Guild Contacts/Recruitment 9/3/12

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Update for Alliance in Defiance

GM: Stoneformed
Officers: Tirinia, Piuslacus, Disconnekt
Guild Description: One of Dalaran's oldest guilds, AiD is a fairly laid-back guild with a diverse membership of raiders, pvpers and casual players. While not on the cutting edge of raiding, we do progress and take our progression seriously but not at the cost of our community or fun. We currently have one 10man raid group going into MoP and may start a second with more members. Current raid times are Thursday/Sunday from 8PM-11PM server time.
Recruitment status: Open, in particular need some healer and ranged dps raiders.
Need to revise Karnage<A>:

Guild Name: Karnage
Guild Website:
Guild Master: Sylania
Officers: Elkslayer, Handofpower, Surinna
Brief Guild Description: We are a casual, family-oriented raiding guild. Need more to fill ranks and be ready for MoP raids.
Raid Times: Mon and Thurs from 9pm-12 est
Recruitment Status: Open recruiting for lvl 85 and up
Guild: The Order of Chaos [Horde]

New website:

GM: Lunalumos

Recruitment/Officers: Moobaka, Furikx, Falathiell, Anokie, Madsrysto

About us: Level 25. Formed by knowledgeable and seasoned players. Laid back and friendly, but we know how to get the job done.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Saturday 8p-10:30p server time

Recruitment Status: OPEN RECRUITMENT All levels and classes welcome, LFM for our core raid team [need DPS]
Guild Name: Solid State

Guild Website:

Guild Master: Xanra

Officers or In-Game Contacts: Xanra, Francoe, Ailive, Akupunkshure, Krimp

Brief Guild Description: We are an adult group of raiders who are looking to continue growing our mature atmosphere and experiencing all that Mists of Pandaria has to offer. Think you'd be a good fit? Submit an application on our website for consideration.

Raid Times: Evening Week Night

Recruitment Status: Open Recruitment
~Guild Name: Cold Blooded Killers(alliance)
~Guild Website:
~Guild Master: Ukobach
~Officers or In-Game Contacts: Anneah, Calints, Yaozu
~Brief Guild Description:
Cold Blooded Killers is looking to begin 10-man raiding. As such, we are recruiting healers, dps and tanks. We are looking for mature members who do not have unlimited time to devote to raiding and character advancement.

~Raid Times: not established yet
~Recruitment Status: all classes
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