Guild Contacts/Recruitment 9/3/12

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Officers- Zooke, Grapedrink, Morningwud
-We are a new raiding guild for Alliance looking to build a strong 10 man team to enter and dominate raiding. We are a small group of skilled players who decided to start fresh and take things into our own hands.
- 8pm-11pm tues-thurs
- We are recruiting all members at the moment but are focusing on raid ready toons.
Uber Knights

~Galvatorex, Raymendous, Saraxous, Granzul
~Jamonie, or any of above
~Newly active Guild meant for a new type of raiding environment. Intend to be a late night but not too late night raiding guild. With the side of pvp and other fun things. GM comes with 4/7 HM experience on a priest in which he raids on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11pm-2am. Priests name is Dräëzil if you'd like to know raiding experience. GM created this guild to bring more raiding and more life to dalaran. GM Will Do Everything For His Guild. Also, he joined a guild just to get the cauldron and feast recipes for his raiders before starting this guild(Gm of said guild did know of his intentions.). So he's definitely prepared and planning to go All The Way with this guild. He believe in equality. Therefor he is not the guild he is a part of it and wants to bring many many more members to be a part of this guild. He intends to use the epgp loot system. more details on website.
~Raid Times: Currently 11pm-2am Or 12pm-3am. Willing to add times if we get a good proven, and trustworthy Raid Leader. (please keep noted the later times are the ones in which the GM will be online for raiding bringing the feast and cauldron.)
~Recruitment Status ---- ACTIVE! What we need is on the website

All Times are realm based.
Update to Moment of Silence.

Moment of Silence:
Guild Leader: Serene
Officers: Myrial, Toorino, Adbrin
Description: stands among the oldest guilds on Dalaran. Moment of Silence is a raid progression orientated guild, which stresses a mature and fun raiding environment. We take pride in the experience and dedication of our members. Our goals are to remain on the cutting edge of progression while being considerate of our members who help support our progression. Focusing on 10 mans in Cataclysm.
Raid Times: Depends on what 10 man you are in.
Recruitment: Looking for everything.

Weekday Raid Team URL:
Tragic needs to be updated.
Guild Master - Tarasque
We're always focusing on the most current raid. Raid Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 8:30-11:30 server time. Raid environment is comical, but good natured. Prefer to play with anyone who would be interested in joining the guild before we give them an invite.
Recruiting all classes
Officers:Divineempire Isidoro Andre Starbukk Sachco
Description:Raiding and Social guild. Enjoy to raid and progress but must be easy going.
Raid times:11pm-130am Tue Wed Thur and 230am-500am Wed Thur Fri
Recruitment:Open all classes and specs atm.
Guild Name- Midnight Crusaders

Guild Master-Katanne

Officers or In-Game Contacts- Klagan, Paxton,Felmira

Brief Guild Description- A group of laid back players with no drama. We try to do as many guild runs as we can and possibly looking at getting into 10-Man raids. Most of us are over 30 and family oriented. If your looking for a relaxing and helpful atmosphere, or just a place to park an alt. to "get away" look us up.

Recruitment Status- Open to any toons.
Please revise Night Haven as follows:

Night Haven:
GM - Fallyn
Contacts - Fallyn (Quivers), Ingafel, Arayai
Description - One of the oldest raiding guilds around on Dalaran, strong leadership with a friendly membership core. 10 man.
Raid Times - Tues - Thurs, 11pm-1am EST/Server time.
See NH recruitment thread for current needs.
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Updated Crimson Moon Rising:

~Guild Name: Crimson Moon Rising

~Guild Website:

~Guild Master: Iliketurtlês

~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Psyadia, Insignus

~Brief Guild Description: 10/25 Raiding Guild, with various PvP teams

~Raid Times: 9-12 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Tursday. Alt run Sunday 10-12

~Recruitment Status: All applications are encouraged! Please specify if you are interested in a raid spot, pvp or "other". Raiders will need a background check and a bit more extensive application process before being accepted. See website for details.

Guild - Hobo Assassins
Officer Contact - Capria, Highballa, Bäldrek
Focus - 10 man raiding
Raid Time - Friday nights 9:30PM server till 12:30AM
Recruitment Status - Currently seeking 1-2 tanks and maybe a healer/dps
Guild Description - We are a very friendly, well established Dalaran guild since Burning Crusade. We are a group of real life friends (for the most part) who enjoy getting together once a week and progressing through DS. We have several members who are very active PVPers as well. Fully loaded guild bank with repairs to boot. If you would like to give our crew a shot and see if its a good fit please contact one of the officers listed above for more details.
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Bloodbath and Beyond

Who's Who
Guild Master- Bridelina (alts: Shiah, Kitingyou, Naturecalled)
Officers- Shananigans (Kungpowchikn), Mamabadaz (Kandycrush), Guspod (Gus named toons or Mendrath), Crackster (Gozilla), and last but certainly no least Candytree (Worgos)!

Who we are
We are a small guild consisting of friends, families, and individuals who enjoy each others company. We all enjoy raiding, questing, hunting rare pets (for our hunter friends of course), showing everyone the grandeur of the older content WoW has to offer, occasional Alliance slaying, long walks on the beaches of The Great Sea, enjoying the Seafood Magnifique feast prepared by our top chef, but I digress. We hope you will find our company quite pleasant and would join us for some time.

We currently looking to fill our 10m raid slots but we are accepting all levels and classes at this time.

Raid times
Wednesdays we run older content 7p-9p (no later)
Friday and Saturday we will be running raids 7p-10p (no later)
Sunday is open for optional raid day or achievement runs. Times vary each week.
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Earth and Wind
Guild Master: Saturnae
Officer: Cargerx, Khaele
Guild Description : Casual yet capable, mainly PVE
Raid Times : Fri/Sun 7-10pm EST
Recruitment Status : Open

For more info, see our website:
I'm so sorry for the long absence folks - I'll be updating this week; starting today with a purge of all inactive sites/realm-transferred guilds on the original list - there's a ton of them so that should keep me pretty busy for the time-being. Updates that have been posted recently will be added in after the purge so please don't panic!

Thanks for your patience; I'll have this thing back in tip-top shape by the end of the week, promise!

Edit: Preliminary purge done; existing updates done. If I've made a horrible mess of anything, please let me know.
Updated 8/8/2012

Phalanx of Nod:
GM - Ceraphus (alt: Ceraph)
Officers - Jibbs, Xeni, Jim, Xia, Mukluk, Megadéath
Description: Born on Dalaran 12/5/2004, with roots in the original closed beta. We are a casual, adult (18+), laid back, fun yet focused group working on 10/25 Man Raiding
Raid Times: 8:00pm-11:00pm ET Monday / Wednesday / Thursday
Sticky updated 9/3 - thanks!

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