PvP Healing setup

I want to heal in PvP. My main concern now is setup of keyboard and mouse.

For raiding I use Grid + Clique which works great for me and I can get "out of fire" very fast.

However getting out of fire is a lot different than getting away from a Rogue hell bent on killing me, while I'm trying to save myself and others. (how do u heal and run at the same time)?

I would like to know what people recommend as far as setup. The keyboard they use, the mouse they use. Are you using mouseover clicks for heals and keyboard clicks for dps (are you able to heal and run at the same time)?

Is there a very good discussion board for these types of questions? (I see there is a lot of boards for PvP mostly for common questions; mostly about dps, as a healer I think we have special targeting while moving concerns, and especially now with ranked BGs)

PS I'm willing to get a new board and mouse.
Mouseover or Clique is the best for PvE, however it fails pretty hard for PvP.

You're best off using kb binds for healing, and whatever works best for you for targeting. Myself I use mouse wheel and side buttons for targeting party in arena and just click bars in BGs.
This is the answer I was afraid of.. lol

Thanks guys! Nothing to do, but to deal with it I guess.
I turn off clique in PVP but I still use grid in BGs/arena. Its very customizable. Actually I've stopped using clique all together for a while but I haven't raided seriously in a long time. If I go back to raiding I'm not even sure I'll bother going back. The only thing I liked about it was healing trash with 1 hand while eating pizza =)
Use a razer naga and move using your mouse and you can bind your healing spells to your naga and targeting spells to your keyboard so you can be healsonwheals
Dat necro

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