<Integrity> 12/12 LFM 4:30-6:30pm raid times

<Integrity> is an established semi-casual raiding guild, and is looking for more members. We are primarily east coast players, so raid times tend to be earlier.

Currently 12/12 10man 10/12 25man, raiding 25mans Sun/Tue/Wed 4:30-6:30pm, 10mans Mon/Thur 5-7pm, old stuff for achievements and mounts Saturday 4:30pm-whenever.

Apply at http://integritybaelgun.guildomatic.com/

Reinstitituing that new members get a puppy made out of sunshine and ice cream. While supplies last.
BUMP for old times
Still looking for people to have fun in a drama-free, relaxed, fun filled environment. Primarily looking for DPS, but also need a few healers and possibly a tank for a slightly later, 5-8pm raid slot.
/bump for a good guild
used to raid with you a bunch, you bumped your hours though :(
/bump for a good guild
used to raid with you a bunch, you bumped your hours though :(

We schedule more raids, but attendance is still optional. Some people only raid on Tuesdays, some only on Sundays, some come every day.

Thanks for the bump! We're still recruiting people to have fun and kill stuff in Cataclysm.
Starting raids next week. We'd probably be going this weekend, but a several people in the guild are finishing up finals, and my neice is getting married this weekend. It was a tough call between Cataclysm and that, but after my wife told me selfish pricks sleep on the couch, I realized how important it was to be there for family.

LFM people interested in quality raiding in a pressure and drama free environment.
So the food sucked, but other than that, my niece's wedding went well. And I'm back to playing wow a self-abusingly bad amount of the time! Huzzah.

Looking for primarily healers at this time, but exceptional players are always encouraged to apply.
Come on people, join us. I'm working a swing shift just to meet raid times. :P
WTB healers and an unholy DK.
Taking any experienced/raid ready tanks?
01/08/2011 5:36 AMPosted by Decimáte
Taking any experienced/raid ready tanks?

While we currently have enough tanks for raiding, our backup tank is on a break, so we could definitely use another.

Our main needs at the moment is quality DPS, preferably a rogue, an unholy DK, and an enhancement shaman.

As always, quality players are always encouraged to apply or speak with an officer about our current needs.
New raid times: 4:30pm-6:30pm Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Attendance is always optional, some days work for some people, some don't. Come to what works for you.

Main needs for 25s are 1-2 healers and some more DPS.

Killed something on 25man last night. Fun was had. Need more DPS though.

Killed 2 things on 25man last night. We're special!

We also need some more DPS to fill out our roster. Apply at http://integritybaelgun.guildomatic.com/

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