Runic zero presence to change

Death Knight
Hello everyone.

I am quite concerned that the issue of the dk's are able to eliminate the accumulated runic, when we changed presence.

Usually, if a DK is still the focus, should serve as a defense change to lower blood prensence damage, but this complicates the idea of runic.

I would like to know if this has been considered as an opportunity for improvement, which represents weakness.

Thanks ante, by contributions ...
There's not a lot of reasons to switch to a different presence mid combat unless you really need to say swap to blood presence in the middle of a fight as DPS because something bad went wrong. I'd much rather, at that point, have a RP loss than have to use a rune. The system is much better now.
Most of our hardest hitting abilities, and more importantly our snares and combat utility, use runes as opposed to runic power, so I'd rather lose out on Frost Strike, Death Coil, or Rune Strike than Strangulate or Chains of Ice, or probably Death Strike if you're having to hop into Blood all of the sudden =P
Wasn't a huge issue really. It was just another thing that made us flexible. DKs could in some fights serve as a temp off tank while waiting for those few seconds left to Bres. I liked the old way much better. The new way just nerfs our flexibility even more.

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