! Contact any officer for invite...
Name:Hardcore Killers
Officers: Chainamorte, Anarexia, Pixmoonlight, Clammedia,Blacksabbath
About us: We are a family style guild we have younger mature players, as well as adults. We like to have fun but are also looking to progress further in our raid efforts. Due to life some of our main raiders can no longer raid so we are looking for reliable mature players to join our family. We are casual but are looking to progress.
Our normal raid days are Tues-Thurs at 7:30pm CST, as I said before we are casual so raid attendance is not mandatory but we are looking for people to be reliable.
Recruiting For: Healers -Druids, Priests, Pallies (sorry no shammies) Dps-Everything But shammies. Tanks-Any and all are welcome
Name: Requiem of the Fallen
GM: Ainme
Officers: Shaderia, Moondriel, Rukiasama, Jazia, Analona
About us: We are a causal adult guild looking to do some progression raiding and have some fun. Prefer 18+ for raiding.
Raid Times: Tues, Thurs, Friday from 8:00 to 11:00 server
Recruitment Status: Open - All classes and levels are welcome.
Guild Name - Nightwalkers
Guild Website -
Guild Master - Sachco
Officers or In-Game Contacts - Saycam, Divineempire, Isidoro
Brief Guild Description - Nightwalkers is one of the original, if not original Late Night guild on Dalaran, since Vanilla times. NW's current focus is 10man progression.
Raid Times - 230am server to 5am server
Recruitment Status - Ranged DPS lock, Spriest and Priest Healer.
Mephistos Hatred
GM: Hammercannon
Officers: Kazijan, Onetruesin
10-man raiding guild. Focused on progression, but fairly laidback. Our GM likes to yell. Get passed that, and we're a friendly bunch. Our youngest raider is 17, and we hope to keep it that way.
Raid times: Tuesday 8-11, Friday 8-12, Saturday 8-12, Sunday 8-11
Currently recruiting: Holy Paladin/Resto Druid for an immediate raid position.

Mephistos Hatred is no more. I think they are still around, but It looks like their gm left the server.
Undying Legends:
GM: Nimaothar
Officers: Fabz or Kniko
Raid Times: BWD/BOT Fri and Sat 8:30 pm server time (possible expansion on raid nights)
Recruitment: Must be 18 or older and Vent is required. We have one core team and a second that we are trying to fill. Right now we need Tanks, Heals and a few DEPENDABLE DPS. Raid times are set and you must be able to be there 15 min early for invites. Experienced Raiders, NO elitests. Be willing to learn, listen, and have fun. We are a laid back group. No drama will be tolerated. Immature people and loot %%@!#s need not apply.

Please fill out application at.....
Black Death now has a new GM


Recruiting officers: Aanne, Nexangelus, Narsisa
Crimson Moon Rising

Guild Master - Iliketurtlês
Council - Slashgnr, Psyadia, Insignus
Officers - Vessari, Azenngart, Soulsniper

10 man guild running multiple groups in which each has their own set raid days. You can visit our wowprogress or for more details.

~Guild Name - TriForce

~Guild Website -

~Guild Master - Kavaria

~Contact Officers - Porkybutt, Drajones, Bashie, Trean

~Brief Guild Description - Focus on progression, Looking for people who are consistent, mature, loyal, and dependable Raiders/Members

~Raid Times - Three 10 man groups
-Group 1 - 8:00 to 11:00 pm Tue,Wed Thur, Sat, Sun (looking for tank)
-Group 2 - 6:00 to 9:00 pm Tue, Wed, Thur
-Group 3 - 8:00 to 11:00 pm Tue, Wed, Thur (looking for pally and shammy healer)

~Recruitment Status - We are in need of a dk, druid or warrior tank for group 1. Group 3 is in need of a pally healer and a shammy healer. Please contact the officers above for more information.
~Guild Name: Heart of Redemption
~Guild Website:
~Guild Master: Slayerprime
~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Slayerprime, Vordun
~Brief Guild Description: Guild Level 25 Alliance 25 person raiding guild
~Raid Times:
Tuesday: 9:00PM(est) to 11:00PM (est)
Wednesday: 9:00PM(est) to 11:00PM (est)
Thursday: 9:00PM(est) to 11:00PM (est)
~Recruitment Status:
CLOSED: Rogue, Mage, Warrior, Paladin, Hunter
OPEN: Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin, DK DPS, Feral DPS, Boomkin, Shadowpriest, Warlock
<Control freaks>
Alliance late night weekend raiding guild.
We are a casual progression raiding guild looking for more members to fill in raid spots.

GM --Maggnolia
Raid leader -- Bryarken
Focus -- 10 man raids

Raid times-- 11:45 saturday night and 2:00am the following night.

We have openings for all classes except resto druid and hunter.
Dalaran Sever [H] Faith 10-Man raiding guild are currently recruiting Raiders and Casuals for our 10man rosters. We raid Monday and Thursday 7pm PST to 10-11pm. We do alt runs on our off nights, PVP, old contents, and helping out each others. Currently we have a Raid Leader who is 5/7 heroic experience guiding us through Fire Land.

Current Class Need: Will always look for exceptional players


1 Warrior


1 Druid

1 Shaman


1 Mage

1 Shaman

If you have any question send me a whisper or mail [Seki] or someone else in the guild to send me a notice.
Night Haven:
GM - Fallyn
Contacts - Fallyn, Ingafel
Description - One of the oldest raiding guilds around Dalaran, strong leadership with a friendly membership core. No scrubs, we're mean to scrubs. Seeking good players.
Raid Times - Mon - Thurs, 11pm-1am EST/Server time.
Recruiting select competent and friendly individuals.

Please edit accordingly.

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