9/12 HM 6K Warrior Tank/DPS LF Cata/ICC HM

Guild Recruitment
9/12 HM 6K Warrior Tank / Fury DPS (similar gear for offspec) looking for Cata guild primarily HM 10 focused. Raiding times are anything past 6:30PM EST. Very flexible on days. Looking for a relaxed raiding environment (no drama) but able to have great performance when raiding.
<Perpetual Divinity> is a guild that has been around for the last two years and has recently been reformed on Turalyon after months of being apart. We are a 10man focused progression guild with the intent on competing for server firsts in Cata. In the few weeks that we have been together we have gone 12/12 HM (Bane of the Fallen King) in 10icc with drakes. As well as completing Herald Of The Titans. We do not recruit for the bench. All spots are core. Raid days and times are Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-11:30 pm EST.

We are recruiting the following classes as we move into Cata and finish out wrath.

Prot Warrior Or Bear Druid
DK or Prot Pally

Disc/Holy Priest
Resto Shaman
Holy Paladin

Fury Warrior
Boomkin or Ele Sham

pst myself the ø is alt 0248 or anyone in guild to speak with an officer. visit perpetualdivinity.gplegion.com to apply
Hi Dominis! We are looking for an exceptional DPS Warrior. Check us out.


Guild Name: <Tranquility> - http://www.tranquilityguild.com/

Server: Andorhal PvP, EST (located in New York datacenter)

Faction: Horde

Cataclysm Raid Format: 25-man

Raid Times: EST
-- Wednesday -- 7:15pm - 12:00am
-- Sunday -- 7:15pm - 12:00am
-- Monday -- 7:15pm - 12:00am

Notable Raiding Accomplishments:
- Halion25H to 17%! Halion10H killed 9/13/10.
- LK25H to 40%. Continuing to make progress. LK10H 9/12/10.
- Halion25 Normal down 7/5/10.
- 11/12 Heroic ICC 25 5/23/10.
- 5/5 in 25 man ToGC with a Tribute to Insanity.
- 9/9 HM in Ulduar25, including Yogg+0.
- 25 & 10 man drakes from Icecrown Citadel, Naxxramas, and Ulduar.
- The Immortal when it mattered.
- Kil'jaeden killed pre-WotLK.

Our Current Needs:
We are actively recruiting the following classes:

- All exceptional DPS, excluding Warlocks.
- All exceptional Heals, excluding Priests.
- All exceptional Tanks.

All exceptional players are always encouraged to apply regardless of recruitment needs. If you think you can earn a spot on our team, you're more than welcome to try. Apply now at http://www.tranquilityguild.com/

About Tranquility:
Tranquility has been a successful raiding guild for over 3 years, and with our strong core, we'll be a force in Cataclysm as well. Most of our players are in their 20s and 30s, and while we don't have any age restrictions, we prefer our applicants to have a basic level of maturity. Our guild name is respected on the server, and we pride ourselves in that. Our main goal is to clear all current content, while still maintaining a fun, playable atmosphere for our members. On our off nights, you'll find such optional activities as: Alt 25 GDKP runs, 10 mans of varying difficulty and accomplishment, BG groups, and the normal smattering of Arena junkies. We're very excited about Cataclysm, and we plan to be at least as successful in the future, as we are now.

About Our Raids:
In our raids, we like to keep a loose attitude for trash and for farm content. You'll find us joking around in vent, and generally carrying on. For our progression fights, however, we're a bit more serious, as we're not only there to enjoy the game, but to kill bosses as well. Our raids are not without criticism, so thick skin is a bonus. If you are looking to join a mature guild, that still kills progression bosses without raiding 6 nights a week, then Tranquility may be the place for you.

How We Handle Loot
Our looting is done via Loot Council. Among other things, the council considers your attendance, your performace, recent loots, as well as the size of the upgrade for each piece of loot. As a general rule, our Raiders will receive loot priority over our Trials, but we don't have a policy of denying all loot to Trials. We're not jerks.


Working Ventrillo and a Mic is required for raiding.

Contact Zao, Gutrot, Kilthos, Stissy or Almightyone in game for more information.

Apply now at: http://www.tranquilityguild.com/
We're after 630 est, and have a very relaxed environment, but we are staying 25-focused in cata. I'll paste info below.


Website: http://revenantei.guildlaunch.com/
Realm: Echo Isles

Our Raid Times for Cata: Sunday-Wednesday starting 7:00 PM server (PST) (invites 15 mins before start), and ending at 10:30 PM. We expect 70% attendence to maintain an active spot.

We are recruiting for all classes (EDIT: full on hunters atm) in preparation for Cataclysm, where we shall proceed as a 25-man raiding guild. APPLICANTS MUST CONTACT GRETA OR PASTAFARIAN AFTER THEY APPLY FOR THEIR APPLICATION TO PROCEED.

T10 Progress:
IC25 HMs: 11/12
IC10 HMs: 11/12 (2 groups have their drakes)

More about our guild:
Revenant is the oldest raiding guild on Echo Isles, and the only on the realm to clear SWP before the WOTLK expansion. The guild's leadership has all been on board for 2+ years - while many on the raiding roster have been in guild for similarly lengthy periods. When other guilds fall apart due to content lulls, this one sticks together. We have a laid-back atmosphere full of laughs, but when it's time for a tough encounter, we buckle down and get it done. Revenant also boasts a fine, frequently-updated Web site, where officers and members often post tips, strats and hilarious Youtube videos.

Alts are encouraged, as we do frequently hold alt runs. This is also a fine guild for those who enjoy some older content in their schedule - we zerg os25-3d every week and recently snagged an Immortal title.

What we are looking for:
We are seeking talented players who take initiative to study their class and upcoming encounters. We require applicants to be 18+, and we expect drama-free, team players who can follow orders, exhibit patience, show respect for their peers and move out of the fire!

We use the EPGP system, with decay and a clean slate with each new tier. We believe our numbers balance the need to reward consistency while offering newcomers a chance to win loot fairly early on.

If you have any other questions, research our Web site or contact Greta (alts: Beaujungfrau, Rhetta) or Pastafarian (alts: Fettachinian, Macaronian) ingame.
Thanks. Prefer more a 10man focus.
Thats what we are!!!! GO apply!!!!

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